Homemade Body Packs to release Stress and makes Skin Soft

Homemade Body Packs for Glowing SkinBody Packs are the important part of beauty regimen. It can be carried out at home easily. It has advantages that everyone should be benefited with like releases the stress, makes skin soft and postpones the aging signs. One must take the body pack minimum once in a month if not possible twice.

The best way to coddle you on your own is to apply body pack. It is not only regarded as lavishness of celebrities but has many advantages that are universal for all men and women belonging to different groups of the society. Also, one should not have any mind block that body packs can only be taken at spas or massage centers. It can be easily done at home too with homemade body packs. Ideally each and every individual must take the body packs once in 15 days. In case of hectic lifestyles or little less expediency at least once in a month the pack on the body must be applied in order to get most of the advantages.

Unwinds the Stress
First and foremost advantage of body pack is that it minimizes the stress. Today, the world is brim full of competition where everyone is running after something. As a result the mind is jam-packed with unlimited thoughts, insecurities and anxiety etc.

It is very crucial to free the mind of this undesirable stress. It is done with body pack. When the pack is applied all over the body skin and allowed to rest in one position the body skin feels the cooling effect of ingredients. Soon it loosens up and slowly the mind too escapes into deep relaxation. The pack on skin soothes the body and mind gently and the stress eliminates on its own for a while.

Skin Develops Resistance
The entire process of body pack application gives the strength to the skin to resist all sorts of diseases approaching it. The skin takes the required nourishment from the packs due to which it is able to fight back the odds and evade the probability of falling sick. The well being of skin can be seen by the world with the charismatic glow and skin tightness.

Slows Down Aging skin Process
Body packs results in soft, well toned and rejuvenated skin. Such a hale and hearty skin certainly shall be young for a long time. The reason being all signs of aging namely dull skin, dark spots, soft lines on skin, patchy skin and blemishes cannot come close to a healthy skin. Hence, the aging skin process is slowed down.

Apply body packs to gain these benefits. One has to ensure to apply the right pack on the body with respect to his or her skin tone. As with the change in the skin tone the ingredients in the pack shall also vary due to different skin type needs. For instance, a dry skin shall call for more moisturizer or normal skin needs general nourishment and so on.

Make it high priority to take the right body pack as suitable for your skin tone because these merits shall help you living the life with good health. We all are aware of this fact that good health is the real wealth. Hence, try your level best to get the pack on the body skin twice a month. Body Packs is the way out to acquire this real wealth. Do not loose it!

How to Apply Natural Body Pack on Dry Skin

Body Packs for Dry SkinMain objective behind applying the body pack on dry skin shall be to acquire soft and well moisturized skin that is free from dryness. And of course the skin must feel fresh. The dry skin body pack is applied after a thorough oil body massage. All the ingredients used in the pack are easily available.

One would wonder what special has to be done for dry skin body pack or how to apply the body pack on dry skin? Initially these apprehensions shall be there but in reality it is very simple procedure without any impediments.

Let the Body Feel Light with Oil Massage
To begin with, first take a thorough massage with olive oil. Take ½ cup olive oil and warm it up slightly on the gas burner. When it is lukewarm apply on the entire body. With a firm hand start the massage from top to bottom of the body that means initiate from shoulders, neck, hands, chest, stomach and then legs. One can do it the massage on these body parts themselves except the back. Before legs back massage needs to be done. Take help of some other person to do massage on the back. The total time to be spent on massage must be 25-30 minutes. Allow the oil to penetrate deep inside the skin layers. Body massage alleviates the body, improves the blood circulation and enhances the inner strength/energy which enables the body to quickly respond to the next stage. In case olive oil is not available alternatively coconut oil can also be used.

Prepare the Body Pack
In the meantime the oil penetrates in the skin prepare the body pack. The aim behind the body pack for dry skin it to moisturize it well as the natural oil in dry skin is quite less. Hence, the ingredients used must leave the skin nourished, moisturized and supple yet not too greasy or sticky. To prepare the dry skin body pack take 1 cup thick sour curd, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons rose water and ½ teaspoon turmeric powder. Mix all the ingredients together into a paste. The consistency of the mixture should be medium so that it easily spreads on the entire body skin.

