3 Best Natural Oils to Stop Hair Fall

Natural oil  remedy to stop the hair fall

Every day to look at falling hair is very painful but we women are helpless. Umpteen treatments be it naturopathy, allopathy or homeopathy does not help much! Sometimes it is better to go back to the old systems and try hands on home remedies. 

Hibiscus Oil
Massage with hibiscus oil prevents hair fall, split ends and dandruff.  The oil should be made from only red flower as other colors hibiscus does not have hair fall controlling properties. When applying the oil on scalp first warm it a little then put it on scalp gently with finger tips. Massage for 15-20 minimum once in a week and allow the oil to get absorbed by the roots for next 3-4 hours. Later shampoo the hair. Once or twice oil massage in a week with hibiscus oil shall be helpful in reducing the hair fall.
Amla Oil
Amla oil is rich in ingredients helpful in strengthening the hair thereby limits the hair fall. It should be applied on the scalp a night before the hair wash. Give tender massage for 20 minutes followed by tucking the entire hair strand in a very loose plait. Next day morning wash hair with mild shampoo. 
Mustard Oil
Hair scalp massage with mustard oil helps hair roots to gain necessary strength hence lessen hair fall. It is ideal to apply on previous night to hair wash. A good 15 minutes massage once a week is recommended. 

Hibiscus oil Hair fall treatment at home

Hibiscus oil treatment for hair growth

Hibiscus oil helps in controlling the hair fall. It is one of the ancient remedies effective in retaining the extremely precious hair strands. The oil should be made exclusively from red hibiscus flower as other color hibiscus flowers are not that effectual in stopping hair fall. It helps the hair to attain strength and grow healthy maintaining the volume as it contains hyaluronic and linolenic acids. In addition it even aids in controlling dandruff thereby reduce the hair fall. 
How to Prepare Hibiscus  Oil at Home
Collect and wash red hibiscus flower. Later allow to dry the flowers completely. It might take 3-4 days. Next powder it and mix in coconut oil. Store it in dark bottle. 
Alternatively, once the red hibiscus flower is entirely dry break it into small pieces roughly with hand and put in the wide mouth dark glass jar. Fill the jar with oil of choice like coconut or olive. Ensure all the pieces of flower in the jar are fully immersed in the oil. Close the lid tightly and put in sun for two weeks. Later strain and it is ready to use.  4-5 flowers shall be sufficient for 200 ml oil.
Slightly warm the oil and rub gently on the scalp. Give mild massage for 15-20 minutes with finger tips. Also apply oil on ends of the hair as it prevents split ends. 

The Treatment and Prevention of Head Lice Infestation

Head Lice InfestationLice infestation is a common problem across the globe. Girls and women get affected to it soon. It can occur either due to rainy season or by coming in close contact with the person infested with lice. The lifecycle of lice is one month. Once the head is infested with lice it is crucial to treat this problem immediately.

Head Lice is an ectoparasite found on the scalp. This infection is referred as pediculosis. It is a common problem in human beings especially women and girls as they have longer hairs than men and boys. In school and preschools this is one of the most widespread predicaments which everyone is scared off. It can occur either during rainy season when the hairs gets wet with rain water or when an individual’s head comes in contact with some other person’s head who is infested with lice. Also if one uses the hair accessories and comb already infested with lice then there are chances that lice would occur soon.

Lifecycle of Lice
The lifecycle of lice has three forms which completes in 30 days. The first stage is nit, the egg of the lice. It looks like dandruff, very small white dots mostly at the hair roots. Second is lymph, when it turns into lice and is very tiny. Finally the last form is adult lice; it causes severe itching on the scalp.

Symptoms of Lice Infestation

  • When lice moves in the hair, once can move a tickling feeling.
  • After the lice moves on the scalp, it bites to suck the blood. As soon as it bites it causes allergic reaction that leads to itching. The lice infested person feels the severe itching on scalp and scratches the scalp with the nails.
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  • Excessive scratching leads to sores on the head.
  • When the lice are not treated, it becomes uncontrollable that the individual suffering from lice infestation feels difficult to sleep well or concentrate fully on any task.

Consequences of Lice Infestation
Lice are very small but it shows the way to ruthless tribulations.

  • Lice make the hair root very weak. It leads to hair loss.
  • It constantly bites the scalp which results in brutal scratching on the scalp. The constant scalp scratching causes dandruff.
  • It sucks the blood from the scalp. If not controlled, in extreme cases it weakens the memorization ability in kids.

Treat Lice with Regular Combing
National Pediculosis Association recommends combing the hair everyday with a lice comb/nit comb/tweezers. It is the comb having sharp, thin and closely held tooth/bristles. The lice infested person must comb daily using this comb. First 2-3 days adult lice would come out, after that lymph that turns into adult lice comes out and then after seven days the nits that hatch into lymph are removed while combing. It is certainly a time consuming method but is effective over use of chemically produced anti-lice shampoo and medicines. It must be done everyday for best results. Infact even when lice is not there, it is suggested to use lice comb as it shall ensure that the hair is free from lice forever.

The bottom line of the discussion on lice infestation is that it must be treated as early as possible. One should not take it lightly as it might lead to big issues. It can be treated with regular combing and with home remedies that are effectual in keeping the scalp free from lice, lymph and nits.

