Manicure Tips

Manicure tipsManicure is the process of making hands more beautiful. Beauty and makeup are broad perception. These are not limited to nose, eyes, lips but includes all the body organs. Hands are very much observable thus it becomes crucial to make it appreciable with little attention and care. Men and women both like their hands to be pampered with the art of manicure. The word manicure has been derived from two Latin words ‘manus’ that means hands and ‘cura’ that refers to care. This beauty treatment includes cleaning and massaging for hands till wrist along with groomed nails.
Importance of Manicure: Many people concentrate mostly on their face to look beautiful and ignore the hands. It is the wrong notion. Manicure is very significant as soft and attractive hands with well spruced nails enhance one’s personality. This hand therapeutic process helps in preventing the nails from splits, tears and brittle tips. The massage given on the entire hand improves the blood circulation in the hand veins, makes the wrist movement smooth and flexible. It also assists in keeping the hand skin soft and free of wrinkles.

Manicure at Home: It is very easy to perform manicure at home. It involves less than one hour for the entire process. First step is to remove the old nail polish using the nail polish remover. Next is to shape the nails with nail cutter and nail filer. Ensure to thoroughly dry the nails before working on nails to shape it. It can be shaped into square, round, oval and pointed. Oval and square shapes are most preferred shapes as it involves minimum nail breakage. Nails must be filed starting from one corner to another. Take care not to over file the nail edges else it would weaken the nail.

Next step is to make dry hand skin and rough cuticles soft by putting the hands in the luke warm water having few drops of liquid soap or shampoo for approximately 10 minutes. Now apply any massage cream or lotion on the palm, fingers, nails and at the back of hand till the wrist. In circular motion massage the right hand using the finger tips of left hand followed by the thumb. This all should be done firmly yet gently. Press the nails softly with little pressure. Repeat the same massage movements for the left hand. Each hand should be given 7-8 minutes massage. Now again soak the hands in luke warm water with few lemon drops and a pinch of salt. While hands in the water, rub the nails with the old toothbrush to clean it from all sides. And also rub both the hands nicely. Later rinse the hand with cold plain water and wipe off the hands and fingers properly with the soft towel.

Now push the cuticle at the end of each nail backwards with the cuticle pusher. Take little moisturizer and massage very softly the nails and rest of the hand. Wipe out the extra moisturizer on hands and nails with the dry cotton napkin. Finally, it is time to put the nail polish. Two coats of nail polish are must and should be applied from bottom of nail to the top. Once the first coat dries then put the second coat.  This is a trouble-free process that does not require any fixed set of expertise or knowledge. Nail salons are helpful for some special treatments that may be opted for if the pocket and time allows else those are not really mandatory. Manicure can be easily done around the homely comforts such as watching television or chit-chatting.  Just ensure to do it twice in a month to make the hands healthy and beautiful enhancing the overall personal look. It is much simpler than the words, do give it a try.