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Women who wear make up on a daily basis should religiously follow the regime of facial cleaning, facial toning and moisturizing every evening and also use a natural face wash or a facial cleanser each morning.

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansers will remove all trace of make up along with the dirt and grease that might have accumulated during day. Using natural remedies for facial cleaning is always recommended as it is safer than chemical based cleaners.

Natural facial cleaning Procedure

  • Dip a cotton bud in eye cleansing lotion and remove mascara. Keeping your hair off the face will make work much easier.Facial Cleaning using natural home made recipes
  • Dip a clean cotton wool pad in eye cleansing lotion and use it to remove eye shadow.
  • Use your palms to dab face cleansing cream over chin, nose, cheeks and forehead.
  • The cream should be massaged well in the skin. Start from throat and continue with an upward motion.
  • Use your fingertips to continue massaging till forehead.
  • Eye to nose area should also be massaged with cream. This area is quite sensitive so use gentle strokes.
  • Use your index finger to massage again on chin. The chin area is massaged gain since it is most susceptible to blackheads.
  • Then remove the cream with tissues from chin towards forehead. This should be done using upwards strokes by starting from your chin and then working your way up towards forehead.

Homemade Almond Cleansing Solution

Almond Skin Cleansing Almond Cleansing solution is a homemade cleansing solution. It is easy to prepare at home in few simple steps. In addition, its application too is effortless. It is used along with milk powder that assists in making the skin pores free from the dirt and keeping the skin clean.

The Mantra of staying beautiful is to keep the skin utterly clean. Cleaning the face meticulously before sleeping in night is the key to healthy skin. Moreover, if the cleansing solution is made from pure components without any chemical processing then nothing can stop the skin to be hale and hearty. One such homemade cleansing solution using natural ingredients is Almond Cleansing Solution.

Ingredients Used:
Almond Powder: 1 Teaspoon
Dry Milk Powder – 2 Teaspoon
Sugar – 1 pinch

Scientific name for almond is Prunus dulcis. To prepare almond powder, dry roast 1 cup almonds without any oil in a pan. Keep the pan on slow flame burner for 2 minutes and stir it occasionally. Then switch off the gas. Allow the temperature of roasted almonds to come down. When it is normal, grind the almonds in the mixer without water. Collect the powder and store in a jar.

Mix all three ingredients together. Now add 1 teaspoon lukewarm water and make it a paste. If it is too thick then add some more water but drop by drop. The consistency of the cleansing solution should be moderately thick.

Apply the prepared paste on the face with the fingers starting from the chin to the forehead. Gently massage the face and neck moving the fingers in the anti-clockwise direction for one minute. Slowly the applied paste shall come out in form of small balls. Then after rinse the face and neck with lukewarm water and pat dry with soft cotton napkin. Ensure to massage it softly.

When almond powder is mixed with milk powder it gains properties effective for pulling the dirt from the skin gently. Sugar is used for the binding these two ingredients and attracting the dirt that is accumulated within the skin pores. This homemade cleansing solution cleanses the skin soothingly without leaving any traces of dryness in skin.

This almond cleansing solution is safe to use daily. It suits all the skin tones. Almond powder, milk powder and sugar can be mixed and stored in a jar. One has to the keep the proportion of the ingredients same but take larger quantity as it is tedious to mix the dry powders fresh everyday. Hence, simple way is to mix the powder for one week and keep it in the jar. Everyday use 2 teaspoon powder in the palm and rest repeat the same steps.Keep the skin clean and maintain healthy skin forever!

How to Make up Your Face for The Fall Season

Applying Makeup During the Fall SeasonFall Season is all about fun and being natural. Hence, makeup too has to be kept simple. Light and subtle color shades of blusher and lipstick are hot in this season. While eye liner and lip gloss are not in Fall Season. It is also recommended to use only water resistant and powder based cosmetics for makeup.

Bring in few changes in your make-up tricks to revolutionize your look in rainy season. This time of the year is all about being more careful while applying make-up.