Grind a garlic clove to fine paste and mix it in some lemon juice. Rub down the paste into the hair roots in the night before going to sleep. In the morning, have a good head bath. Wash the hair thoroughly. The pungent chemicals in the garlic will kill the lice overnight, and the morning bath will remove their dead bodies from the hair. This remedy must be continued for four to five days. The lice will completely be gone from the scalp. This is one of the important natural remedy for head lice.

How to get rid Of Head Lice and Keep them away permanently using Neem

Neem for Head Lice CureNeem is ideal for making the scalp free from all three forms of lice. Neem for head lice is a good choice for lice free. It is the medicinal plant hence, it is 100% safe to use without any worries for any side effects. It is even harmless to use for children. The fruit and leaves of the tree are applied on the scalp in form of paste.

Confiscate Lice with Neem Leaves and Garlic Mix
Take 7-8 Neem leaves and thoroughly wash it in running water. Now grind the leaves along with 5-6 garlic cloves to fine paste and mix it in some lemon juice. Add water as required but ensure the paste should be moderately thick. Rub down the paste into the hair roots in the night before going to sleep. Next morning wash hair scrupulously. While taking the hair wash all forms of lice shall be cleaned from the scalp. This remedy must be continued for four to five days to make the scalp utterly clean.

Chuck Out Lice with Neem Fruit Pack
The fruit of Neem tree is known as ‘Nimbor’. It is very small in size. When it is raw it is dark green in color. It turns yellow when it is ready to be utilized. It is excellent in removing the lice from the scalp completely. When the fruit is ready it falls down from the tree to the ground. Pick it all and collect it in a bag. Then after, put in the hot sun for drying.

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It would take 2-3 hot sunny days to dry the fruit fully. Once it is dried up, remove its skin and take out the seed inside it. Do it for all and gather together the seeds. Wash the seeds with water and grind it the mixer putting little water to make fine paste. The paste should not be too liquid else it would run down the hair.

Apply this paste on the hair roots with the help of a cotton ball. Ensure to cover up the entire scalp. Then take all the hair together, tie a bun and put on the shower cap. Leave it as it is for 4-5 hours. Then take the hair wash thoroughly with water and little hair shampoo. After the hair dries up in natural air, massage the scalp with lukewarm oil. Let it stay overnight. Next morning clean the hair and scalp with shampoo as in normal routine. It is very effective in get rid of lice along with lymph and nits. Only in two sincere attempts the scalp shall be absolutely clean.

As soon as the paste is applied there would be itching and discomfort. Just keep the will power strong and allow the paste to do the needful in the scalp. After taking the first hair wash, the hairs would become dry that’s why oil massage is done. These are not side effects but after effects of applying the neem fruit pack. Do not be scared of it. It is the uneasiness for few hours which is best to be tolerated because later the scalp becomes free from lice forever. Infact, after using this home remedy for removing lice from scalp there are very less chances of reoccurrence of lice infestation. Hence, a little distress for perpetual clean scalp is fine. Hope you agree!

Top 10 Hair Care Tips in Fall Season

Fall Season Hair Care TipsExcessive humidity in the atmosphere stipulates the special attention for hair in Fall Season. There are top 10 do”s and don”ts that saves hair falling flat or getting too sticky and dull. These hair care tips shall also prevent the constant itching and discomfort on the scalp.

Hair needs extra care during Fall Season. Apart from attending the hair related issues like hair fall or dandruff, it is best to be cautious before hand. This implies one should follow a set of do”s and don”ts in Fall Season in order to maintain the healthy hair and enjoy the season whole heartedly.


  • Keep the scalp clean and dry. Dirty scalp in the weather of rains can cause hair fall, dandruff or even lice invasion.
  • Take the hair wash twice or thrice in a week. It is to keep the scalp and hair dirt free.
  • Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil once in week. It helps in strengthening the hair roots and nourishes the hair from top to bottom.
  • Wash your hairs immediately after getting drenched in rains. Else the rain water can cause some infection.
  • Apply hair masks once in a week to nourish your hair. The hair needs sustenance and care externally as well.
  • Eat protein rich diet to give the nutrients to the body for maintaining healthy hair and improving the resistance to withstand the rainy season assaults.&l
  • Tie the hair in neat pony or if hair is too long then put a plate.
  • Use a good hair conditioner after every hair wash. Ensure to use the conditioner very little because more conditioner would make hair too oily and sticky.
  • Untangle the hair using the wide teeth hair brush.
  • Go in for short hair cut as it is easy to manage and lets you enjoy the natural showers without any worry.
  • Don”ts

    • Don”t use hair gels, hair sprays or styling creams in this season. These hair cosmetics contain lacquers and gums that tend to stick on the scalp. If it is not washed properly then it would cause dandruff.
    • Don”t go in for artificial perming, straightened, crimped or curling on the hair as it can lead to permanent damage.
    • Don”t color your hair with fancy hair colors as it can leave the hair dull and lifeless.
    • Don”t use chemically produced shampoo. Switch to herbal shampoo.
    • Don”t opt for elaborate hair styles. It is too hard to set the hair styles and manage it when it is raining.
    • Don”t leave the hair open/loose always.
    • Don”t rub your hair too much for drying in back and forth motion. Pat dry it with a towel that absorbs water nicely. Ensure that hair is dried fully.
    • Don”t blow dry your hair everyday as it weakens the hair roots. Let the hair dry naturally.
    • Don”t be stressed at all else it shall add on the hair related problems.
    • Don”t leave the hair tied up in ponytail or any other hairdo if you are drenched in the natural showers. If not then there is high probability that this mistake can lead to lice infestation. This is yet another common hair problem during Fall Season.

