Home Remedies for Lip Wrinkles

Soft lines on lips are known as lip wrinkles or perioral wrinkles. Other than medical and surgical wrinkle treatment there are effective home remedies for lip wrinkle repair. These are easy to apply. It includes use of avocado, almond oil, sugarcane juice and vitamin E oil etc.Lips wrinkle is also the signs of aging. It is a natural process hence would come on its own with age. However, it can be controlled and reduced with home remedies. These remedies that use ingredients readily available in the kitchen do gives slow results but does works for lip wrinkle repair.

How to Get Rid of Lip Lines

 Causes for Lip Wrinkle FormationLip wrinkle formation takes place due to natural causes like aging skin and genetics. Few other causes that are responsible for premature perioral wrinkles occurrence are smoking, sun exposure, threading, waxing and lip dryness. These all reasons can be controlled by bringing few changes in the lifestyle.
Lip wrinkles are also known as Perioral wrinkles. These look like soft creases near the mouth. The wrinkles around the mouth usually are quite deep and plentiful. Hence, these lines around lips make an individual much older than his/her true age as compared to any other facial wrinkles. Aging is the universal reason for wrinkles occurrence. The same goes for lip wrinkle formation too. This process cannot be stopped by any means. Conversely, there are few other causes for premature or early lip wrinkle formation.

How to cure Lip Wrinkles from Smoking

The biggest enemy to hale and hearty skin is smoking. When an individual smokes the hazardous nicotine dries up the skin moisture. And also leads to loss of essential skin proteins namely collagen and elastin. The skin proteins functions to maintain skin plumped up. This protein loss in the skin leads to formation of soft lines on the lips. Therefore smoking has to be stopped to shun away occurrence of premature lip wrinkles.

Premature Peri-oral Wrinkles

It is common to see women using threading and waxing for removing the upper lip hairs. It is obvious that hair removal is necessary to look attractive. As a matter of fact it is unfeasible to stop these medium of hair removal completely. However, the regularity can be controlled. Excess of waxing makes the skin to loose its elasticity. Once the skin elasticity is lost over the period of time it causes early formation of perioral lines around the mouth.
Similarly the cotton thread used in threading is moved giving twisting strokes to pull out the hair on upper lips. This too makes the skin sag and gives way to lip wrinkles.

Dry Lips the Reason for Lips Wrinkles

When the moisture on the lips is dried up it makes the lips very dry. The dryness then causes shrinking of cells around the lips. When the cells shrivel it causes wrinkles. Hence, always keep the lips moist by applying lip balm especially in night before going to bed. In the course of night sleeping hours, the lip balm penetrates deep within the lips and hydrates it well.
Aging and genetics are natural causes that are not in our hands to direct but rest all other causes for lip wrinkle formation can be controlled. So whether to have or not the malicious premature lip wrinkles is your choice!

How to Cure Lip Wrinkle with Sugarcane Juice

Lip wrinkles also referred as perioral wrinkles can be controlled with sugarcane juice home remedy. Take one tablespoon sugarcane juice and half teaspoon turmeric powder. Mix both well. Apply this liquid on the wrinkles around the mouth with the help of a toothbrush. While applying it give the circular motion. Hold it for 10 minutes. Later rinse with water. This remedy leads to lip wrinkle repair as sugarcane juice hydrates the lips very well and reduces the dryness. It also exfoliates the lips to remove the dead skin and revitalizes the skin cells.

Too Much Exposure to Sun Leads to Wrinkle Lines on Lips

Lip wrinkle formation takes place due to natural causes like aging and genetics. Sun is also known as aging skin agent in beauty language. The harsh ultraviolet radiations both A as well as B emitted from sun takes away the skin proteins from the skin. This results in early wrinkles on the lips. Always uses a good sunscreen before stepping out of the house.

How to Apply Almond Oil for Lip Wrinkles

This oil is great source for repair of perioral wrinkles. In order to use this home remedy take one teaspoon almond oil, one tablespoon grated carrot and 4-5 drops of honey. Mix all three together. Lie down and apply this mask on the lips. Close your eyes and relax for 15 minutes with the lip mask. Later take it out and clean the lips with water. In course of 12 days this remedy shall give desired results.

Drinking Directly from Bottle Causes Deep Wrinkles on Lips

All cola drinks and juices come in pet bottles. To drink the liquid directly from the bottle one has to crease in his/her lips to get fit in the small mouth of the bottle. When it is done frequently the crease made on the lips take the form of wrinkles. It is further worsening if lips are mostly dry. Even drinking with a straw from the bottle is not of much help. This is the reason why hence forth always drink any liquid in a glass.

Avocado Remedy for Lip Wrinkles

Take two tablespoon of fully ripped avocado pulp. Smash it thoroughly. Apply the paste on the lips and leave it for 20 minutes to dry. Afterwards clean the lips with lukewarm water. Pat dries the lips with soft napkin. Avocado is the fruit full of nutrients that are good for skin. It tightens the skin and reduces the skin sagginess. Avocado oil is also helpful in delaying the occurrence of lip wrinkles. Every night before sleeping apply this oil on the lips and sleep well. With regular use the lip wrinkles shall be delayed to the maximum time.

How to Apply Vitamin E Oil for Lip Wrinkles

Deficiency of Vitamin E in the skin reduces the skin ability to restore its elasticity. Loss of skin elasticity near mouth area leads to lip wrinkles formation. To treat these soft perioral line use vitamin E oil pack. In a bowl mix together one teaspoon vitamin E oil, one teaspoon yogurt, 4-5 drops of honey and 3-4 drop of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the wrinkles around mouth with a cotton ball. Hold it for 15 minutes followed by cleaning with water. All ingredients in the pack tighten the skin and reinstate its elasticity.
Apart from these home remedies for lip wrinkle repair, there are many medical treatments that use the allopathic medicines to eradicate the lip wrinkles. Few to name are lip injections, lip enhancements, collagen lip injections, lip implants, permanent lip augmentation and restylane lip enhancement etc. These treatments although might give immediate results but are sure to leave back some side effects. No matter how much ever the human brain grows it can never beat the God created natural process like aging. Therefore, fix on for home remedies for lip wrinkles repair. It is the right choice!