Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

Homemade Healthy Hair

How to Maintain Fresh And Healthy Air :

As discussed in  Natural Beauty tips Your healthy and beautiful can be ensured by applying eucalyptus oil to your scalp with a cotton ball. First you have to tie your hair with a clean towel dipped in warm water, and then you have to allow your hair to set for 15 minutes. Then your hair needs a hair shampoo with warm water.  Your clean and healthy hair requires application of  Tulsi juice to hair before taking bath and rising off with a good shampoo.
Your hair can be given a healthy glow by taking a bath with a bucket of water    mixed with juice extracted from Neem leaves before your head bath. For obtaining fresh and healthy hair first, you have to boil the mixture of neem flower and coconut oil, then cool it and apply it to your scalp regularly.
Enough fruits and vegetables in your diet ensure growth of healthy hairHair care needs protein too. Have lots of protein in your diet. Essential fatty acids shine and thicken the hair.   If the right methods are followed, undoubtedly you will be able to flaunt you healthy hair.