    Natural Remedies for Dandruff treatment

    Dandruff Remedies

    Dandruff Prevention And Treatment :

    Dandruff can be avoided by applying a spoon of lime juice   to your scalp and then it’s washing (Hair Washing) off.
    Dandruff can be prevented by applying a fine paste of black pepper (milagu) and milk to your scalp and taking a head bath, this would make your hair free from dandruff
    From the description of  Natural Hair Care,  Dandruff can also be evaded by applying a mixture of half cup lime juice, 1 egg and half cup curd to your hair and scalp. Then after allowing it to set for half an hour   rinsing hair with sikakai powder is required. You need to apply ginger oil to soften your hair before taking head bath. If you experience any hair loss due to dandruff  this natural beauty tips site recommend Dandruff  hair loss remedies .

    Combination of Dandruff Control and Natural Hair loss treatment such as Ayurveda will stop the hair loss naturally. After the vinegar   massage, the hair and scalp should be allowed to dry for a few minutes and later the hair is rinsed. Its daily repetition cures dandruff swiftly. Stop Hair Loss by Natural remedies Rinsing your hair with a combination of lime juice and warm water will prevent hair loss. Applying hibiscus oil on scalp is indispensable for prevention of hair loss.  Hair loss and dryness of hair can be prevented by application of egg white before shampooing your hair.
    Ayurveda hair loss treatment for women
    Ayurveda Treatment for hair loss recommends taking Aloe Vera Juice or Paste for 3 months. Also Combination of Hot Vitamin E oil massage and yoga practice will completely stop the hair loss on women.

    Safe shampoo for shiny hair

    Hair Wash Shampoo

    Best way to wash hair with shampoo and herbal  :

    The best way of washing hair is with Aritha and Shikakai Powder. It does not have any chemicals or any other side effects. Aritha and Shikakai powder is available at any General stores or even a banyan shop.
    Your hair can have a good wash by applying Aritha and   Shikakai powder as they are devoid of any chemicals or any side effects. There is availability   of Aritha and Shikakai powder in any general store and even at a banyan store.
    Shampoo is a common hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt. After shampooing your hair, Indonesians applied coconut oil to remoisten the hair.
    Egg, herbal or any shampoo is best suited for dry hair.Fruit shampoos or henna shampoo is perfect for normal hair.Oily hair needs lemon shampoo for improvement, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips

    Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

    Homemade Healthy Hair

    How to Maintain Fresh And Healthy Air :

    As discussed in  Natural Beauty tips Your healthy and beautiful can be ensured by applying eucalyptus oil to your scalp with a cotton ball. First you have to tie your hair with a clean towel dipped in warm water, and then you have to allow your hair to set for 15 minutes. Then your hair needs a hair shampoo with warm water.  Your clean and healthy hair requires application of  Tulsi juice to hair before taking bath and rising off with a good shampoo.
    Your hair can be given a healthy glow by taking a bath with a bucket of water    mixed with juice extracted from Neem leaves before your head bath. For obtaining fresh and healthy hair first, you have to boil the mixture of neem flower and coconut oil, then cool it and apply it to your scalp regularly.
    Enough fruits and vegetables in your diet ensure growth of healthy hairHair care needs protein too. Have lots of protein in your diet. Essential fatty acids shine and thicken the hair.   If the right methods are followed, undoubtedly you will be able to flaunt you healthy hair.

    How to Apply Shampoo For Your Hair

    Shampoo For Dry Hair

    Shampooing :

     Hair treatment promises clean and gorgeous hair. A well-known shampoo should be chosen for suiting your hair type. The active ingredients contrast with each other in regard to their quality. The function of a shampoo is careful rinsing without de-moisturizing the scalp.  There lies its significance over   the acid and alkali balance. Excessive   rinsing de-moisturizes your scalp making it dry.
     Excessive shampooing has both merits and demerits—it makes the hair dirt free as well as harms through removal of   too much moisture and oil.  Additives like   herbs and fruit or protein do not affect the hair”s condition.
     Oily hair demands washing once daily and shampooing more than once or twice a week. Excessive washing is unsuitable in case of dry hair. When you have less time you can use dry shampoos, made of oil- absorbing fine powder to refresh your hair.
     The work of a conditioner is to make each hair more light ¬reflective and also preventing penetration of anything harmful to the inner core.
     As tap water is mildly alkaline, hair that is dried straightaway after shampooing may become charged with static electricity making it flyaway and difficult to manage. In order to counteract the alkalinity   our grandmothers added vinegar or lemon juice to   the final rinsing water. Now days we use cream rinse or shampoo after every shampoo.  They stabilize the pH value of the hair, they include &

    Veggie Diet for Healthy Flashy Hair

    Vegetable healthy hair diet for everyone

    Healthy black hairs are priceless as very difficult to possess! Do not worry, try out the top home remedy for attaining black voluminous hair. 

