Filling in your Eyebrows/ Filling lines

eyebrow designFilling in your Eyebrows
The trick to fill brows is to come clean, then fill in the blanks.
Choosing a pencil or a powder in correct shade is wanted. Blonde shade should be used by women having fair complexion and tawny or brown by those having olive tones.
You can brush brows downward with dry, mascara – like wand. You have to use a pencil while drawing a line along the upper edge of the brow for defining the arch and can also comb the brows upward and outward.
You can dust eye shadow into the hairs of the brow with a stiff, slanted brush for added fullness. You can use short, gentle strokes with a brush dipped into a tiny amount of powder.
In case of over tweezed brows you can also brush the hairs in the direction of the growth and fill in any visible patches with powder and you must avoid  adding to the top or bottom of the brows.
For setting hairs in their place you have to comb a clear brow gel up through the brows, recommended by Natural beauty tips

Eyebrow coloring & Shading

Natural color for eyebrowsSelection of shade of eyebrow pencil is essential for matching natural color of hair. You have to use eye shadow in a shade close to natural color of hair for a more natural look and its very light application is needed with a fine brush.
Applying some lotion on your wrist is required for great eyebrows.  You   color your brows with a pencil dipped in lotion for making your brows look more defined.
You can use your Brow & Eye Pencils in light, feathery strokes filling gaps. You can start at brow”s inner corner and taper out and extend slightly at the outer corner highlighting the natural arch.
You can spray a tiny bit of hairspray on the tip of your finger and then smooth over your brows for long-term hold.

Trimming eye brows/ Eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow Make UpThis tells you how to control your brows by trimming instead of tweezing them. After brushing brows straight up you have to check for long hairs. You can trim with scissors. Then after brushing brows downwards, you have to trim again and again. You have to continue this until and unless they acquire the same length.
  Weekly and not daily maintenance of your brows is required .Some mistakes cannot be rectified. Instead of pencil using eye shadow for coloring your brows for a more natural look is essential.    

Tips for perfect eyebrows plucking

Beauty Tips for Eyebrows pluckingFrom homemade Natural beauty tips,   For figuring out where your brow   should begin and end, you have to hold a pencil vertically at the outer part of your nose so that it goes straight up to the inner core of your eye. The line made by that pencil is a good place for your brows to start. You should never go past diagonal line running from the line of the nose to the outside corner of the eye.
You have to pluck   any stray hairs between the pencil and   bridge of your nose. To pin-point where your brows should end you have to hold the pencil at the same place against your nose and angle it to the outer core of your eye. The spot where it matches is a good stopping point.
To get the right arch angle pencil to the outer side of the pupil. The spot where the pencil hits the brow is where the top of the arch should be. Repeat on the other side. Mark both sides with a colored eyeliner to make sure they”re symmetrical before you start plucking away.

Makeup Styles for Round Eyes

Styles for Round EyesRound eyes look proportionally like they are almost the same height as their width.  Fill in brows with a shade that matches your hair. Line top lash line with a pencil in a darker, smokier  shade. and

                    Style for Deep-set Eye