Why does Graying Hair

One gray hair is sufficient to arouse the great amount of tensions in our mind as none of us want the transparent hair on our scalp. The reason is simple gray hair also called as white hair is the sign of aging and you may need to use the gray hair style. This happens with each one of us for both men and women and no one can deny it deep in their hearts. After all who wants to grow old, everyone will be hunting gray hair remedies to stay forever young. Hence, most of us are curious to know the why does hair turn gray? What causes hair to turn gray? Is it genetic or hormonal disorder or stress and tensions or lack of some pigments in the body?

Why Does Hair Turn Gray:
Each hair strand on the scalp of human bodies is made up of two components viz. shaf

Every single hair root is bounded from all sides by a tissue tube or hair follicle. These tissue tubes have cells known melanocytes which when functions well generate melanin, the chemical pigment that is responsible for maintaining the natural colour of hair which can be black, brown or blonde. The color intensity of the hair is solely depended on this pigment. Lack of melanin in the body causes hair to turn gray. You can prevent Gray Hair by using Natural Gray Hair Treatment as mentioned in Natural Hair Care.

Why Melanin Reduces in Body and causes graying hair?
What causes hair to turn gray?The main reason behind melanocytes producing less melanin pigment is due to aging. As an individual grows older the tissue tube looses the strength gradually to hold these cells healthy also the skin wrinkle started appearing. As a result color producing cell melanocytes starts decaying and later departs from the hair follicle. With reduced number of melanocytes in the hair roots the hair shaft.

Premature Gray Hair causes in Young People?
It is very common these days to see young people in their late 20’s also having 5-6 white hair strands. So apart from aging there are few other reasons because of which melanocytes cells stops producing melanin pigment in ample quantity and people get the undesirable gray hair. One of the proverbial grounds for hair turning gray is hereditary. Premature gray hair in kids because of the family health imbalances that are transferred to them through the genes. Many medical conditions are also characterized as the cause for hair to turn gray such as anemia, thyroid imbalance and vitamin AB-12 deficiency. Thyroid imbalance could happen to an individual in nature or it can also be due to hereditary. Smoking cause premature gray hair in younger generation. Smoking hinders the proper functioning for melanin producing cells and also results in early decay of these vital cells from the body. Smoking is four times more liable for gray hair than any other mentioned causes. Gray hair caused by Smoking can not be easily cured even by herbal gray hair treatment.

Stress involvement in turning Gray Hair
Also Young generation is very much insecure these days because of the growing materialistic demands in the lifestyle. This increases the pressure and stress resulting in mental tensions which ruins the healthy functioning of tissue tube cells. Need help on stress: Check How to get rid of stress?Too much of negative thinking also forces the cells producing melanin pigment to mature much faster. And consequence to all this is gray hairs does not matter what gray hair shampoo you use.<br&gt

Natural Hair color to cover the Gray Hair

Natural Hair color to cover the Gray HairCover the gray hair and look young. The professional hair stylists too suggest the same option to shroud the gray hair. How to cover the gray hair is no longer a mystery as in order to hide the transparent hair for longer duration on the scalp there are variety of products available in the market. These could be selected on the basis of one’s hair type and amount of gray hair present. As such none of the product can offer any permanent hair color to cover gray hair. It has to be applied again and again after couple of days. Once the gray hair comes on the scalp it would exist till the last breath, it can only be hidden for few days with the use of any of the hair coloring products.

Henna natural gray hair cover:
It is the paramount technique to give the little reddish or burgundy color to the white hair. It is completely herbal and leaves no side effect. Across India, every second home would have people using henna to cover gray hair. With regular application the hair gets new vibrant color that is unique on its own. Also it has natural conditioning and anti fungal properties that keeps hair free from dandruff and Keeps Hair free from dryness.

Gray Hair color Dye to gray hair cover:
This product is also widely used by females as well males to cover the gray color of hairto black or brown. Many brands of special effects

hair dyes like loreal are available in the market. Depending on the hair and skin type it could be selected.

How to apply hair dye?
The dye must be applied to the gray areas first, it should be allowed to penetrate and later apply on the rest of the hair. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse the hair well with Hair shampoo. In this way it would evenly spread on the entire scalp and after wash shall give the uniform look. Although it is one of the universally used hair coloring product to cover gray hair but unfortunately no matter how good the product is, it is certainly unhealthy. It tends to weaken the eye sight and have negative impact on the kidney too. Hence, it should be used once in a while.

Hair Coloring gray hair cover:
It is yet another hair coloring product. There are many variants available in this category with respect to shades and permanency of the color on gray hair. Shades can be chosen as one likes. However, it is suggested to go in for darker shades as it is more likely to match the natural hair color. Also, to retain the applied hair color for longer period ensure to wash hair less as with every wash the hair color gets lighter and gray hair again starts becoming visible.

Question: What would be the best way to cover the gray hair?
On the foundation of permanency hair coloring can be divided into three type’s temporary gray hair covering, semi-permanent gray hair covering and permanent gray hair covering.

  • Temporary hair colors as the name suggests it goes off after one or two wash with the shampoo. It should be used only when an individual has few gray hairs like less than 20 hairs.
  • Semi-Permanent Gray Hair: Once the number of gray hair crosses 20% of the total hair then semi-permanent hair color is the better choice. It stays for about 2-3 weeks.
  • Permanent Gray Hair: And finally when gray hair is more than 50% of total hair then permanent hair color is the best choice. Permanent color does not mean the gray hair would be turned into any other color forever. It stays longer than the previous two variants so referred as permanent color. After using any of coloring products, one has to use only those shampoo and Hair conditioner that are safe for colored hair.

Advise: Natural way to cover the gray hair
These are the three ways to cover gray hair. It includes chemical as well as herbal ingredients. Hair dye and hair color are chemical products while henna is herbal to cover the gray hair naturally. Even if it gives the best immediate coloring results, some side effects are sure to happen with the use of chemical products. Thus, must be opted less and should be used only for some main occasion. The best gray hair color to cover gray hair is undeniably Henna. No health problem shall ever creep in with this natural coloring agent. To have or not to have gray hair is not in our hands but to cover it with any of these coloring ways is our choice. So if we have the options accessible to cover the gray hair and look young then why not.