Natural healthy nail care Tips

Natural Home finger nail care

Health can be determined by your nail color. Healthy nails are translucent and look a little pinkish because of the blood underneath. Removal of all nail varnish every week and allowing nails for breathing are important.

Home finger nail care

CoConut Oil & Castor Oil
Nails can be made to shine by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on them. You can also apply dry soap to your nail and buff, or you can use lemon peel with the same result.

Healthy Nail Care using Lemon Juice

A cotton-tipped swab moistened in hydrogen-peroxide whiten your nails. Dipping your nails in a mixture of cup of water with one tablespoon of lemon juice is wanted before a nail manicure. Your fingertips are to be inserted in half a lemon and you have to twist you fingers back and front to clean the cuticles and nails.

Finger Massage for Nail Care

Before applying nail varnish, you can apply a base coat of three smooth strokes from the nail bed to the nail tip and then allow to dry before giving a second coat and then a third coat.

professional nail care advice

Professional Nail Care Advice It is wise to have the correct tools in hand and to avoid activities that may     hurt your  nails. An article in a fashion magazine states that some   basic          tools like nail brushes, hand cream and/or oil, emery boards, nail files,            scissors and clippers  shape your nails. You have to be cautious while using them so as to avoid   hurting  your nail growth.
Wearing gloves indoors and outdoors and rubber gloves while doing household work are required. After washing hands lotion is to be applied into your nails and cuticles for refilling lost oil.
For guarding nails you should wear polish having polyester resins and use acetone – free nail polish remover. It is wise to file in one direction only for the best results as filing back and forth frays and weakens the nails.
Nails should be kept short. Due to your soft nails, you should manicure just after your bath. Slathering on moisturizer before bed strengthens your nails and it will become more powerful if you put gloves on at night, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.