Natural Eye care tips

Natural Eye Care adviseFrom the Natural beauty tips discussion,

  • A diet rich in vitamin A sparkles the eyes. Vitamin A Foods are Papaya,fish, milk, eggs, cilantro and etc.
  • Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps.
  • For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy.
  • Massage with unscented castor oil is the best natural anti eye wrinkle remedy, even doctors suggest it.
  • Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.
  • Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial.This will prevent the eye wrinkle forming under the eye.
  • Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.
  • For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax.
  • For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length. If you repeat it 4-5 ti
Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy flawless skin under the eye.

Overnight beauty regimens Eye brightener

Bright eyesOur Natural beauty tips gives some tips for your eye care. Keeping 2 cotton balls moistened in rose water on your eyes for 15 minutes will be cool without causing dark circles under eyes. This daily eye care has to be done before going to bed.
Applying a spoon of castor oil on the eye lids and around the eyes and slight massage in round ward movements makes your eyes beautiful.
Your dark circles can be removed by massaging your eyes with vitamin C oil.
By placing cucumber or potatoes on the eyelid for few minutes you can relax your fined eyes.