What are the remedies for Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is caused due to excessive sweating. It results in redness along with rashes on the neck and back. It can be brought under control by applying pastes like sandalwood, neem, and fuller’s earth and so on so forth. Medical help is not required if these remedies are being practiced.

The red itchy rashes seen on the skin in summers is certainly nothing else but prickly heat. This initiates from the neck, later might spread to chest and back. It is also called as heat rashes or sweat rashes. In medical terms it is referred as miliaria.

These rashes occur due to excessive hot temperature in the atmosphere. In summers because of extreme scorching heat and humidity in the air the dead skin cells and bacteria blocks the sweat glands. Consequently, sweat does not come out on the skin. This hinders the proper purification of blood and leads to skin inflammation that result in red rashes on the skin.

First sign of sweat rashes is constant itching followed by redness on the skin. Very tiny boils just like grains can be seen on the affected areas. These are dark red in color which gives the burning feel.

What are the Natural Remedies to cure Prickly Heat

Usually prickly heat does not require any medical treatment. The rashes can be well controlled with prickly heat natural remedies to be carried out at home. These remedies do not cause any side effects in any case.

Baking Soda
Mix one teaspoon baking soda in half bucket full of luke warm water. Dip a clean soft napkin or cotton cloth in this water and wipe the affected area. Repeat it 4-5 times. Subsequently clean with plain water and pat dry it. In the end dust some herbal talcum powder. It gives the relief from the constant itching and skin burning sensation.

Sandalwood Paste Natural Remedy to cure Prickly Heat

prickly heat does not require any medical treatment. The rashes can be well controlled with prickly heat natural remedies to be carried out at home. Sandalwood paste for Prickly heat is one remedy which do not cause any side effects in any case.

Sandalwood Paste
To prepare the sandalwood paste, on a stone put little water and rub it with a sandalwood piece in circular motion. If required add few more drops of water. Collect the paste in a small bowl and mix it with rose water. The quantity of rose water should be only limited to make it a smooth flowing paste and not liquid.

Alternatively to make it more simple and quick mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder (easily available in the market), rose water and few drops of water. Apply it on the prickly heat affected skin.Allow it to dry naturally. Later wash it off with plain water. This would help to control prickly heat to a large extent.

What are the Natural Remedy to cure Prickly Heat Rash

Fullers Earth is also called as multani mitti. It is very helpful in giving the relief from Prickly heat rashes. To do so, apply the fuller’s earth paste. So as to make the paste, add one tablespoon of rose water into one teaspoon of fuller’s earth. Apply it on the Prickly skin area nicely with finger and let it stay as it is for 15 minutes. Later, with plain water make the skin free from the paste and feel the soothing soft skin.

Neem Leaves Natural Remedy for Prickly Heat Skin

Neem Leaves
These herbal leaves are very effective in cooling down the body heat. Wash the leaves well in the running water and then make the paste using little water. Add few drops of rose water and put this paste on the skin. Let it dry and then wash it with plain water. Do it once in a day and repeat this till sweat rashes disappears.

These prickly heat natural remedies are very much beneficial in controlling the prickly heat. Hence, all round the year these rashes are no worry at all, same goes in summers as well. Check out yourself!