Natural way to cure pimples | How to cure pimples naturally

Natural  Herbal treatment to cure pimples

Best Indian Herbs to cure pimple naturally is Turmuric, Neem, basil (Tulsi) and Sandalwood.

Neem (Wonder herb or MAMA Herb)
  Siddha Medicine often use Neem as a main incredient to cure Acne, treating Ecezema other skin related disease. Neem contain Nimbidol and Gedunin which has strong anti fungal properties. Neem leave paste is recommended for  seriuos skin disease like warts, scabies , psoriasis, dandruff and eczema. More natural treatment tips explained Indian Herbal Treatment for Pimples

How apply to cure the pimple natural way?

Take a 10 or 15 neem leaves wash with clean cold water. Make paste using the mixer. Keep the paste open for 3 or 4 minutes then apply it clean and dry face. Pimples will erode away in a week.
Basil (Tulsi):
Tulsi passionately called as Basil by alternative medicine, has phenomenal medical benefit on human body. Hindu God Krishna
has been offered with Tulsi garland every day. This plant has been considered as purest and most sublime plant. Tulsi is very effective for pimple ridden skin treatment. Unlike Neem, Tulsi must be taken inside the body inorder to become effective Pimple killer. Eating Tulsi leaves purify Skin Disorder and kills bactria. Is an scientifically proven herb.

Basil Treatment of natural pimple cure


Drinking Tulsi Tea can bring same effect too.

Using Turmeric to cure the Popped Pimples in natural way

Take an finger of Turmeric, mix it to paste (Pimple Paste). Apply it on face regularly. Turmeric Permanently prevent the facial hair growth.

SandalWood Treatment for Pimple
Sandalwood is a uniquely Indian plant that has an  extraordinary fragrance. The bark of the sandalwood tree is  extremely smooth and sandal paste is applied on the body to impart an extremely smooth, unblemished and lustrous look to the skin. The fragrance of sandalwood is also said to be a proven sexual stimulant.

Note: Curing pimples by natural products normally takes a week to 15 days. For fast pimple cure you can try this.

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