Why does Graying Hair

One gray hair is sufficient to arouse the great amount of tensions in our mind as none of us want the transparent hair on our scalp. The reason is simple gray hair also called as white hair is the sign of aging and you may need to use the gray hair style. This happens with each one of us for both men and women and no one can deny it deep in their hearts. After all who wants to grow old, everyone will be hunting gray hair remedies to stay forever young. Hence, most of us are curious to know the why does hair turn gray? What causes hair to turn gray? Is it genetic or hormonal disorder or stress and tensions or lack of some pigments in the body?

Why Does Hair Turn Gray:
Each hair strand on the scalp of human bodies is made up of two components viz. shaf

Every single hair root is bounded from all sides by a tissue tube or hair follicle. These tissue tubes have cells known melanocytes which when functions well generate melanin, the chemical pigment that is responsible for maintaining the natural colour of hair which can be black, brown or blonde. The color intensity of the hair is solely depended on this pigment. Lack of melanin in the body causes hair to turn gray. You can prevent Gray Hair by using Natural Gray Hair Treatment as mentioned in Natural Hair Care.

Why Melanin Reduces in Body and causes graying hair?
What causes hair to turn gray?The main reason behind melanocytes producing less melanin pigment is due to aging. As an individual grows older the tissue tube looses the strength gradually to hold these cells healthy also the skin wrinkle started appearing. As a result color producing cell melanocytes starts decaying and later departs from the hair follicle. With reduced number of melanocytes in the hair roots the hair shaft.

Premature Gray Hair causes in Young People?
It is very common these days to see young people in their late 20’s also having 5-6 white hair strands. So apart from aging there are few other reasons because of which melanocytes cells stops producing melanin pigment in ample quantity and people get the undesirable gray hair. One of the proverbial grounds for hair turning gray is hereditary. Premature gray hair in kids because of the family health imbalances that are transferred to them through the genes. Many medical conditions are also characterized as the cause for hair to turn gray such as anemia, thyroid imbalance and vitamin AB-12 deficiency. Thyroid imbalance could happen to an individual in nature or it can also be due to hereditary. Smoking cause premature gray hair in younger generation. Smoking hinders the proper functioning for melanin producing cells and also results in early decay of these vital cells from the body. Smoking is four times more liable for gray hair than any other mentioned causes. Gray hair caused by Smoking can not be easily cured even by herbal gray hair treatment.

Stress involvement in turning Gray Hair
Also Young generation is very much insecure these days because of the growing materialistic demands in the lifestyle. This increases the pressure and stress resulting in mental tensions which ruins the healthy functioning of tissue tube cells. Need help on stress: Check How to get rid of stress?Too much of negative thinking also forces the cells producing melanin pigment to mature much faster. And consequence to all this is gray hairs does not matter what gray hair shampoo you use.<br&gt

Gray Hair Styles for Women

Gray hair Styles for WomenThe best gray hair style for women would be cutting the hair above the collarbone. This reduces the contrast between silver and pigmented hairs. Then layering is also a good hair style option as it assists to disguise several hues. Layers add depth and volume to the hair giving a well defined shape to the hair cut making the overall facial look very attractive and appealing. This shoulder length layered gray hair cut goes very well on many face cuts and different hair types. Ladies in their late twenties or early thirties can make the ends of the layers curled outwards. This would make them look young, dazzling and all gray hairs gets daintily adjusted. One must always opt for a contemporary hair cut. Long gray hair leaves limited options of bun that are less trendy. Therefore, it is always better to have the short length gray hair styles.

Gray Hair styles for men

Gray Hair Styles for MenAn apposite gray hair style is important for men too. The hair styles for men are simple and less complicated as compared with the females. Few common hair styles for men always in trend are

Crew hair cut style Short tousled cut and spikes. These look very hot on men. Crew cut suits any normal facial cut having regular features. It is ideal gray hair style for men in early thirties having gray hair because in this style the hairs are cut very short that hides transparent hair completely within the other natural black or brown or blonde color hair.