    Green leafy vegetables precisely spinach and fenugreek (methi) leaves to be included in every day diet without a miss. To make this vegetable the ingredients needed are 250 grams green leafy vegetables, one teaspoon olive/mustard oil, salt to taste, one-fourth teaspoon each of cumin, fenugreek, aniseed, black mustard, and bishop”s weed (ajwain) seeds, one tablespoon lemon juice (optional). 

    How to prepare the healthy vegetable diet
    Wash the green vegetables thoroughly in running water and chop it finely. Heat oil in heavy bottom pan, once the oil is hot add all five spices. Next add chopped vegetables and give it a good mix. Cover the pan with the lid and reduce the flame to minimum. After 2 minutes, add salt to taste and cover the pan again. 3 minutes later, add lemon juice and turn off the flame. Wait for another 2 minutes and green leafy vegetable is ready to eat. 
    In order to get healthy black hairs eat this vegetable every single day. 

    Frugal Hair Care tips

    Tips For Money Save on Hair

    Saving Money on Hair Care :

    It is economically much cheaper to render the service of a hair dresser who has a saloon built onto her house. Go for the style which can   lasts longer between the cuttings and does not require much styling products.
    Hairstyle should be chosen in regard to your hair type.
    You should keep an empty bottle in the shower next to the current bottle of hair shampoo. When it is time to lather up you put a small amount of shampoo into an empty bottle. Then after adding some water, light shaking is required which results in distribution of shampoo equally over hair, but using less. Unlike the conventional way this creates more bubbles. It is nice to carry complimentary and sample bottles and packages of hair care products on short trips which help kids who always forget to bring things home.
    It is reasonable to cut hair keeping in mind the cost of maintenance for fine hair. Consider purchasing books on hair cuts and hair care. It is rational to find a beauty school or college in your area because unlike traditional salon they provide plain fine cheaper perms and cuts.
    By avoiding perms, hair – coloring and highlighting, you let your hair grow to below your shoulders and get a friend to trim it straight across every few months. Bangs should be trimmed. You can wear long hair in a ponytail, in a braid, in a French braid, or up in a bun. It does not need

     Cheaper products can be made in home by making a mixture of I part conditioner to 10 parts water. Then you have to put it into a recycled pump hair spray bottle. It functions well.
    Instead of improving, most hair daily washing with shampoo can dry out your hair and scalp and make them prone to other problems. Find the least expensive shampoo that works for your hair. You can use it as often as you want and in the quantity that is necessary to keep your hair healthy and manageable, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

    Henna Hair Conditioner

    Henna Conditioner

    How to apply hair conditioners Henna :

    As mentioned in Natural Beauty Tips you can use  henna for hair color also as an conditioner.
    In order to make your dry hair gentle and controllable, you have to apply a mixture of some milk, water and 1-2 egg yolks and henna to your hair once in a month.
    Normal to Oily Hair – Your oily hair needs a paste of water, lemon, egg yolk and henna. Its application is required fortnightly.
    As Per
    Hair Shampoos
    Natural Hair Care
    Home Made Hair Conditioners

    Home Remedies For Dandruff Hair Loss

    Dandruff hair loss Homemade Remedies  to how to get rid of dandruff

    Why dandruff make your hair fall out?

    Healthy beautiful thick hairs play a vital in defining the overall look of an individual. It is the most imperative part of every person’s personality. Unfortunately, there are two common hair problems namely dandruff and hair loss faced by majority of people that spoils the quality of hair. The reasons for these tribulations are stress, inadequate nutritious diet, pollution, lack of sleep, hereditary factors, unclean scalp and poor blood circulation etc. All these factors can be controlled to a large extent with little discipline in life. In addition to this, there are few effective Natural dandruff care homemade remedies that if practiced earnestly can solve the issue of dandruff and hair loss

    Natural Home Remedy to prevent the Dandruff hair loss

    People suffering from dandruff usually opt for anti-dandruff shampoo for dandruff care. However, it is advisable to use natural homemade remedies instead of chemically produced shampoo. Here are few effectual natural hair care shampoo hair packs for getting rid of dandruff from the scalp permanently. 

    Natural Hair dandruff Home Remedies

    Onion and Honey Hair Dandruff shampoo
    This mixture reduces the dandruff and strengthens the hair. Take four parts of finely grated onion and mix with one part of honey. Apply this mixture on the scalp either with finger tips or cotton ball. Leave it as it is for 40 minutes. Later take the hair wash with plain tap water using very mild shampoo. With regular use, dandruff would be controlled to a large extent.

    Dandruff hair loss treatment using Vinegar and Lemon

    The mixture with 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the entire scalp and the hair roots with the cotton ball. Leave it for 30 minutes. Later take the hair wash with egg shampoo. This should be used twice in a month for best results. 

    Thyme hair mask for dandruff

    controller4-5 dried thyme and boil it in two cups of water for 10 minutes. It would reduce to less than half in quantity. Allow it to come down to the room temperature. Once it cools down massage it on the scalp and lightly on the hair roots. Let it be like this for 30 minutes after which take the hair wash. With regular use dandruff would be gone forever.  This method work for both fizzy hair and combination hair

    Natural Olive Almond hair oil for dandruff Dandruff
    Take equal quantities of these oils and mix it well. Massage the scalp with this blended oil and leave it for 10 minutes. It might cause some irritation or burning sensation.