Time to Apply Curd Honey Dry Skin Body Pack
By this time the oil is absorbed by the skin. Now apply the prepared curd honey body pack starting from neck to feet with the help of a flat brush. Make sure the paste is applied all over the body. Incase it finishes in between again make the paste using the same ratio but do not leave any organ without the applying the paste. After the pack is applied, just relax with eyes closed and allow it to dry in natural environment. With the body heat the paste shall dry completely. It can take 15-20 minutes. Then after take the bath with lukewarm water. Do not rub the skin too vigorously while bathing. The paste shall be cleaned easily in couple of minutes. Lastly just pat dry the skin.

In this way one can apply the body pack on the dry skin. This pack shall leave back nourished and re-vitalized skin. So get ready to feel your changed skin!

How to Apply Natural Body Pack on Oily Skin

Body Packs for Oily SkinFuller””s Earth body pack is best for the oily skin tone as it cleanses the skin and absorbs the excess oil. It has to be applied in the end after cleaning the body with cleansing milk, oil massage for improving the blood circulation and towel wrap for opening the skin pores to pull out the dirt.

Oily skin needs utmost care and concern than any other skin type. The natural oil is in excess on this skin tone exactly opposite to a dry skin. The oil oozed out from the glands appears on the top skin layer attracts all dirt and clogs the pores. Usually neither the oil nor the dirt is visible by the bare eyes but it is present on the skin. Hence the body packs are applied to cleanse the skin pores till the bottom and pull out the oil as much as possible. Like any other body pack, this too can be applied at home.

Begin with Body Cleansing
Dirt is mostly present on the oily skin. Clean the entire body with any good quality cleansing milk. It might be little time consuming but is important and has to be done.

Loosen Up the Body with Oil Massage
Oil massage on the oily skin certainly sounds weird but it is done to improve the blood circulation and proffer strength to the body. Oily skin requires very less oil therefore take one measure of oil and 3 measure of lemon juice. It would be one tablespoon coconut oil or vitamin E oil and three tablespoon freshly prepared lemon juice. Mix the two well and massage the body skin with this mixture. The hand must be firm and should be moved in forward and backward direction. The massage must be done for 20-25 minutes for the whole body.

Next Towel Wrap the Body
Following the massage, the oil on the top skin layer must be removed. To do so, take the full size cotton towel and dip it in slightly hot water. Remove all the excess water and wrap the towel all over the body. To cover the whole body at one go shall not be possible therefore set off from top and come to bottom. Repeat it twice or thrice. The hot water towel wrap would remove all the excess oil from the skin, open the skin pores and pull out the dirt stuck in the pores.

Apply Fuller””s Earth Oily Skin Body Pack
Clay body packs are ideal for oily skin as it cleanses the skin meticulously and also absorbs the excess oil from the skin. One such apt clay pack for body is Fuller””s Earth pack. To make this pack, take ½ cup fuller””s earth, 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder and 2 tablespoon rose water. Mix all three together along with little water to make the medium thick paste. Add water as required. Now apply the paste with a flat brush from neck till the feet. Leave the pack to dry for 15 minutes or alternatively till it dries itself up. Some people have excessive body heat, for them the pack dries up prior to set time of 15 minutes. Once it is dried up sprinkle water on the pack and le it again dry up. Then after take bath with cold water and pat dry the skin.

This fuller””s earth pack makes the skin free from all impurities and leaves back the soft smooth skin. This is just perfect pack for oily skin. Try once and scrutinize yourself!

How to Apply Natural Body Pack on Normal Skin

Body Packs for Normal SkinNormal skin is naturally healthy skin tone hence undemanding to look after yet it can””t be completely ignored. Body pack is a must have for normal skin as well. The purpose of body pack is to alleviate the stress and postpone the appearance of aging skin signs mainly the wrinkles and patch skin.

Normal skin is the even tone skin having relatively less skin blemishes and patches. It lies in between dry skin and oily skin. This implies it is neither greasy nor dry. It is mostly clear and the texture of skin is smooth. This is trouble-free to care as there are no specific requirements. However, the regular beauty regime of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating is a must in order to last the natural beauty for long. Similarly, the body pack too is essential minimum once in a month or ideally twice in 30 days. The body pack is applied on normal skin so as to slow down the aging process and relieve the stress.

