Sun Burn Remedies and Treatments

Sunburn can be defined as the noticeable reaction of skin when it comes in contact with invisible rays known as ultraviolet rays that are part of sunlight. It is the most common skin problem faced during the season having blistering sun. It can also occur during other seasons in the year but the likelihood is very less as compared with summers. People having light-skin tone can experience sunburn grievance as less in 15 minutes while dark skin colored folks can have the same in one hour time duration. Hence, it is crucial to take good care of skin to guard it from sun burn.
What Causes Sunburn?
Human body produces the protective pigment in the skin to fight against the ultraviolet rays from sun. This pigment is known as Melanin. When body is unable to produce sufficient amount of melanin and is exposed to sun during 10 am to 3pm, the skin reacts to sun radiations and causes sunburn.What are the Symptoms of Sunburn?
Usually, after 2-3 hours of sun exposure the skin turns red and feels constant itching. Then when scratched with nails it further deteriorates and leads to skin irritation. This all happens within 12 hours of exposure of tender skin to damaging ultraviolet radiations emitted from sun. This is also referred as first-degree sunburn. However this could vary from one person to another depending on the sensitivity of skin. Thereby as soon as these symptoms are experienced one should start immediately with self-medication using natural home remedies.
On extreme circumstances one could get dehydrated, severe skin burning followed by blistering and skin peeling. This is referred as second-degree sunburn that occurs after 24 hours of sun exposure. Some other symptoms that could be felt are stern pain, nausea and vomiting. In such a situation one should quickly seek medical help.