How to Make Herbal Cleanser for Chapped Hands

Herbal Cleanser for Chapped HandsChapped hands can be treated with herbal cleanser to make it soft and supple again. It is done through the herbal remedy that uses cucumber, honey, cornmeal and mild soap. This is an effective remedy but has to be used twice in a week for 3 months to get the desired results.

Chapped hands happen when moisture, water and natural oil content in the skin drops down to less than minimum. In this situation a little extra care has to be taken in order to heal the skin of chapped hands. Apart from using the herbal hand lotion and herbal hand ointment that hydrates the skin it is also crucial to cleanse the hand with a mild cleanser. Prepare the herbal cleanser for chapped hands that would cleanse the skin gently without making it dry.

Ingredients Required for Herbal Chapped Hand Cleanser
Cucumber – 1 small size
Honey – ½ Tablespoon
Cornmeal coarse powder – 1 Tablespoon
Warm water mild soap

Cucumber is diuretic in nature because of its high water content. This enables cucumber to cleanse the accumulated dirt and chemical toxins settled in the skin pores. It does without irritating the skin. In addition it relaxes and alleviates the pain in the skin if any. The scientific name of cucumber is Cucumis Sativus.

Honey is added in this chapped hand cleanser to soak up and preserve the skin moisture. It restores the skin natural resources thereby assists in making the chapped hand skin soft and supple again. It also prevents the skin from drying in future. Scientifically honey is termed as Strained Honey, Mel.

Cornmeal is a mild daily cleansing agent. It also rejuvenates and hydrates the dry skin. The starch content present in cornmeal prevents the chapped skin from the temptation of scratching as it reduces the itching and burning sensation. It also resists the skin flaking. Zea Mays is the scientific name of cornmeal.

Method to Prepare Chapped Hand Herbal Cleanser
First, peel the cucumber and deseed it. Cut into small pieces and put in the mixer to make the juice adding little water to keep the blades moving. Next add honey to it and mix well. Keep this solution aside. In another bowl, put cornmeal coarse powder and soap. Mix well and add lukewarm water little by little to make fine paste.

Steps to Use the Herbal Cleanser for Chapped Hands
Take cornmeal paste in the palm and wash the hands as in washing with soap. Rinse the hands in the lukewarm water (not hot water because it makes skin more dry). This step shall assist in removing the flaked skin and the soluble environmental pollutants.

Now without drying your hands apply nicely the mix of cucumber and honey. Wrap the hands in a plastic wrap (used for covering salads bowls) and cover it with towel. Sit and relax for minimum 15 minutes. Then after rinse the hands and apply the herbal hand lotion.

Absolutely no care and attention given to hands leads to chapped hands. Moreover, this damage happens slowly and gradually although it becomes noticeable after lot of harm is already done. Hence, this herbal cleanser may be little time consuming but has the potential to make the hands smooth and supple again. Also, it shall happen only when it is regularly used twice in week for 2-3 months. Do not delay anymore and treat the chapped hands with this herbal remedy soon!

Natural Herbal Hand Care

All – Purpose Herbal Hand CareIn everyday routine activities hands needs to perform a lot. The skin of the hands comes in contact with many substances like cleaning products, cooking ingredients and so on. In addition numerous times in a day hands are washed with water. All these make the hand skin dry and scaly. Therefore it is essential to take little herbal care for maintaining the hand skin soft and supple.

Improve the Texture of Hands with Herbal Lemon Mix
Texture of the hands gets ruined when the natural moisture in the hands is lost and the skin becomes exhausted. However, no matter what everyday activities have to be done yet the feel of hand skin could be kept soft with application of herbal lemon mix. To prepare this mix one would need –

Granulated Sugar: 1 Tablespoon (15 ml)
Fresh Lemon Juice: 1 No (big size)

Lemon has the natural skin cleansing property thereby brightens and softens the skin. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and shows the way to new cells. The scientific name of lemon is Citrus Limon.

Sugar hydrates the skin. It provides the skin with required nutrients. Its scientific name is Disaccharide.

Method to Use Herbal Lemon Remedy
Take the granulated sugar on one palm of the hand. On the sugar squeeze the lemon juice fresh from the lemon wedge. Mix it well with the finger tip of other hand. Now, rub this mixture on both the hands in circular motion. Keep doing so for 7-8 minutes. Initially it would feel as a gritty surface but after 2-3 minutes the sugar shall melt with heat in the hand skin and it shall turn like a glaze. Continue to work this glaze and after the set time is over leave the glaze on the hands for another 5 minutes.