Massage the Body with Essential oil
Give a thorough massage to the body skin with any essential oil namely lavender, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, olive oil or coconut oil. Massage is done to improve the blood circulation and make the body strong to withstand the odds. Oil massage also develops the resistance power. Take any oil of choice and warm it up little. Start massaging the body from shoulder till the legs. The duration should be half an hour. Then lie down with eyes closed for 15 minutes and cover the body with a cotton bed sheet. The oil shall be absorbed by the skin pores till the bottom layer.

Apply Rice Flour Papaya Body Pack
To prepare the pack for the normal body skin, take 1 cup rice flour, 1 cup papaya pulp, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon rose water. Mix all four ingredients together. Add water as required to make smooth paste without any lumps. Apply the paste on the body skin from top to bottom with a flat brush. Allow it to dry in natural air. It might take 20 minutes or less for the pack to dry completely. Subsequently take the shower and pat dry the skin.

Rice flour in the pack exfoliates the skin and makes it soft, papaya nourishes the skin with required nutrients, honey maintains the moisture level and rose water soothes the skin. Soon after applying the body pack the body relaxes all its muscles and slight drowsy feeling is experienced. If body and mind seeks to rest through sleep then allow to do so. A small nap shall be vital to re-vitalize the body. Just ensure that there are no worries or tensions in the mind at that moment. It is so because if there are some disturbing thoughts in the brain then body would not relax and the entire purpose behind the body pack shall be defeated. Enjoy the body pack with a thought-free mind and rejuvenate completely to resume the daily routine with new energy and fresh approach!

How to Apply Body Pack on Acne Prone Skin

Homemade Body Packs for Acne SkinAcne prone skin needs to be handled with lot of care and precautions. The whole body pack and Neem body pack used on acne prone skin is the best thing to be done for acne prone skin. Neem is a medicinal plant that cures acne naturally and endeavors in future it does not occur again. It also makes skin soft.

Acne prone skin is again more likely to be an oily skin. Acne can breakout across the body. A body pack hence helps in reducing the acnes or reduces the likelihood of its appearance.

Cleanse the Body First
To start with clean the body with cleansing milk. Instead of cleansing milk, one can also use natural homemade cleaner that is raw milk. Dip the cotton ball in raw milk and apply on the body. Immediately after applying raw milk, with another cotton ball wipe the entire body skin. All the dirt shall be pulled out in the cotton.

Gentle Massage with Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice
Oily skin should be massaged with mix of coconut oil and lemon juice in the ratio of 1:2. The reason being, coconut oil alone would be too oily as the skin already has excess of oil in it. Therefore, lemon juice mixed in oil balances the effect as it is citric in nature. The massage is crucial because it activates the body. Begin from shoulder and move down to the legs.

Take the Whole Body Pack
In order to control the acne breakout and minimize the oil on the body take whole body pack. One can use either a cot or floor for the body pack. First put down a mattress. On the mattress put a full-length rubber sheet. Top of the sheet put a cotton bed sheet dipped in lukewarm water and excess water drained out. Take another similar bed sheet and dip it water and squeeze the extra water. Lie down on the wet bed sheet. Keep the head above the wet bed sheet. Now cover your body from top with another wet bed sheet and tuck it under the arms, waist and legs. It should be tucked in a way that entire body is in between the two wet bed sheets and face is only the body part that is uncovered. Relax in this position for half an hour. This whole body pack not only releases the stress from the body but also allows the skin pores to breathe. The skin pores open, dirt accumulated softens and is ready to come out in next step.

Time for Neem Body Pack on Acne Skin
Quickly mix together 1 cup of Neem leaves juice, 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder and ½ teaspoon of camphor. Apply this pack on the whole body with flat brush soon after finishing the whole body pack in between the wet bed sheets. It is slightly liquid hence re-apply it after 10 minutes. Allow the pack to dry. Once it is dried fully take the shower. Ensure not to rub the skin too much. This body pack is ideal for acne skin as Neem leaves being antiseptic in nature has rich medicinal properties to reduce the acne to almost zero. Use the pack surely for twice in a month for best results.

The body pack shall undoubtedly control the acne breakout to best possible extent. The ingredients used in the pack are effective in cleaning the body and healing the de-active skin cells. Also the entire body skin shall be soft and smooth after taking the complete pack. Use it and endorse!