Smiling tips

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Homemade Teeth & Lips care for beautiful Smile

Cleaning teeth with little salt for at least a week will polish your teeth.Cleaning teeth with a paste of lime and coriander leaves will strengthen your teeth.

Bad breath is prevented by washing your mouth normally with a mixture of radiogram powder and 1-glass of lukewarm water .You have to gargle every morning.

Gargling with a mixture of water and a spoon of honey twice a day will whiten and strengthen your teeth.
Brushing with a paste of padam seeds and lime juice will brighten your teeth, as per Natural beauty tips.
Washing your mouth with a mixture of 2 spoons of lime juice, water and half glass of rose water every morning will cure tooth decay or gum swelling.

Rubbing gums with clean fingers before brushing your teeth will remove deadly germs.

Brushing teeth with a paste of dry lime peel powder and salt will whiten your teeth and help in removing stains.

It is compulsory for you to brush your teeth twice daily, change your brush frequently, choose supple bristled toothbrush and consult a dentist regularly.