    Dandruff hair oil using Lemon coconut oil mixture
    In the meantime prepare one more dandruff care natural mixture. Take two teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it in warm coconut oil. After 10 minutes, massage the scalp with this new mixture. If there is no burning sensations experienced then leave the oil on hair for 4-5 hours. Later take the hair wash with normal shampoo.  The dandruff and roughness of dry scalp will be gone. This must be practiced once every week. 

    Greasy Dandruff hair care using Neem hair mask
    Neem leaves have natural medicinal properties that cure dandruff prolifically. Boil 7-8 leaves in water for 10 minutes. Let the water cool down. Once it comes to the normal room temperature take the hair wash with this water. With regular use,you get rid of dandruff completely or at least keep dandruff in control.  Lookbeauty.com also recommend the <a href="/HairCare/StopHairLossNaturally/BeautyTips?m=28&m

    Hair Loss treatment using Ayurveda and Herbal Remedies

    Hair loss treatment for women using Ayurveda RemediesWorried about Hair loss you are not alone?
    Hair is the vital element of every individual’s beauty and persona. Beautiful voluminous hair has the great potential of making one’s personality very impressive and attractive.  Unfortunately in today’s not so healthy lifestyle majority of people experience the common problem of excessive hair fall.Hair loss in Ayurveda explained
    Indian Ayurveda system of medicine is the best way to control hair fall. According to this treatment hair is thought out as a byproduct of bone formation. The natural hair growth as well as bones is dependent on same tissues present in the body.
    Hence, premature hair loss is caused due to less or poor stability of mind-body structure. In order to stop the hair loss naturally,  Ayurveda suggests amalgamation of diet, yoga, meditation, oil massage and herbs.
    Aloe Vera Juice to Stop Hair loss

    Aloe Vera is the natural aromatic plant which is an excellent resource for the healthy hair.
    How to prepare Aloe Vera Juice
    Remove the cover of the Aloe Vera leaf with the help of a sharp knife and take out the pulp. Grind this pulp in the mixer, sieve it and take out the fresh juice about 1/2 cup. Drink this juice once in a day for 2-3 months.
    How to prepare Aloe Vera Paste to prevent the Hiair loss
    Alternatively, instead of drinking the juice, one can gulp 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera paste along with a pinch of cumin powder once in day. This too should be continued for 2-3 months.
    Aloe Vera paste can be prepared by grinding the pulp without water in the mixer. Ensure to drink minimum of 2-3 liters of plain water any time in the day along with consuming Aloe Vera. This helps in maintaining the strength of the roots of the hair, there by reduces hair fall. Also, once in a week use sage tea to rinse the hair. It enhances the natural hair growth.

    Coconut & Almond Oil Massage  Hair Loss Treatment For Women

    In Ayurveda, oil massage is a vital part of any treatment because it energizes the body that results in healthy functioning of entire body processes. Thrice in a week hot oil massage on the head must be done.
    The  Ayurveda oil  massage should be done with the finger tips gently. It improves the blood circulation and makes scalp more strong to hold the hair from roots till the shaft firmly.
    Usually coconut oil and almond oil is best for head massage but till the time excessive hair fall is controlled it is preferable to use vitamin E oil. The reason being vitamin E oil nourishes the hair follicles and toughens the fragile hair.

    Sesame seeds Natural Diet to stop the hair loss on women

    Hair fall can also be brought into control with right diet. Swallow white sesame seeds in the morning with water soon after brushing teeth. If required the grind the sesame seeds  little in the mixer. These seeds contain magnesium and calcium that helps in strengthening the hair.
    Yogurt, one green leafy vegetable and sprouts should be a must in lunch everyday. Apart from this fruits must be consumed on empty stomach either in morning before breakfast or at 4 in afternoon. Proteins, whole grains, soya beans, nuts and milk should also be part in any one meal of the day.

    Reduce stress practicing Yoga and Meditation to stop the hair loss

    It is a known fact that one of the main reasons of hair fall is stress and tension. Constant practice of yoga and meditation undoubtedly helps in controlling the hair fall. Yoga asana namely vajrasana and pawanmuktasana are especially advantageous to overcome the problem of hair loss as it relieves the stress and tension in the neck and stimulates the hair growth.

    Cure Dandruff and hair fall using Natural Home Remedy

    Home remedies for dandruff and hair fallApart from dandruff the reasons for hair fall are stress, inadequate nutritious diet, pollution, lack of sleep, hereditary factors, unclean scalp and poor blood circulation etc. All these factors can be controlled to a large extent with little discipline in life.
    Similar to the dandruff control, there are home remedies for
    controlling the hair fall as well. This problem could be solved with
    proper oiling, applying some hair masks and taking hair wash homemade

    Remedies for Controlling Hair Fall

    Mustard Oil and Henna Leaves to stop the sudden hair fall due to dandruff
    Boil four tablespoon heena (mehendi) leaves in one cup mustard oil. Once the oil is cooled down, filter it and store it in a bottle. Massage this oil on the scalp and especially on the bald patches regularly. Slowly and gradually hair  loss would stop completely.  

    Honey and Egg Yolk to enrich the scalp and stop the vitamin hair loss
    Egg is the natural protein which is very helpful in offering the required nutrients to the scalp. Make a mixture one teaspoon of honey with egg yolk. Massage it on the scalp and hairs roots thoroughly. Leave for a 30 minutes and then take the hair wash.  

