Natural Homemade honey face mask recipe and honey effects on different skin

The Honey and Banana Facial    Bananas are a rich source of phosphorus calcium potassium and vitamins. They make the skin soft and silky smooth. Honey cleans, tones and hydrates the skin. Thus together they make a superb face mask for dry skin.

Bananas used for this facial must not be very ripe and must not have turned black. You can check for allergies from them by putting little mashed banana on one of your wrists and a little honey on another and washing off after a while. If there is any irritation on your wrists within 24 hours then you must avoid this facial. You can skip any of the steps using those ingredients, which irritates your skin. If Bee pollen does not suit you, then honey is also sure to make your skin feel irritated. Avocado facial mask is an alternative for those who are allergic to honey.

How to prepare the honey banana face mask at home?

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  •  All utensils and equipments used for facial must be cleaned with soap and water and then sterilized with boiling water. (Avoid boiling glassware as they may crack and injure you with splinters. Also check plastics before boiling if they are heat proof.)  Since hygiene is of utmost importance in home facials, we must ensure that all surfaces used for preparation of facial are clean.
  • Take a bowl and add one tablespoon of almond flour to it.
  • Use another bowl to keep some dried
  • One tablespoon of skimmed milk, some cotton pads and a fresh towel  must be kept ready for use.
  • Dip 2 cotton pads well into rosewater.
  • This prepares you for starting your facial.

How to apply the honey banana face mask during the facial

Facial step 1:
 To remove your makeup from your face wipe it with cotton pads dipped into skimmed milk. Throw away the remaining milk.
Facial step 2:
Clean the milk from your face with lots of  water.
Facial step 3:
Clean your face with scrub prepared by mixing one tablespoon  of  honey with almond flour. Throw away the remaining scrub.
Facial step 4:
Use plenty of water to wash off the scrub from your face.
Facial step 5:
Use a fresh towel to dry your face.
Facial step 6:
Add boiling water to the bowl containing honeysuckle flowers.
Facial step 7:
Steam your face with this by covering your face over the bowl with the help of a towel by forming a tent over the bowl. (Asthmatic patients must avoid taking steam as this may cause an attack. People with thread veins must also skip this to avoid their condition from worsening.)
Facial step 8:
For ten minutes, allow the steam to clean your face and keep relaxing.Prepare a banana face mask by adding one teaspoon of honey to the mash of a small banana. Apply it on your face as a mask.
Facial step 9:
For soothing your eyes, use cotton pads soaked in rose water.
Facial step 10:
Be in this condition for the next 10 minutes.
Facial step 11:
Now, take off the pads from your eyes.
Facial step 12:
Use plenty of water to wash off the face pack from your face.
Facial step 13:
Use cotton pads dipped in rosewater as a toner to tone your facial skin.
Facial step 14:
Aloe Vera is very much suited for oily skin as it tightens your  skin. Exuviance Soothing Toning Lotion is made up of aloe, cucumber, chamomile and althea root to make your skin soft and smooth. Recommended by Natural beauty tips

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