Vegetables & Fruits Beauty benefits

Natural Beauty Benefits from Organic Foods

Natural home made remedies include a diet that balances natural health food with
beauty care
recommended by Natural beauty tips. These may be termed beauty foods . Daily intake for beauty and health should include food that you like to take. But since some are essential you should acquire the taste and soon the liking will become spontaneous.

Nature has provided us with many natural foods which are good for various ailments of the body. I have selected the following foods which are extremely useful for a youthful well maintained skin. The skin should stay wrinkle free, without blemishes or acne

Natural Foods Beauty benefits

Apple Nourish Skin
Carrots fight aging
Cheese cure foul breath
Citrus beauty fruit tighten skin cells
Garlic prvent face wrinkles
Yogurt care the smile and teeth.
Potatoes Anti wrinkle agent smooth the skin
Beauty care food Tomatoes <br


Known for its miraculous healing touch, apple cider vinegar also keeps the skin soft and pliable. High degree of enzyme concentration helps to peel off dull skin, break down fat and expedite digestion.


Take carrots if you want to stop the skin from aging ahead of time. Carrot is another name for Retin A.


To say “cheese” with a smile and clean breath nibble into at least two slices of hard cheese. Cavities and foul breath will vanish.


Citrus fruits form collagen, which helps to cement the skin cells. Externally collagen cannot be applied to the skin and therefore a daily intake of it is essential.


Garlic is a two edged sword which fights wrinkles on one hand and revives tissues on the other.


It is rich in calcium and that means a confident white smile flashing cavity-free teeth.


This is rich in vitamin A – one of the best anti-wrinkle agents resulting in clear smooth skin.


These are veritable storehouses of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium.


Every day take three to five servings of vegetables giving priority to the raw, leafy varieties.


Restrain yourself to not more than three-ounce servings per day. The ideal balance will be either turkey or chicken apart from a fish course.


Tuck in two or three helpings of fruit including in it chopped or sliced fruits in each sitting.


Sit down two times with a dairy products consisting of milk or yogurt. Each time the amount should be around eight ounces.


The fatty requirements of the body can be supplied through salad dressings, oil, butter and or mayonnaise. But the limit should not cross two servings per day.

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