    Coconut Milk to completely stop the dandruff hair fall
     Apply thick coconut milk on the scalp. Massage softly with finger tips for 10-15 minutes. Leave it for ½ hour, and then rinse with warm water. Do this twice in a week and see the difference while combing hair.

    Aloe Vera and Triphala mix to make the hair thick
    Triphala is the herbal powder made from variety of medicinal herbs. It is easily obtainable in any ayurvedic shop. Mix Aloe Vera juice with triphala and apply it to the hairs. Leave it for 2-3 hours and later take hair wash. Practice this for three to six months to see the increased hair thickness.

    Controlling dandruff falling hair using Curd and Gram Flour Shampoo

    Make the shampoo at home with 5 tablespoon of curd, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoon of gram flour. Mix all three well. Use it instead of shampoo and take the hair wash. Hair fall would be controlled. You also should check the natural healthy hair tips.

    Carrot Dandruff hair loss Shampoo
    Take one egg yolk, 20 grams of vegetable oil, 20 grams of lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of carrot juice. Mix all four ingredients nicely. Take the hair wash with this shampoo to stop the hair fall.  

    All these natural remedies would surely help in getting control over the dandruff and hair fall. With consistent use one could see the difference. The results might be slow but certainly positive outcome would be experienced. Little patience and hard work for beautiful thick shimmering hair is worthwhile. Hope you agree!!

    Hair Loss Diets Remedies and Supplements

    Hair loss is a natural observable fact but when it happens in excess then it is a cause of worry. There are many reason associated with this phenomenon. One such reason is inappropriate diet. Hence hair fall can be controlled with the proper diet that includes prime nutrients namely vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, protein, copper, iron, zinc and water.The average life of hair is three to six years. In this life span of hair, it grows, matures, rest and finally falls out. Almost one and all shed the hair at same rate. On an average every individual looses 50-100 hairs everyday. However, if it is more than this then it is the problem of Alopecia, to be precise it is hair loss. There are many reasons accountable for this most common hair related problem such as hereditary, age, sever medication, stress, chemicals used for hair styles, speedy weight loss and improper nutrition and diet.
    Proper diet plays a major role in controlling the hair loss. The paucity of certain nutrients in the body aggravates the hair fall. It makes the hair shaft weak that leads to hair breakage and makes the process of hair re-growth very slow. Thereby it is crucial to have the right diet in order to provide sufficient sustenance to the body essential for maintaining the healthy hair. The prime nutrients that should be present in daily meals are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, protein, copper, iron, zinc and water.
    Vitamin A Safeguards the Scalp

    It helps in healthy growth of the cells and tissues that are responsible for maintaining the well being of scalp and growth of hairs. Deficiency of this vitamin results in development of cellular debris in the hair follicles that causes dandruff, which in turn leads to hair loss. On a daily basis the body must consume 5,000 IU (international units) of Vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables and red, yellow and orange fruits are good source of this vitamin. It can also be acquired from liver, eggs, fish oil, milk and dairy products.

    Vitamin B Enhances Formation of Hemoglobin

    Vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12 are important parts of Vitamin B that are necessary for the growth of hair. These three have a vital position in the smooth functioning of red blood cells or the hemoglobin (iron-containing) portion of red blood cells. The task of these cells is to bring oxygen from the lungs and deliver to the tissues in the body, including the hair. Hale and hearty hair largely depends on the steady supply of blood and oxygen. When the count of vitamin B decreases in the body routinely it reduces the blood and oxygen supply to the hair due to which hair tends to get broken quickly and fall at a rapid speed.
    The tot up of vitamin B6 should be 2.0 milligrams per day. It can be tossed down from animal sources namely pork, chicken, liver, kidney and fish. Vegetarians can get this vitamin from soybeans, whole grains, cereals, legumes and nuts. Everyday 400 micrograms of folic acid must be taken through meals. It is present in green leafy vegetables, beet root and broccoli. Fruits that contribute to this vitamin are orange juice and avocado. Brewer’s yeast, liver and wheat germ are also good source of folic acid. Vitamin Bl2 should be taken 6.0 micrograms daily. It is found in fish, meat, eggs, chicken, milk and other dairy items.
    Vitamin C Raises Collagen Level
    Collagen is the connective tissue that is required to hold the tissues in hair together. Lack of this vitamin reduces the collagen count in the body that makes the hair weak and it becomes easily prone to splitting and breaking. 60 milligrams must be the each day intake of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are best resource of this vitamin. Other sources are berries, melons, peppers, dark green leafy vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes.

    Shampoo for Gray hair | gray hair shampoo

    Shampoo and conditioner for gray HairFree Natural hair care tips on Gray hairs. Gray hairs are bound to happen in today’s stressful life. However, it is not at all necessary that people with gray hair would look less attractive because gray hairs are mostly dull, brittle and dry. With the help of best shampoo and conditioner for gray hair it can be well-maintained allowing the person to look chic and classy. One should invest sufficient time when making the purchase of gray hair shampoo conditioner product. Once the brand is decided then later it becomes regular item in the shopping list.