Later rinse hands with lukewarm water and pat dry the hands with soft cotton linen. In the end apply 4-5 drops of almond/olive oil for restoring the natural moisturizer in the skin. For best result use this herbal lemon mix to improve the hand texture once in a month.
Burn Relief with Potato Juice

Once in while it is possible that hand skin gets burned when working in kitchen. In such a situation do not panic and use a simple herbal remedy of applying potato juice. It requires one big potato.

Potato has the skin cooling property. The skin absorbs the moisture of potato and feels relieved. In scientific terminology it is called as Solanum Tuberosum.

Method to Use Burn Relief Remedy
Peel the potato and grate it. Squeeze the juice from the grated potato and immediately apply it on burnt skin which is prior thoroughly kept under the running water for 2-3 minutes. Dab the juice continuously on the skin till the burning sensation cools down. It can be repeated 4-5 times in a day for early recovery.

In case it is not possible to grate it then simple cut the potato slices and keep it on the burnt area near to one another in a way that it touches the skin. It shall give the relief and also there shall be no scar later on.

Use these herbal remedies and maintain the soft and smooth hand skin forever!

How to Make Herbal Almond Ointment for Cracked Hands

Herbal Almond Ointment for Cracked HandsCracked hands are the regular problem during winters or as the consequence to the excessive use of chemically produced cleaning products. These cracks can be healed with herbal almond ointment that is prepared with almonds, honey, manjista and egg.

Cracked or chapped hand is a situation of discomfort as the hand skin becomes rough and itchy. Moreover, it pains while making any hand movement. The solution to this tribulation is application of herbal ointment made at home using Almond, Manjista, Egg and Honey. This herbal lotion shall not only give the relief from the pain but also fill in the cracks with regular use in due course of time.

Ingredients Required for Herbal Almond Cracked Hands Ointment
Grounded Almonds: 1 Ounce (30 grams)
Egg: 1 No
Grounded Manjista: ¼ Ounce (7grams)
Honey: 1 Tablespoon (15 ml)

Almond known for its mild nature effectively softens the cracks thereby reduces the pain. In addition when it gets mixed with honey it is readily absorbed by the skin, this assists in filling the tender cracks of the hands. It is used in grounded form so that it blends well with other ingredients and the absorption in the cracks is faster. Scientifically it is known as Prunus Dulcis.

Manjista also called as Maddar root. The main characteristic of this herb is blood purification. It purifies the blood and enhances the circulation. In case sometime there is slight bleeding in the cracks then this herb immediately controls it. The scientific name for Manjista is Rubia Cordifolia.

Egg tones and softens the skin. It also protects the skin from any sort of skin allergies. In this herbal cracked hand ointment it functions to cleanse the cracks and then provide the required nutrients mainly the proteins. Egg offers the preventive shield to the hands so that in future the cracks do not appear again. It is known as Ova in scientific terms.

Honey is a natural antioxidant and contains the anti-microbial properties due to which it promotes the skin””s power to revitalize and restore the worn-out skin. It also absorbs the impurities accumulated in the cracks, acting as a natural cleansing agent. This all assists in healing the cracks. In scientific terminology it is referred as Strained Honey, Mel.

Preparation Method of Cracked Hands Herbal Ointment
First whip the egg well. Next add grounded almond and manjista powder. Mix well. Then add honey and blend well to make a uniform mixture. It can be stored in glass bottle and kept in the refrigerator when not in use.

Application of Herbal Almond Cracked Hands Ointment
Begin with cleaning the hands with any mild soap or homemade skin cleanser and wipe the hands with a soft cotton napkin. Then apply this ointment on the cracks. With finger tips ensure the mixture reaches all the cracks. Cover the hands in a pair of cotton gloves and take a goodnight sleep. Next morning remove the gloves. Repeat this course of therapy for seven continuous nights and heal the cracks on the hands.

People in their middle age suffer most from the painful cracked hands. This herbal cure is must for them. Why to bear the pain of cracks and spoil the beauty of hands when simple herbal almond cracked hand ointment is available to heal the cracks!