Natural home remedies for eye dark circles

eye circlesCuring dark circles requires applying milk around your eyes.
Placing cotton dipped in rose water on your eyes and their removal after
 10 minutes treats dark circles. Applying juice squeezed from grated potato also treats your eyes.
First put ice cubes in tea water and put in the refrigerator for I hour and then apply with cotton and wash after 1 hour.
Gentle massaging of a good whitening cream very gently around the eyes, starting from the corners of your eyes and working outwards cures dark circles.
Before going to bed daily application of cucumber juice below your eyes is important.After applying the mixture of a quarter tomato, turmeric powder, lemon juice and gram flour (besan) on your dark circles rinse off once it dries.

Natural beauty tips for eyes/ Herbal eye care treatment

Natural eye treatmentAs advised in Natural beauty tips,   Lifting your eyes occasionally from close work and looking into the distance can rest them.You can brighten Your eyes and can also be rested your tired eyes by applying 2 thin slices of cucumber which act as a cool compressor and also relaxes. You can also remove your dark circles under your eyes.
Occasional splashing of cold water can relax your eyes and bring back the sparkle to tired eyes. You should prevent the glare of light for its fatiguing effect on your eyes. Light fixtures in the bedroom should reflect light upwards as well as outwards and not direct on the eyes.
Keeping gauze pads dipped in light tea for 15 minutes is advisable.