Anti Wrinkle Face Mask | Lettuce Anti Aging | Lemon Anti Wrinkle

Did you know that the lemon or lettuce are natural anti-wrinkle?

If you want to take care of your skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles without first going through the usual cosmetics, try this homemade natural anti wrinkle .

The natural anti wrinkle have the double advantage of being inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Thus, a clay mask applied once a week fights  deep wrinkles  and slow down the development of other wrinkle formation. Just 2 hours of investment required to prepare this anti wrinkle natural face mask. For Eye under wrinkles use the clean the face with raw milk and cotton and rinse with cold water. Later do a gentle massage with 8-10 drops of coconut oil for 5-10 min. This should be done before going to bed. More anti eye wrinkle remedies can be found under eye care beauty tips.

Lettuce and Honey anti wrinkle face mask
Lemon and Lettuce face Mask to fight  against aging wrinklesTake 4 or 5 fresh young lettuce leaves , grind the leaves in the mixer for 10 minutes.  Take a cup made out of glass or ceramic (No plastic cup please). Cover the glass cup mouth with piece of silk cloth tight and pour the Lettuce juice in the glass. The Silk cloth filte

Remove the silk cloth cover from the Glass. Take a teaspoon full of natural honey and mix with Lettuce juice. Leave it to cool in room temperature for five minutes.  Mix it with face mask clay and apply on your face. You can add a mint for freshness.

This honey lettuce anti wrinkle mask is an proven exfoliating anti-oxidant agent, you can see the wrinkles on your face disappearing in a week.

Lemon home treatment can help you removing the Aging spots.
Take the slice of lemon apply gently on your face, also wherever  you see the growth of aging spots and wrinkles on your skin. Keep it to cool on your body temperature for an hours before taking the shower. Will give best result when you apply it on evening.

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