Home Remedies for Lip Wrinkles

Soft lines on lips are known as lip wrinkles or perioral wrinkles. Other than medical and surgical wrinkle treatment there are effective home remedies for lip wrinkle repair. These are easy to apply. It includes use of avocado, almond oil, sugarcane juice and vitamin E oil etc.Lips wrinkle is also the signs of aging. It is a natural process hence would come on its own with age. However, it can be controlled and reduced with home remedies. These remedies that use ingredients readily available in the kitchen do gives slow results but does works for lip wrinkle repair.

How to Get Rid of Lip Lines

 Causes for Lip Wrinkle FormationLip wrinkle formation takes place due to natural causes like aging skin and genetics. Few other causes that are responsible for premature perioral wrinkles occurrence are smoking, sun exposure, threading, waxing and lip dryness. These all reasons can be controlled by bringing few changes in the lifestyle.
Lip wrinkles are also known as Perioral wrinkles. These look like soft creases near the mouth. The wrinkles around the mouth usually are quite deep and plentiful. Hence, these lines around lips make an individual much older than his/her true age as compared to any other facial wrinkles. Aging is the universal reason for wrinkles occurrence. The same goes for lip wrinkle formation too. This process cannot be stopped by any means. Conversely, there are few other causes for premature or early lip wrinkle formation.

Drinking Directly from Bottle Causes Deep Wrinkles on Lips

All cola drinks and juices come in pet bottles. To drink the liquid directly from the bottle one has to crease in his/her lips to get fit in the small mouth of the bottle. When it is done frequently the crease made on the lips take the form of wrinkles. It is further worsening if lips are mostly dry. Even drinking with a straw from the bottle is not of much help. This is the reason why hence forth always drink any liquid in a glass.