    How Blue Tint in Conditioner work on Gray hairs
    The blue tint present in the shampoo prevents the gray hair look yellowish. Too much of blue tint is also not desired because more of this shall give the purple glance to the hair. So a slight tint is sufficient.

    How to Select the Shampoo for Gray Hair:
    The best anti gray hair shampoo ideally would be having moisturizer, omega 3 and little blue tint.
    Why gray hair shampoo need moisturizer ingredient?Moisturizer is important to make the transparent hair soft by alleviating the dryness from the hair. Dry hairs look very bad and are more prone to split ends.

    The soft gray hairs slip in between each other or among the other black hair if any else it always gets highlighted like shiny hair due to its rough texture.

    Essential of Omega ingredient coloring gray hair shampoo
    Omega 3 is crucial for healthy hair follicle thus; shampoo rich in omega 3 allows certain quantity of Omega 3 to penetrate through the hair roots to the hair follicle and tries to maintain the natural hair color. This hair nutrient is present largely in emu oil hence gray hair shampoo with emu oil as one its ingredients would be a good choice. For healthy hair please check the Hair Tonics.

    So which brand of reverse gray hair shampoo is recommended?
    When in the market for buying the gray hair shampoo, always look for the ingredients. The above mentioned three important anti gray hair ingredients with dandruff conditioner must be there. Warning: Also, be cautious of shampoos that allege to reverse the gray hair into the natural hair color after few wash. Such shampoos contains hair dye in it which cover the gray hair color as any other usual hair dye but after sometime it falls out. The shampoos with dye in it make hair more desiccated and frail and leave the side effect of weak eyesight.

    Gray Hair Shampoo Brands:
    The market is flooded with umpteen varieties of gray hair shampoo brands. Few to name are Pantene Pro-V Silver Expressions, Reminex gray hair shampoo, Nirvana Hair Shampoo – Blue Malva, Revlon gray hair shampoo, L’Oreal gray hair shampoo and many more. Any of these brands could be selected on the basis of price and the gray hair basics (mentioned above).Shampoo manufacturers would try their level best to charm the innocent buyers with fancy catch lines and names like anti-aging shampoo, anti gray hair shampoo and reverse gray hair shampoo etc. One should never get fascinated by such quotes rather always look for the shampoo that contains the composition which is good for gray hair as the main aim is to keep the gray hair healthy, soft and silky. Only consider the facts while buying the best gray hair shampoo, don’t get allure with fancy stuff.

    Nutrition and vitamins that prevents the hair loss

    Hair loss is a natural observable fact but when it happens in excess then it is a cause of worry. There are many reason associated with this phenomenon. One such reason is inappropriate diet. Hence hair fall can be controlled with the proper diet that includes prime nutrients namely vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, protein, copper, iron, zinc and water.Biotin perks up the Metabolism of Scalp oil
    It assists in improving the metabolism of scalp oil and enhances re-growth of healthy hair. Its insufficiency causes hair fall. Daily supplementation of biotin must be 300 micrograms. Human body naturally produces biotin in intestine by gut bacteria but it required to take in through food as well. It can be obtained from cereals, eggs, liver and yeast breads.
    Protein Rebuilds the Broken Hair
    Cells liable for hair growth along with other cells in the body require protein for development. Scarce amount of protein in body fail to repair the broken hair. It is a must have and can be gained from soybean, meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, dried beans, seeds, nuts, grain products and many vegetables.
    Copper Upholds the Blood Supply to Hair
    It has the same function as of vitamin B. Lack of copper weakens the hair shaft due to which hair fall is increased. Each day 2.0 milligrams copper should be munched through nuts, seeds, seafood, liver and organ meats.
    Zinc Keeps up Hair Oil-Secreting Glands

    This mineral endorses cell reproduction and tissue necessary for hair growth and repair. It ensures normal functioning of oil-secreting glands connected to hair follicles. Shortage of zinc grounds for dandruff and hair loss. However, excess of zinc is bad because it slows down the absorption of copper in the body. It should be only 10-15 milligrams in a day. It is available in seafood, eggs, milk, whole-grain products, nuts, seeds and legumes.

    Iron Averts Hair Fall

    It functions to carry oxygen to hemoglobin of red blood cells. Iron is a very important mineral for the overall growth of the body. Scarcity of this leads to anemia. Consequently in just few days excessive hair loss could be experienced. It is indispensable to get a daily intake of 18 milligrams iron every single day. Spinach, beet root and brinjal are the best source of iron along with red kidney beans and meat. Iron absorption in the body is facilitated by vitamin C.

    Water Hydrates the Hair

    Plain water is the fundamental for existence. The adequate amount of water keeps hair hydrated and promotes healthy and strong hair.
    Include all these vital nutrients in the daily diet. This would surely contribute to healthy hair and scalp. Do chomp the right food for robust hair!

    How to apply gray hair shampoo

    Application of Gray Hair ShampooHair Shampoo should be used in limited quantity especially for gray hairs. The reason being, gray hair already loose the natural oil produced on the scalp and with more usage of shampoo the scalp would become further dry. Excessive dryness in Hair would result in dandruff and more occurrence of gray hair. While taking the head bath, after the hairs are fully wet, take little shampoo in a mug mix little water in it and then apply this mixture gently on the scalp. Keeping moving the finger on the scalp and hair for 4-5 minutes, finally rinse it off with clean water nicely. Ensure that no shampoo is left on the hairs or the scalp. After taking Natural bath, if there is any sort of skin irritation or itching experienced then may be the gray hair shampoo brand is not suitable for the skin type and must be changed immediately.

