Summer Skin Care tips for dry skin and normal skin

Protetcing The Skin From SunSome tips for summer
Before applying make-up you must use a good brand of sunscreen lotion having a SPF of 15 at least. Most moisturizers have in¬built SPF content. Application of a good sunscreen before applying moisturizer is required.
Wash your face very often with a good, soap-free preparation. You should avoid oil-based foundations as they are prone to more dirt, making your skin oily . You should also avoid heavy make-up in summer. Nowadays it is easier for you to get lots of good water-based products in the market for their availability.
Dabbing powder helps you by reducing the oily look of your shiny face.  For others, apply on your T -zones. In summer drinking of plenty of water and maintaining an easy diet by replacing spicy and oil food with lots of fruits and salads will refresh you. After rejecting oil-based foundations or moisturizers you must apply   some good mud packs for refreshing your skin . You should check the summer skin brightener tips
You must use wear a good   deodorant or antiperspirant to control sweating.
Creamy lipsticks can be used on summer. You can reserve the darker shades for evening. Glossy light ones are preferable for those nude looks.
Water-proof eyeliners help you by saving your smudges. You must wear night-wear eye shadows. Go for powder and not cream-based.
Before using blush or mascara you should prefer dusting of powder for absorbing oils in foundation and also preventing discoloration or streaking. By applying powder before mascara your lashes look thicker and they do not become prone to smudge.

What are the Summer Drinks for Shiny and Beautyful Skin

The key to beautiful vibrant skin in summers is drinking lots of liquid in some or the other form. Apart from 2-3 liters of plain water it is highly recommended to drink some herbal and fruit juices that keep the skin well hydrated and glowing. However, all cola drinks and tin/bottle-packed juices must be strictly avoided. Your health is our concern, so we also have natural beauty tips for every problem.
Sip Gooseberry Drink
Soak 4-5 gooseberries (also known as amla) in an earthen pot, cover it with a lid and leave it as it is overnight. Next morning mash it all roughly and strain the juice in a vessel. Mix jaggery as per taste. Drink this once in a day, preferably in the morning. This fruit controls the body heat and improves the skin resistance enabling to fight all odds.

Enjoy Sugarcane Juice this Season
Sugarcane is the cooling seasonal fruit apt for summers. It is best to have it before six in the evening. It keeps the skin hydrated and brings down the body temperature.