Indian Herbal medicines from natural plants

Indian Herbal  Medicine  natural plants
Drugs Plants:
                       Drugs obtained from various plants were known to the early civilisations. As a matter of fact, the history of the Drug plants is as old as the history of these civilisations. The Chinese were reported to have used drug plants as early as 5,000 to 4,000 BC.Drugs have become indispensable in the life of man.
Drugs plants use of medicinal side:
                        Mankind has used plants in an attempt to cure diseases and relieve physical suffering. In the present day, medical science has paid great attention to the study of drug plants. The branch of medical science, which deals with the drug plants.

Myristica fragrans herbs indian naturl madicne plants

Jadikai herbel medicine“Netmeg” is a handsome, aromatic evergreen tree, growing to a
height of 9 to 12 metres. Under Cultivation, a native of the Moluccas Islands (“Spice Islands”). In India, nutmeg trees are grown on a small scale in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Assam. “Nutmeg” produced from the fruits is the dried seed without the testa. It is used mainly as mild spices. The granular product obtained after grinding nutmeg seeds is used for flavoring sweet dishes, some meat and vegetable dishes and as beverage. The fruit is exhibited in the spices show-case.

Indian Kadukkai herbs indian natural medicine plant

Kadukkai herbel medicine Indian kadukkai herbel medicine:
A large deciduous tree, common in the plains and   lower hills throught India. It belongs to the family “Combretaceae”. The fruit of this plant is      exported from India, for tanning, as a mordant and also for medicinal use.

Indian perfumes herbs and sweet smell natural plants

Perfumes have been in vogue since the earliest recorded times. Egyptians, Indians, Romans and Greeks used them for both personal and religious purposes. In ancient times, perfumes were of considerable hygienic as well as aesthetic value, for they acted as true antiseptics and deodorants and
masked offensive odour at a time when personal cleanliness was too often over looked. Today perfumes are still in great demand.

The consumption of natural product is increasing in spite of many synthetic substitutes. These synthetic materials are not so lasting as those obtained directly from the plants. The most valuable perfumes are combinations of several essential oils.

Indian Shikai herbs natural medicine plants

A Common, prickly, scandent bush; Common in the tropical jungles throughout India; very common in East and Central Karnataka and is planted as a hedge plant.
The pods are largely used by the natives of India externally as a detergent for washing the hair. The nut of the Shikai is commonly used instead of soap.