Advanced Foot Care/ Beautiful Foot Care Treatment

Beautiful Feet

How to maintain beautiful feet :

The following measures will provide you with beautiful feet.

If your heels are dry and cracked and you have a lot of rough skin around your toes, you can bring your feet back to life. Wash them every day, making a rich lather and massaging it over the soles of the feet. Natural Beauty Tips advises,  If you want to have wonderful feet, you better remove the sneakers and socks out of your feet and slither them into a nice pair of sandals. The following measures make your feet look great.
After immersing your feet in water filled with rose petals for 10 minutes, you have to pat your feet dry.

It is better for you to cut your toenails straight across or use an
emery board,   but it is better for you to wait until your toenails are
entirely dry.
Pumice stone can eliminate coarse areas.
Some olive oil or moisturizer can rub cuticle area.
You should move back your cuticles softly.
Foot lotion should be rubbed on each foot.
You have to remove any extra cream.