Cleanse Facial Oily Skin Natural Way with Herbal Mix

The most important rule for oily skin care is to keep it clean from the natural oil and dirt. To realize this purpose, cleanse the face and neck having oily skin with herbal mix made from barely, orange peel powder and mil powder.

The herbal beauty care for oily skin first and foremost demands to keep the skin clean. It would call for cleansing the skin thoroughly with herbal mix 2-3 times in a day along with frequent splash of water on face. The reason being the top surface of oily skin tends to get greasy recurrently which attracts dirt and might cause pimples therefore it is crucial to keep cleansing the face.

Ingredients Required for Making the Herbal Cleansing Mix for Oily Skin
Barley Flour: ½ cupHerbal Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin
Orange Peel Powder: ½ cup
Milk Powder: ¼ cup

Barley Flour absorbs the excess oil from the skin””s top surface. It leaves the skin soft and supple. The scientific name of barley is Hordeum Vulgare. To make the flour of barley grind the barley grains in the flour mill.

Orange Peel Powder efficiently cleanses the skin by pulling out all the accumulated dirt from the skin within the pores. It also heaves out the extra oil that is unwanted on the skin top layer. To prepare the orange peel powder, dry out the orange peel in hot sun. Once the peel is fully dried and becomes crisp grind it in the mixer to make the fine powder. Citrus aurantium var. dulcis and C. aurantium var. sinensis are the scientific names for orange peel.

Milk Powder removes the dir

Way to Prepare the Oily Skin Cleansing Herbal Mix
Mix all three ingredients together in the mentioned quantity in bowl. Store this dry mix powder in a fully dried bottle. Keep the bottle at a location that is away from sun.

Application Technique to Cleanse the Oily Skin with Herbal Mix
On the palm of one hand, take one tablespoon of prepared herbal mix and three teaspoon lukewarm water. Mix both well. If required take little more water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on face and neck with the index finger. Make sure it reaches across the face and neck. Then slowly move your fingers in anti-clockwise direction very gently for 2 minutes all over the skin having paste. If the paste comes out while massaging then it is fine else do not scrub it hard and rinse well with lukewarm water. Then after splash water on the skin nicely and slightly pat dry with a soft napkin. Rest let it dry in natural air.

When to Use the Cleansing Herbal Mix for Oily Skin
It can be used once or twice day. Use it preferably first in the morning and next in the evening. With this it does not lets the oil collect on the skin and also does not allow the dirt to settle down. This herbal mix is safe to use all through the year.

The mantra to maintain the oily skin healthy is to keep the oily skin oil and dirt free. To achieve this use the herbal mix particularly created to cleanse the oily skin.