Makeup Styles for Round Eyes

Styles for Round EyesRound eyes look proportionally like they are almost the same height as their width.  Fill in brows with a shade that matches your hair. Line top lash line with a pencil in a darker, smokier  shade. and

                    Style for Deep-set Eye

Make up Styles for Small Eyes

Styles for Small EyesFor small eyes, don”t use eye liner all the way across the lid or/and the bottom of the eye. The softer the brow, the bigger eyes will appear. Pair a soft shade to brows and lash lines. Splotch a deeper shadow along top lash line and conclude with Black Brown mascara.

How to Use Foundation in Hiding Eye Wrinkles

Prefer to keep the foundation color shade light and ensure to blend it well with the skin. It must be applied in small quantity. The aim of foundation use is to give the base to the facial skin for the make-up. Too much of it would make the face look patchy and emphasize the wrinkles around the eyes. Hence, never apply too much foundation to cover up the eye wrinkles. The soft lines shall be enveloped with the other make-up cosmetics as well like concealer, mascara and eye-liner etc.

How to Reduce the Eye Wrinkles with Concealer

Concealer is very crucial in eye makeup that is done to camouflage the wrinkles around the eyes. It is best to apply a green concealer as it would neutralize the redness near eyes. It shall also disguise the soft red veins to make the aging skin more youthful.

Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles with Cream Blush

Make the skin around eyes more youthful and fresh using cream blush. Powder blush shall make the mature skin having eye wrinkles more dry and flaky.

How to Apply Matte Eye Shadows to Veil Eye Wrinkles

Ladies having eye wrinkles must always opt for matte eye shadows over the shiny finish. Try to pick the subdued colors. Also go in more for subtle shades instead of bright shades. This would proffer the uniform color to the eyes. The reason behind recommending the matte finish over shiny is that bright shiny eye shadows would draw attention and emphasize the crow-feet wrinkle present on the edges of eye.
Eye Wrinkles Cornered with Mascara
Mascara makes the eyes look fresh with a spark of liveliness. Upper and lower eye lashes looks very attractive and never lets the attention of the on-looker towards the eye wrinkles.

How to Apply Eye Liner to Hide Eye Wrinkles

It is decidedly suggested to use brown and brown-black shades of eye liner for eye make-up that aspires for veiling the eye wrinkles. It proffers the eyes more full and wide look. Try to apply eye liner for wrinkles neither too thin nor too thick. It should in between the two extremes and do not stretch it too much towards the corners.
Try these make-up tricks to hide the eye wrinkles. Always pick the entire makeup products in matte and subtle colors in order to conceal the wrinkles. Wear the right make-up on your face to turn wrinkles helpless so that it neither reveal your age nor stop you from looking young. You would adore this youthful touch!