How to Apply Natural Body Pack on Oily Skin

Body Packs for Oily SkinFuller””s Earth body pack is best for the oily skin tone as it cleanses the skin and absorbs the excess oil. It has to be applied in the end after cleaning the body with cleansing milk, oil massage for improving the blood circulation and towel wrap for opening the skin pores to pull out the dirt.

Oily skin needs utmost care and concern than any other skin type. The natural oil is in excess on this skin tone exactly opposite to a dry skin. The oil oozed out from the glands appears on the top skin layer attracts all dirt and clogs the pores. Usually neither the oil nor the dirt is visible by the bare eyes but it is present on the skin. Hence the body packs are applied to cleanse the skin pores till the bottom and pull out the oil as much as possible. Like any other body pack, this too can be applied at home.

Begin with Body Cleansing
Dirt is mostly present on the oily skin. Clean the entire body with any good quality cleansing milk. It might be little time consuming but is important and has to be done.

Loosen Up the Body with Oil Massage
Oil massage on the oily skin certainly sounds weird but it is done to improve the blood circulation and proffer strength to the body. Oily skin requires very less oil therefore take one measure of oil and 3 measure of lemon juice. It would be one tablespoon coconut oil or vitamin E oil and three tablespoon freshly prepared lemon juice. Mix the two well and massage the body skin with this mixture. The hand must be firm and should be moved in forward and backward direction. The massage must be done for 20-25 minutes for the whole body.

Next Towel Wrap the Body
Following the massage, the oil on the top skin layer must be removed. To do so, take the full size cotton towel and dip it in slightly hot water. Remove all the excess water and wrap the towel all over the body. To cover the whole body at one go shall not be possible therefore set off from top and come to bottom. Repeat it twice or thrice. The hot water towel wrap would remove all the excess oil from the skin, open the skin pores and pull out the dirt stuck in the pores.

Apply Fuller””s Earth Oily Skin Body Pack
Clay body packs are ideal for oily skin as it cleanses the skin meticulously and also absorbs the excess oil from the skin. One such apt clay pack for body is Fuller””s Earth pack. To make this pack, take ½ cup fuller””s earth, 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder and 2 tablespoon rose water. Mix all three together along with little water to make the medium thick paste. Add water as required. Now apply the paste with a flat brush from neck till the feet. Leave the pack to dry for 15 minutes or alternatively till it dries itself up. Some people have excessive body heat, for them the pack dries up prior to set time of 15 minutes. Once it is dried up sprinkle water on the pack and le it again dry up. Then after take bath with cold water and pat dry the skin.

This fuller””s earth pack makes the skin free from all impurities and leaves back the soft smooth skin. This is just perfect pack for oily skin. Try once and scrutinize yourself!

Dry Oily Skin conditions

Combination (dry & oily) skin conditions

From the  Natural beauty tips  discussion, Combination oily skin is the most common skin type. Generally, the oily part of the face is located on the forehead, nose and chin. The dry portions are the cheeks and areas surrounding the eyes and throat. Oily skin with often increased to brighten pores, and the possibility of blackheads and blemishes. You may experience some tightness.

What is required for combination skin care is washing the face with gentle soap or a mild milky cleanser. Dry areas need to be moisturized often

Sensitive Skin: The most delicate type-sensitive skin type can be dry or oily . Application of just any kind of skin-care product or cosmetics will irritate the skin. It has a tendency to become blotchy and may show broken veins at the same time; it may also have a flushed or reddish look or may itch also at times. Try applying the sensitivce skin face mask for treatement.

If proper care and attention is given, people do not have any problem with this type of skin, where as in serious cases consulting a dermatologist is required.
Apart from these major skin types, there might be other exaggerated versions of major skin types, like dehydrated skin,acne , blemished skin , aging and hydrated skin.

Excluding them there are also other major skin types like acne red scars, blemished skin, dehydrated skin, aging and hydrated skin.

What causes oily skin | Oily skin problem

Oily skin problem

Oily skin is common among adolescents, but can be in any age. Avoid products that leave skin care for your skin taut and dehydrated. Oily skin is shiny. Blackheads, pimples and acnes results from dry skin, it attracts dirt and dust .

Even if oily skin causes spots and blackheads , it is advantageous for some people because it ages at a slower rate than other skin types and does not dry up faster.

The oil-producing glands (over active sebaceous glands) make certain parts of face, i.e. forehead, nose, chin look shiny, recommended by  natural beauty tips