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Acne is not just skin problem

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Imagine the irksome moment when you discover a pimple on your face just before your most awaited day. A pimple prone skin might leave you without notice. A simple pimple or an acne problem is the outcome of an unhealthy skin. However, we are here to provide you with some home made face care remedies for solving your acne skin problem.
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Eating plenty of green vegetables will naturally cure the Acne .

Acne on your face is one problem which can affect both the young and the old. Here we provide information on what are acne and the reasons of getting it. The testosterone hormone is responsible for the skin breaking out. Both men and women have this hormone. The boy’s bodies have to first make females testosterone hormones then only it starts making the male hormones. Having acne means you skin is overreacting to it you may need better skin care . Along with body hair, you get acne at the same time because of this reason. Because of testosterone the sebaceous glands in the skin produce sebum, which is an oily stuff. The tubes that hold the body hair becomes clogged and thus you get blackheads on your face. And together these result in acne.

Testosterone side effect: acne

Every teenager faces the problem of acne. This is just a passing phase. This is caused because of hormonal imbalance. During puberty our body produces a hormone called Testosterone. This is produced by both boys and girls. In girls it is called women testosterone. In fact boys need to produce female hormones to secrete Testosterone. An acne formation is not any abnormal production of Testosterone but it is your skin that is reacting abnormally to it. A side effect of testosterone production is acne formation. It is when the sebaceous glands of your body react to the testosterone that is produced and causes this problem.

Onion Parsley Paste to cure the Nodular Acne

What is noldular Acne

Unlike the simple pimple or whitehead, nodules form a dense, dome-like lesion or nodule which may also appear irregular. This lesion is red, swollen and usually affects not only the surrounding area of the skin but also deeper layers. If left unchecked, nodular acne can result to the destruction of tissue and produce scars doctors always recommend natural acne cure .

This Onion Parsley Paste is a unique facial mask that leaves amazing results to cure then nodular acne breakout.

  1. 1 small Onion
  2. 1 small Bunch of Mint
  3. 1 teaspoon honey
  4. 2 tablespoon fuller s earth
  5. Distilled water as required

How to treat the Nodular Acne using homemade mask

Remove the skin of onion and cut into small pieces. Wash the mint leaves thoroughly under the tap. Blend these pieces and mint leaves together with a blender. To this add honey and distilled water as required to make fine paste. Keep this paste in the refrigerator for overnight. Next morning, mix fuller’s earth to the paste. In order to get the consistency of medium thickness of paste add some water. Apply it on the skin and allow it to dry naturally. It would take 15-20 minutes. Then after clean with lukewarm water for natural acne cure

This mask should not be used directly for acne breakout treatment at home . Because the aroma of freshly cut onion shall burn the eyes quite a lot. Onion and mint are excellent for pulling off the heat from the skin. Fuller’s earth removes the acne-producing bacteria and honey nourishes the skin. This mask can be used once in week for best results.

Acne Breakout Treatment that works

It is always advised to wash your face before going to sleep. Without washing your face if you are going to sleep then you might end up having a lot of acne problem.Oat Meal apple and honey mask treatment works better for Acne breakout it also cure the acne naturally .

During the treatment Apple unclogs the pores and releases the bacteria. Oatmeal remove the excess oil from the skin also clean dirt from the pores. Honey rejuvenate the skin. This Acne breakout Home Treatment mask provides the skin much required nourishment, exfoliates and provides anti-bacterial advantages as well..

  • 1 Apple
  • 2 tablespoon oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon honey

How to apply acne breakout treatment mask

First put the steamer and steam the apple till soft. Grate it well. Now add honey to it and mix well. Next add oatmeal and pour little hot water to make thick paste. Apply this paste on skin for 1520 minutes. Once it is dry completely, wash it off with lukewarm water. Use it once in a week. With regular use the acne shall reduce.

Apple in the paste unclogs the pores and releases the acne causing bacteria. Oatmeal on the other hand removes the excess oil and dirt from the pores and relieves the redness and inflammation. Honey provides the antibacterial advantages and rejuvenates the skin. You can also check the Natural Acne Cure remedies.

How to get rid of Pimples using Home Remedy

Home Remedies of Acne, PimplesPimples can be treated very well with simple home remedies. These homemade packs used for curing pimple may be slightly time consuming to prepare and apply or might take longer time to heal the pimple yet it is the best. The reason being there are no side effects such as left back pimple marks, itching or irritation etc. In addition it is cost effective too. Here are few effective pimple remedies suitable for all skin tones.

Cure Pimple with Orange Peel
Take 2 teaspoon dry orange peel powder. Mix it with 1 teaspoon rose water. Smoothen the paste and apply it on the pimples. Allow it to dry and after 15 minutes clean it with water. Repeat it for a week. Pimple shall be cured and there shall be no pimple scar left behind on the face. To make the dry orange peel powder, put the orange cover in hot sun for two days. Collect it and together grind it in the mixer without water. Store the dry orange peel powder in a jar. This can be used as and when required.

Fuller””s Earth Defoliates the Pimple
Pimples can be treated with fuller””s earth. Mix together one tablespoon fuller””s earth and one teaspoon sandalwood powder. Add water as required to make the moderately thick paste. Clean the skin on and near pimple with cleaning milk. Then dab thick layer of the prepared paste on the pimple. Once it is half dry, re-apply the paste. Later, after it dries completely c

Non-Gel Toothpaste Easiest Pimple Remedy
This is an effortless remedy to deal with the pimple. Any non-gel toothpaste can be used for curing the pimple. As usual first clean the facial skin either with cleansing milk or wash the face with face wash. Pat dries the skin. Then after apply the non-gel toothpaste directly on the pimple. Spread it with the finger all over the pimple. Let the toothpaste dry up. Subsequently clean it with water. Use this remedy 3-4 times in a day till the time pimple disappears from the skin.

Blob Cinnamon and Honey Paste on Pimple

Pimple vanishes soon if it dries up quickly. To do so use cinnamon powder and honey paste. Take 2 teaspoon honey and ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder. Blend both nicely. Apply this paste on well cleaned pimple and skin around it in the night before sleeping. Next day morning clean it up with lukewarm water. Use it every night for one week. Pimple shall dry up shortly and shall be departed from the face.

Garlic Paste Make the Pimple Wane Quickly
Prepare the fresh garlic paste by grinding 8-9 garlic cloves in the mixer. Apply this paste on the aforementioned cleaned pimple skin. Let the garlic juice in the paste be absorbed by the skin layers below the pimple. Past 15 minutes clean it up with lukewarm water. Everyday morning and evening use this remedy for 3 days and observe the pimple gone.

Use these pimple remedies and let the natural pop out on the skin gone using the natural way!

Acne Treatment – organic skin care

Go for plenty of  leafy vegetables oozing with the color green – like methi, spinach, amaranth/chowli, drumsticks etc. These are overflowing with anti-oxidants apart from being veritable storehouses of iron, zinc and vitamin c. According to Swedish research findings about 85% of acne infected women benefited within three months, when small doses of zinc were introduced to their menu chart. Zinc also breaks down old and helps to form new collagens. Women are more prone to iron deficiency which leads to dark circles below the eyes. As advised in  natural beauty tips