Natural Homemade face mask for sensitive skin remedy using grain and water.

Home made wrinkle killer mask using Water and grain:

This facial is recommended for sensitive skin. The basic ingredients are rice flour, oat and pure distilled water, which are generally non allergic to skin. However, to be on the safe side you must always apply the home made face packs on the wrist before using on your face and must always check the expiry date of the ingredients before using them.

How to make sensitive face mask using water and grain?

Preparation step 1:
You must follow these steps for preparing the home face mask for healthy sensitive skin:
Clean your hands with water and soap.
To prepare this beauty mask all you need is a little cider vinegar, about a tablespoon of oats aided with some rice flour and a fresh bottle of distilled water.
All equipments including bowls, utensils, spoons and cups must be properly cleaned and sterilized with boiling water. (Note: Avoid boiling glass items as they may crack resulting in splinters, which may be injurious. Also check the plastic before boiling, as some of them are not meant for heating.)
Preparation step 2:
Since cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained in home facials, you must ensure that every surface used for facial is cleaned thoroughly.

Preparation step 3:
Use a small saucepan to mix 1 tablespoon of oats with 2 tablespoon of distilled water and boil it. After cooling, add rice flour to make it into a paste. This makes your beauty mask ready to apply.
How to make water grain sensitive face mask?

Now prepare your face scrub by adding one teaspoon of distilled water into one tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl.
Mask Recipe Step 1:
Now boil a kettle of water.  For keeping hair off your face, you can try wearing a shower cap or a hair band. Some cotton pads and a fresh towel must be kept handy. Now you can start with your facial.
Mask Recipe Step 2:
First of all use a tried and tested cleanser, which suits your skin, for cleaning your face.
Mask Recipe Step 3:
Now sprinkle lots of water on your face to wash off the cleanser.
Mask Recipe Step 4:
Massage your face gently with the homemade scrub of rice and water.
Mask Recipe Step 5:
Use plenty of water to wash off the scrub from your face.
Mask Recipe Step 6:

Wipe your face dry with a clean towel.
Mask Recipe Step 7:

Fill a bowl with boiling water.

How to apply the water grain face mask ?

Facial Step 1: Now steam your face by bending over the bowl and covering your head with the towel so as to form a tent over the bowl. You must keep your face at least 20 cm above the bowl to avoid burns. (Asthmatic patients must avoid taking steam, as it may cause an attack. Even patients with thread veins must also avoid steam in order to avoid worsening their situation.)
Facial Step 2: Now make yourself easy in this position for about 10 minutes and allow the steam to work on your face.
Facial Step 3: Apply the homemade facemask of rice and oats over your face.
Facial Step 4:If you want you can cover your eyes with a slice of cucumber each.
Facial Step 5:Now feel easy for 10 minutes.
Facial Step 6:Lift the cucumber slices from your eyes.
Facial Step 7:Clean your face with plenty of water.
Facial Step 8:For further cleaning of your face, the remaining distilled water can be used as a toner after adding a drop of cider vinegar to it.
Finally use your favorite moisturizer to moist your face.

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