Dry Skin Care and Home remedy for dry skin

Dry skin conditionsDry skin is caused due to lack of sufficient moisture and oil on skin. Dryness causes the skin to flake and feel tight and the skin also becomes rough and dull especially on cheeks and neck. Tiny expression lines are visible at the comers of the mouth.Dry skin is less likely to develop acne. Dry skin should be clean and smooth with regular massage motivated.

Home remedy for dry skin

People will be benefited by dry skin home remedies if they use mild products, alcohol-free toners and creamy cleansers. Our face, throat and the area around the eyes and skin require moisturizer.
Home remedy and dry skin care diet
Maintaining balanced diet, lots of fresh fruits, and vegetables, 7-8 glasses of water, 8 hours of sleep are part of natural beauty tips exercise in fresh air so that the skin does not dry up further and it is a dry skin natural remedy

Dry skin moisturizing in two simple steps.

Clean the skin with Soft soap (like Chandrika soap ayurvedic soap from India).  Use the Rose water to tone the cleansed dry skin.  
Step 2:
Mix the Glycerine one spoon,  6 to 7 drops of vitamin oil and gradually apply on the dry skin face. In case you don’t have vitamin oil  you can use Amla Oil instead. Rinse it off.

Vegetable Oil Dry skin care remedy

Dry Skin Face Mask Treatment.

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Herbal Moisturizer – Make Herbal Moisturizer for Dry Skin

How to Make Herbal Moisturizer for Dry SkinDry Skin needs constant herbal beauty care to prevent the itching and skin inflammation. To avoid such skin tribulations one can prepare herbal skin moisturizer at home that is apt for dry skin.Herbal moisturizing beauty care dryskin aims fornourishing the skin so as to keep the skin dryness away. The regular application of this moisturizer shall ensure that the skin never gets cracked or chapped. It can be used for the entire year with little variations in the quantity used in accordance to the weather conditions. For instance in winters the need for moisturizer is more when compared in summers.

Ingredients Required for Making Dry Skin Herbal Moisturizer

The main purpose behind applying moisturizer is to minimize the skin dryness hence the ingredients used for preparing the herbal skin moisturizer for dry skin consists of natural oil in it.
Cocoa Butter: 1 Oz (28.3 grams)
Almond Oil: 4 Oz (113.2 grams)
Orange Peel Oil: 1 Oz (28.3 grams)<br&
Orange Peel is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Scientifically it is known as Citrus aurantium var. dulcis and C. aurantium var. sinensisCoconut Oil is ideal for curing the skin dryness. Cocos nucifera is its scientific name.
Rose Oil acts as a stimulant and antiseptic rub for the dry and irritant skin along with regular moisturizing and hydrating source. It is extracted from the plant scientifically known as Rosa Damscena.
How to Prepare the Dry Skin Herbal Moisturizer
First and foremost melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler. Once it is melted add almond oil and turn off the gas burner. Stir it well. Next add orange peel oil drop by drop. Ensure to continuously stir the mixture while adding the orange peel oil. Then allow the temperature of the mixture to come down to the room temperature. Later add coconut and rose oil drops and mix it well. Collect this solution in a dark bottle and use as required. Keep the bottle away from the sunlight.
Apply Herbal Moisturizer on the Dry Skin
To begin with first clean the skin. Then take the moisturizer and rub it gently between the palms. Next apply it on the skin and merge it on the skin so that it is absorbed well. No need to massage it on the skin.
When to Use the Herbal Moisturizer
It can be used any time in the day. Ensure to take the quantity of the moisturizer that is easily absorbed well in the skin without making the top skin surface greasy and sticky.
If you are suffering from the white patchy skin then do not worry. Use this herbal moisturizer for dry skin and bid goodbye to the skin dryness!