Homemade Recipes to naturally cure the Pimples Fast

HomeMade Pimple Herbal Powder To cure pimples faster!The best way to cure Pimples faster is  applying Indian homemade pimple powder paste. How?  Please let me share my Indian Grandma secret Recipes  here,  so you can cure the Acne, pimples, and other unwanted skin eruptions faster.

It is easy to prepare the herbal pimple paste but before you need to gather following  Indian herbal powders.  These natural indian herbals  are hard to find especially if you are living abroad.  If you are living in USA then you can check the local Indian grocery stores named  “ Subzi Mandi“  “Apna Bazaar”  some of them you can find in Chinese stores too.

How to apply this homemade  pimple cure powder paste?
Easier than you can prepare. Simply take sufficient quantity of pimple
remedy paste and mix it with curd, keep it dry for 2 – 3 minutes then
apply on the face every day 2-3 times a day.  You see substantial
changes on your faces. Acnes. pimples and other unwanted skin pores and
skin eruptions soon disappear in 5 or 6 days of time period.

Natural  Pimple  Cure Powder Recipe ingredients

Neem patra powder (Melia azadirachta)                3 Grams
Lodhra white powder(Symplocus racermosa)        1.5 Grams
Harda powder  (Curcuma longa)                           1.2 Grams
Dam haridra powder(Barberis aristata)                  0.5 Grams
Ratanjali powder(Pteris santalinus)                         0.5 Grams
Sukhad powder (Chandan)                                    0.5 Grams
Sugandhi khus powder (Andropogon muricatus)     0.5 Grams
Mulethi powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra)                       0.5 Grams
Manjistha powder (Rubia cordi folia)                      0.5 Grams
Mindhol powder (Randia dumetorum)                    0.25 Grams
Mayu powder (Quercus infectoria)                        0.25 Grams
Vaj powder (Acorus calamus)                                0.10 Grams

Hopefully say you have  found all the ingredients, mix all the powder together.  And keep it in cool dry place in a bottle. Please make sure you don’t use the Plastics or Metal case to store our homemade pimple powder.

In case you couldn’t find the herbal ingredients you can still try other remedies to naturally cure the pimples or Homemade Calamine Lotion and mint herbal leaves pimple cure.

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