    How to apply Anti Gray hair Shampoo

    • First bath the fuzz very well using tender water and bequeath no sarcasm on the fuzz and scalp.
    • Take a small capacity of the cleanse on your scalp and rub it on the scalp using your fingertips. Knead the cleanse gently using small sections of the advance.
    • knead in on the advance and theme all over the fuzz from roots to the end.
    • When you get foam all over your advance, carry it off using water under shower or using mug. Washing the fuzz in shower is better than washing them using water corpulent in the mug because they get better bath and there are fewer chances of departure cleanse in the fuzz using shower.
    • If the fuzz is still grimy, or you don”t get the modest foam then reapply cleanse on your fuzz again.
    • If your fuzz is fatty then you can squeeze a lemon juice in the water, which you are unfilled to use at last while washing your advance. Bath this water on fuzz in the end after the cleanse.
    • If cleanse enters into the eyes by any fate then splash cold water in the eyes thoroughly.
    • Do not rub fuzz too hard and don”t squeeze them after washing. Just impair them using a big dry wipe.
    • Now don not rub the wipe on your fuzz, bequeath them wrapped for a while then let them dry innately. Otherwise it will enervate the roots of your fuzz.
    • with the cleanse on your fuzz according to your fuzz class makes entire lot of difference in your hairs and helps you tackle the fuzz harms. Use a cleanse, which suits your fuzz as if you have fatty fuzz, use cleanse that is doomed for fatty fuzz. If there is dandruff in your fuzz then use medicated cleanse for dandruff.
    • Kids” shampoos are different; do not theme your cleanse on kids” advance. Evermore use mild cleanse on their fuzz.
    • When you carry your fuzz after cleanse be persuaded that there is no cleanse left in your fuzz or scalp.
    • carry your fuzz swing day for modest hygiene.
    • theme conditioner on your fuzz if they are dry or customary. Fatty fuzz does not command conditioning but it”s a good choice for dry and customary fuzz to keep them even.
    • Use the Hair conditioner, which is the same strain as your cleanse for better fallout.
    • You evermore must to theme cleanse double on your advance if you are washing your fatty fuzz otherwise it will not deduct the oil completely from the fuzz and they will look dirty.
    • Use expansive toothcomb on your fuzz when they are almost half dried as coiffure or brushing wet fuzz weakens the roots of the fuzz.
    • evermore elegance your fuzz when they are completely dry.
    • carry your fuzz evermore after applying some styling produces on them as gels and mousse. If left in the hairs, the chemicals within them can injure the fuzz and the roots.

    You can commence improving your Natural Hair Care techniques by looking at the Hair Care Tips piece of our place.

    Tips For Homemade Hair Spray

    Healthy Hair Spray

    Homemade Hair Spray :

                                 Home made hair spray can be prepared by chopping   one lemon or an orange for dry hair. Lemon Hair Spray. This all natural hair spray will leave your hair with a light, fresh lemony scent.  After placing them in a pot with 2 cups of water   you have to boil until half of the initial   amount   remains. Then after   cooling, straining and placing in a spray bottle you have to store in the refrigerator.
     Sticky hair needs additional water. The spray made by adding one ounce of alcohols as preservative can be stored for up to two weeks un-refrigerated, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips

    Gray Hair Styles

    How to Style Gray HairA gorgeous look is largely dependent upon the hair styles. In the present fashionable time females with gray hair are having unlimited options of hair styles. Gray hairs are well thought-out to be chic and trendy. Gone are the days when it was considered elderly and matured only for granny and grandpa walking with a stick. Today there is no age called as old age hence gray hair too looks pretty darn captivating. A good hair style can do wonders for any individual. According to lifestyle, face cut and number of gray hairs one can decide for the right hair style for the gray hair.
    Gray Hair causes
    There is more than 4 factors that cause the gray hair. But mentioned causes are accountable for taking the much appreciated and desired the young look from an individual. Aging is certainly beyond the human power but the reasons like stress or smoking can be controlled to a large extent. Be happy as stress shall do no good for us and you can retain the natural color of hair
    for a longer time. Also it is better to accept that gray hair is part
    of growing older so acknowledge it, do not think too much about it and
    stay young.

    How to Choose Good Shampoo For Your Hair

    Choose Shampoo For Hair

    How to Use Good Shampoo For Your Hair :

     Using a mild shampoo having a PH value of  5 is required.
     Our hair mirrors the general state of body and health. Cosmetic Treatment may be able to improve the physical appearance of hair but at the same time injures the hair-forming organ lying beneath the surface of scalp when the hair was actually growing. Good hair conditioner is required for maintaining healthy hair. It reflects your body health hence the best conditioner is needed no doubt. While buying a shampoo you must look for its ingredients because they are the ones responsible for your healthy hair.
     The scalp should be softened by the use of a mild shampoo. If a baby shampoo does not suit your hair type it is normal to use a shampoo having pH and choose one that is near pH 5 which will be near to   the normal acidity of the scalp.
     Anyone with a scalp infection needs a doctor instead of   a medicated shampoo, and an infection can be cured with an antiseptic.