Way to bleach your skin at home

Home bleach highlightsThere are various chemicals in
the bleach which enter the skin and lighten the fine hair on the face.The bleach is rough to the skin
and harmful too; the harm may vary with the bleach. It does not remove the hair
but just makes them less prominent. There are three different kinds of bleach,

How to bleach skin at home:
mix milk powder, two tablespoons, hydrogen peroxide and make a paste. If the
hair is very rough and dark then mix one or two drops of ammonia. It is
considered to be the safest bleach because the milk powder prevents the skin
from burning up
,by moisturizing it.  Please note using chemicals to bleach your skin is very dangerous. Read the skin whitening product side effects. It is always better to go with natural ingredients and natural skin care remedies to bleach your skin. 

You can
prepare powder bleach by mixing bleaching powder and liquid hydrogen peroxide
along with ammonia and prepare a thick liquid. As advised in  natural beauty tips

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