Summer hair care tips

Hairs are the most imperative part of the women’s beauty. Summer brings in lots of energy but it is also accompanied with the scorching sun. …

Summer Skin Care tips for dry skin and normal skin

Summer skin care dilemmas are two – fold – increased dryness due to water loss, wind and sun, as well as increases oil production from outdoor sports and heat. Extra dry summer required more care on d

Sunscreen for sensitive skin care on Summer

Sunscreens, “must have the SPF written on it and be used on sensitive skin even if one is at home. The SPF is the “protecting power” of the sunscreen. For India this must be at least 30 or more.” The

How to Apply Summer Makeup For Tropical Look

Applying makeup and then pack on the powder will disappear when skin sweats on summer. Mineral oil free and lanolin oil free products must be used to apply the makeup on summer.

Makeup Colors For Summer Seasons

Choosing right makeup color on summer seasons is very daunting one. Cream blush, dotted on the apples of the cheeks “smile” and blended back towards the ear so it looks real on summer. Also dot a litt

Summer Eye Makeup Tips

Use alcohol free toner or eyeliner sealer with shadow brush or sponge applicator, to apply eye shadow for summer makeup. Summer Eye makeup Trick is to mist the eye shadow and not drench it.

Summer Lips Care Makeup

Then take a Kleenex, and press a layer over your lips with the mouth closed. You should get a great lip kiss on your Kleenex for summer. Lip gloss. on the middle of the mouth, just “kiss”, and dot on

How to Apply Blush For Summer

Applying blush on summer is to take a big powder brush and dust all over the face, either going from the middle brushing out,. Then for touch ups during the day, grab the Shine Control, Lip Shine and

Hair Masks for Summer Hair Care

Hair masks prepared using all natural ingredients are very effective and efficient in defending hair in the hot summers. The sunny summers demands the necessity to take good care of the skin and hair

Best Natural Skin Care remedies during summer

A beautiful face has the power to win the hearts of millions as well as create history. Applying the herbal recipes on your skin make you youthful. You can easily apply on your face at your home.

How to Prevent Body Odor

A deodorant cannot stop sweating. Body odor is a natural event occurring due to bacteria from stale sweat. Body odor is also caused by bacterial infections

Make Your Face Oil Free

Face make-up makes your face oily and clog when you are always sweating. You must buy “oil-free” and “non¬-clogging” make up

Best Herbal Face Makeup in Home

Herbal face makeup in home make you as very bright and look so young. This herbal face makeup recipe includes turmeric, sandal and bengal gram

How to Make Herbal Hand Lotion

Herbal hand lotion nourishes, moisturizes and hydrates the skin of hands making it firm, toned and glowing. The hand lotion can be prepared at home.

Drink Mint Juice for Healthy and Shiny Skin

The key to beautiful vibrant skin in summers is drinking lots of liquid in some or the other form. Mint juice is ideal to keep the body heat under control. Drink this in summers and give the relaxing