Home remedy to lighten dark Skin around neck

Many of us might have a dark neck. Some might have layers of darkness in the center of the neck while others might have the darkness at the bottom of neck where neck jewelry is worn. It is said that if you are filthy rich it shows through the dark neck skin, well you might still want to get rid of the neck skin darkness as it blots the good looks plus it is always good to keep the status of the bank balance a secret. Therefore, use the home remedies to reduce the neck darkness.
Tomato Neck Pack to Reduce Skin Darkness
tomato slicesAfter a good neck massage apply tomato pack. To prepare this pack, first grate one tomato and half cucumber. Mix both together. Add one teaspoon fresh cream and mix well. Apply the mixture on the neck moving from bottom of the neck up to the chin. Leave it for 20 minutes then after rinse it off. This citric nature of tomato shall reduce the darkness on the neck skin and also lend a hand to tone up the neck skin.
Remove Neck Skin Darkness with Strawberry Pack
Wash three strawberries thoroughly under the running water. Chop it and grind in the mixer to make paste. Add one teaspoon raw milk and one tablespoon milk powder to the strawberry paste. Mix well and apply it on the neck skin that is prior cleaned with cleansing milk. The mixture can be applied using a flat brush. Allow it dry in 20 minutes then after clean it with water. This paste shall reduce the darkness of the neck skin that could match with the facial skin tone if used twice in week. It also fulfills the nutrients requirement of the skin.
Yogurt Lightens the Dark Neck
YogurtMix together 2 tablespoon sour yogurt and one ripe grated tomato. Apply it on the neck and nape moving the brush from bottom up to the chin. Allow it to dry. After 5 minutes re-apply the mixture on the darker area once again then leave it. Just the once the duration of 20 minutes is over rinse the yogurt pack from the neck skin with water. The citric nature of yogurt and tomato slowly but surely clears the neck skin darkness by pulling out the dirt accumulated within the skin layers.
Get Rid of Dark Neck Skin with Green Tea
green tea decoctionMake a concentrated decoction of green tea about one tablespoon. Mix one teaspoon fresh cream and one tablespoon crumbled white bread in it. The consistency of the mixture must be moderately thick. Start putting the paste on the neck with fingers moving in circular motion. Leave it for 2 minutes. Then again giving circular strokes with fingers try and remove the applied paste. Soon the mixture shall come out in form of thin lines. Subsequently clean the neck with lukewarm water and pat dry it. This remedy makes the neck skin free from all accumulated dirt thereby reduce the neck skin darkness. It also tightens the neck skin.
Make use of these remedies and get the attractive neck skin. To show your affluence to the world flaunt striking neck jewelries on your neck skin instead of a dark skin. What say!

Neck Skin Care

Neck Care General Beauty Tips
Natural beauty tips advises

  • Always maintain a correct posture and keep the neck straight.
  • For your skin care Clean your skin properly everyday. Remove the dead skin by using a gentle exfoliating scrub.
  • Massage the neck area daily with light finger pressure.
    Use a natural scrubber on your neck daily to keep the lymphatic glands active and also to remove dead skin.Use a low pillow. Neck alignment stays better with low pillows. You can also try the Neck Massage
  • Do not lean over your work table. Work at angles that help you maintain your head straight or sit closer to the table.
  • It is recommended not to sleep over a soft bed, while natural sleep.
    When you are lifting something then use your legs rather than back. This will not put excess strain on your neck.
  • The neck should be gently supported during sleeping and not bent or extended.
  • Neck exercises can be and should be done whole through the day.

The term good posture does not involve standing tall only, it also means making right use of body parts every time. Avoiding strain should be a part of your life whether you are working, sitting, walking, standing or exercising. A good posture and proper massage techniques will make your muscles stronger and develop a good carriage that is needed to support the neck.

How to Reduce Neck Wrinkles with Home Remedies

Neck wrinkles are a common concern as we age, and there are several natural remedies that may help to reduce their appearance.
The fine thin soft creases on neck appearing horizontal are referred as venus ring. The vertical wrinkles are quite hard when compared to previous neck wrinkle variant. The neck wrinkles can be treated with home remedies like mask made from pineapple, fullers earth and banana etc.
Neck skin is very delicate when compared with rest of the body. This is the reason why the aging sign wrinkles starts appearing on neck swiftly. There are few other factors that augment the wrinkles such as sun exposure, smoking, excessive skin dryness and unbalanced diet. Getting rid of neck wrinkles can be accomplished by bringing in change in daily routine like regular skin care, applying sunscreen, quitting smoking, eating nutritious balanced diet and maintaining adequate intake of water. These fine creases on neck cannot be completely abolished from the skin but can be controlled as well as reduced using home remedies.

How to Reduce Neck Wrinkles with Banana Mask

Banana mask is more effective than any neck wrinkle cream. To make it, take one fully ripped banana, 2 teaspoon of flaxseed oil and 4-5 drops of rose water. Mash the banana nicely in a bowl. To this add other two ingredients. Mix all three together to make fine paste. Apply this paste on face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes. Then take off the mask with water. Banana is known for its skin tightening properties, flaxseed oil is rich in vital skin nutrient omega 3 that boosts up collagen level in the skin and rose water soothes the skin.
The horizontal wrinkles on neck are also referred as Venus’s ring. These are the initial wrinkles that occur on the vulnerable neck skin. The vertical wrinkles on neck appear at much later stage. These usually appear after one is 40 years or above. Start using these home remedies to reduce the neck wrinkles as soon as possible. Initiate taking care of neck today before it is too late!