Home Remedies For Foot Care Treatment

Foot Care At Home

Simple Home Remedies Foot Care

As advised in Natural Beauty tips,
1. The   simplest way to take care of your feet   is to marinate your feet for 10 minutes in a combination of   lukewarm water and salt,   eradicate and rub dry particularly between the toes.
2. The hot and cold feet care treatment   will benefit the blood   flow of your feet. Therefore, you have to plunge your feet in   warm water   and then again submerge in cold water. You have to continue this for 20 minutes.
3. Otherwise, immersion of your feet for 10 minutes in a mixture of   hot water and shampoo will develop the surface of your toenails.
4. You can cure cracked heels by   a light application of a combination of Vaseline and a few drops of lemon juice.
5. While natural bathing, first you have to   rub your heels with a pumice stone and then apply a high-quality moisturizing ointment.
6. You have to pamper your feet with a high-quality hand and body   cream.
7. Cracked heels need   soft application of a mixture of   Vaseline   and a few drops of lemon juice.
8. After bath, massage your feet with almond oil. You have to continue this un

Particularly in these days, the big metros are so extensive that people
have to travel a lot from one   place to another. So, it is
indispensable   for them to   take additional   care of their feet for
evading foot troubles.
Cracking and   fissures in the skin of the   heels and balls of the
feet can be hurting, particularly for those bulky persons who put
stress on these parts.  Any unwrap skin wound is prone to   germs due
to the influence of fissure. Foot infections can be    extremely  
acute, as the germ tends to increase quickly and journey bottomless
into the foot swiftly due to constant stress.  It is difficult to cure
them as the cut is        bordered by    calloused skin

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