Tousle hair cut style is very popular as it gives strong look to handsome men. The gray hair coloring is more dramatic look in this hair cut. If someone is open to experiment new hair techniques then long hair cut is also a good option. If it suits and one can carry it off with the confident attitude then it could be tried for couple of months.

Women with gray hair

Women with gray hair In the present era gray hair can creep in any age due to varied reasons. Changed lifestyle and growing demand of materialistic pleasures increases the stress to earn more and more that leads to gray hair at quite an early age for men as well as women. One or two gray hair is commonly seen on the scalp of people in their late teens or early twenties. Men and women these days flaunt it as a sign of maturity although they might be really worried internally. Especially for women gray hairs are like a big no-no. To think more about it further worsens the situation. Thus, it is crucial to change the way things are perceived. It is all about the attitude and how one takes things.

How to prevent Gray Hair:
Gray Hair Tip for women: Be More Positive: It is a universal fact that gray hairs are bound to arise after a certain age irrespective of any reason. Something which has to happen some or the other time in this life span shall surely happen. Hence, it is wise to be prepared for the same. Women with gray hair should accept it and must not think much of it.

Every female desires to be called as beautiful and charismatic. This can be achieved by having quality thoughts and through proper deportment. Women should understand that few gray hairs are not going to make much difference in their looks. Little care and thoughtful hairdo can change it all into a much favorable situation. Being positive facilitates in taking the right decision. Moreover, these days fashion welcomes transparent hairs with open arms.

Gray Hair Tips for women: Gray Hair Women in Glamour World: No one as such gets old in today’s time. Across the globe gray hair women in glamour world who are ideal for many females show off their gray hairs in hair styles in rich vibrant colors. Black women with gray hair in Hollywood are seen proudly exhibiting their gray hairs in stylish hair cuts complementing their magnificent dress. If all rich and famous women can be swollen with pride of what they possess then why not every female have the same confidence. Gray hair can surely look glamorous if one wants.

Gray Hair Tip for women: Color the Gray Hair: Women facing the tribulation of premature gray hairs in early eage can resolve it through coloring the same with henna, hair color or hair dye. Henna is a natural herb while hair color and hair dye are chemical products. These three are the quick methods to hide the transparent hairs by giving it a different color. This all can be done easily at home. Apart from these coloring methods, balanced diet with essential nutrients Omega 3, vitamin B12 and folic acid also helps in controlling the premature gray hairs. Massage with emu oil or olive oil too assists the hair follicle in producing the required amount of melanin vital for retaining the natural hair color. Finally positive attitude and thinking plays a great role in relieving the stress thereby reduces the probability of occurrence of hair turning gray.

Every female is the woman of substance. Gray color of the hair must be treated as several supplementary colors like black, brown, blonde, burgundy or any other color. It must not be given too much importance or attention. Attempts could be made to conceal it if required but must not be the priority. Ultimately people adore woman with impressive personality which is highlighted by her thoughts not with the color of her hair. Be positive and prolific and the world would remember you forever!!

Gray Hair Styles

How to Style Gray HairA gorgeous look is largely dependent upon the hair styles. In the present fashionable time females with gray hair are having unlimited options of hair styles. Gray hairs are well thought-out to be chic and trendy. Gone are the days when it was considered elderly and matured only for granny and grandpa walking with a stick. Today there is no age called as old age hence gray hair too looks pretty darn captivating. A good hair style can do wonders for any individual. According to lifestyle, face cut and number of gray hairs one can decide for the right hair style for the gray hair.
Gray Hair causes
There is more than 4 factors that cause the gray hair. But mentioned causes are accountable for taking the much appreciated and desired the young look from an individual. Aging is certainly beyond the human power but the reasons like stress or smoking can be controlled to a large extent. Be happy as stress shall do no good for us and you can retain the natural color of hair
for a longer time. Also it is better to accept that gray hair is part
of growing older so acknowledge it, do not think too much about it and
stay young.