How to Choose Powder Foundation and Natural Color Shade: Fall Makeup Tips

It is best to use loose powder foundation in the rains instead of creamy foundation. The reason being skin pores tend to get blocked in the moist weather. The cream based foundation can further suffocate the pores therefore pick the powder based foundation. Makeup experts suggest choosing light color foundation shades in the season of rains. Matte foundation is hot in rainy season. One can select bare mineral makeup or MAC products as well. It might be expensive but is worth a try.
Compact Best Buy for Fall Season
Translucent powder or compact is apt for rainy weather. It gives a good base for the makeup. It is natural and light, which is needed at this point of time.

How to Apply Fall Eye Shadow Colors: Fall Makeup Tips

Never apply thick eyeshadow in the season of rains. It looks very odd in this weather as there is constant hide and seeks game between sun and rains. Moreover, the eye shadow can get smudged anytime. Consequently, it is best not to apply eye shadow at all and be more natural.