Home Remedy for Under Eye Wrinkles

Anti - Under Eye Wrinkles RemediesTreat the first sign of aging ‘the under eye wrinkles”” with home remedies. For instance massage under eyes with rosemary oil or castor oil. In addition, use honey and cucumber mixture to reduce the wrinkles present under the eyes. These remedies need to be used with determination for best results.

Under eyes wrinkle is the first sign of aging skin to appear on the face. In other words these are the soft lines that remind you of your growing number in the scale of age. Wrinkle appearance can never be stopped because it is a part of life cycle but we can certainly take few measures to minimize it as long as possible. Instead of using anti-aging creams and lotions one could use the home remedies for reducing under eye wrinkles. It might seek more efforts in terms of preparation and time but the results are much better and cost effective too.

Rosemary Oil Reduces the Under Eye Wrinkles
Herb rosemary is excellent to detoxify the skin naturally. Dermatologists and beauty experts recommend rosemary oil for facial massage. To reduce the fine line under the eyes, first clean the under eye skin with cleansing milk thoroughly.

Subsequently, take 2 drops on the index finger tip and apply it under the eyes. Move the finger very softly from one side to other. Do it for one eye at a time for 2 minutes each. Later let the oil to penetrate deep inside the skin layers. After 10 minutes rinse the face with water and pat dry with a soft cotton napkin. Use this remedy everyday in the night before sleeping. This shall reduce the under eye wrinkles.

Lessen Soft Lines under the Eyes with Honey
Apply a thin coat honey under the eyes gently with the index finger tip. Keep it for 15 minutes. Later wash it with normal water with a soft hand. Do not rub eyes too much while cleaning as it takes time to clean honey from the skin. Alternatively one teaspoon freshly prepared cucumber juice can also be added in honey and applied in the same way. This too shall help reduce the under eye wrinkles. Honey nourishes the skin very well and helps the skin to restore its lost elasticity.

Castor Oil Condense Under Eye Wrinkles
Slowly massage castor oil with finger tips under the eyes for 5 minutes. Later leave it for another 10 minutes. Then after clean it using water. Apply castor oil under the eyes everyday before taking bath. It helps in controlling the wrinkles because it has the ability to balance the moisture and oil content in the skin. Also it gets absorbed quickly in the skin.

Fight under Eye Wrinkles with Avocados
Avocado has the natural oil that works effectively in reducing the soft lines present under the eyes. To use the same, take one ripe avocado and scoop out its pulp. Mash the pulp thoroughly and apply it under the eyes. Leave it for 10 minutes. In this duration the oil present in avocado shall fulfill the skin””s oil requirement and control the wrinkles.

One can get desired results from home remedies only if it is used consistently. Using it for a day and expecting results shall not be possible but if it is carried out regularly, it certainly would help. So use these home remedies with persistence to reduce under eye wrinkles and disguise your true age!

Chalazion Eye | Chalazion Eye Infections | Chalazion | Eye Problems

Chalazion is different from a sty as it does not occur due to infection. This lump is formed due to the inflammation produced by glands that are present in the eyelid. It can be cured through warm compresses. Only severe cases need surgery.

The lump or the swelling on the eyelid is referred as Chalazion. This occurs when the small oil-producing glands at the upper and lower eyelids obstructs the flow of secretion and produces inflammation. The lump could be fluid-fill or firm. It is different from a pimple or sty which occurs due to some infection.

Cause of Chalazion

Upper and lower eyelids have the Meibomian glands, also known as palpebral glands, tarsal glands or tarsoconjunctival glands. These glands could be present in between 30-40 numbers in each eyelid of both eyes. Thick liquid secreted by these glands flows out into the tear film of the eye. This liquid is called as sebum which is the mixture of oil and mucus. The sebum exits from the narrow opening of Meibomian gland present behind the eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids.

A Chalazion is formed when sebum becomes too thick and is unable to flow out of the gland. Hence, it starts accumulating inside the gland and forms a lump in the eyelids. Finally it leads to inflammation and swelling both inside the gland and on the eyelid.

Symptoms of Chalazion

In case any swelling is experienced on either of the eyelid then it is the case of Chalazion. The eyelid would appear red and it may or may not have the pain. This lump can grow up to 1/8 of a

Upshot of Chalazion
This lump would swell the entire eyelid. If it is small it would not cause any pain and disappears on its own. Usually this is small but sometimes it might increase in size in couple of days; color would become red and shall become very painful. The expanded chalazion possibly shall lead to the blurred vision.

Handling Chalazion at Home

The easiest technique to handle Chalazion at home is through warm compresses. To put in the practice the warm compresses take a clean soft cotton cloth and soak it in the hot water. Squeeze out the extra water from the cloth and put it on the closed eyes. Carry out this process for 5 minutes on each eye and repeat it twice or thrice in a day. This exercise would prove very beneficial and most of the Chalazion would be cured in this way in the span of few days. Ensure to clean the hands thoroughly before taking the warm compresses. This should be tried only for one week. In case no positive results are seen then may be medical help is required.

Antibiotic Ointments, First Step to Medication
There are few antibiotic ointments that can be applied on the Chalazion. The ointments must be used as suggested by the general physician or ophthalmologist. It can be used along with the warm compresses.

Surgical Help to Cure Chalazion

In case the lump on the eyelid has reached beyond the level of warm compresses and ointments then it has to be treated through surgery. On a more serious intensity ophthalmologist may perhaps put forward a biopsy. Conversely, extreme case of this lump formation occurs once in ten cases.

Chalazion may not be result of some infection but it should not be scratched in any case else it might worsen. This lump on eyelid could be avoided by taking few precautions like not sharing the towels, not rubbing eye frequently and wearing sun glasses whenever going out. It is always said “Prevention is Better than Cure” so why not try for Chalazion as well!

How To Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles can be prevented from appearing by changing few things in the lifestyle. These changes are to avoid makeup, sleep well for eight hours, eating food rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, B complex, wearing sun glasses and using the sun block when going out in sun and so on.

Under eye wrinkle is the siren of showing the age on your face. In other words the soft lines under the eyes remind you that your skin tightness is gradually reducing making you look mature. This has to happen anytime after one reaches the number 30 but it can be pushed forward by bringing in few changes in the lifestyle. By adopting some alterations in daily routine you can decelerate the appearance of under eye wrinkles.

Avoid Eye Makeup
Makeup plays a vital role in making the females look like divas but excessive eye makeup is not good as it accelerates the under eye wrinkles occurrence. Once in a while if it is applied it is still acceptable but frequent eye makeup is certainly not good. Moreover, one must ensure to clean the eye makeup in any case before sleeping in night. The eye must be absolutely free from mascara, eye shadows, eye liners and other cosmetics. In addition it is highly recommended to use some eye masks in order to re-nourish the skin that has been left desiccated with the use of eye makeup cosmetics.

Sleep Well for Wrinkle free Under Eyes
Complete eight hours of sound sleep is must for looking young for a long time. Today””s hectic lifestyle requires being constantly on the toes as a result eyes get most strained out. It needs rest to refresh else the stress is shown as dark circles under the eyes first followed by soft lines. Work hard but relax for eight hours utterly to prevent premature or early occurrence of under eyes wrinkles.

Never Rub Eyes Vigorously
Tips for Under Eye WrinklesMany of us have the habit of rubbing the eyes during the course of the day. This habit must be stopped immediately as wiping or rubbing the eyes forcefully stretches the skin that assists in wrinkle formation. Once the number 30 is crossed the skin naturally looses it capability to snap back in the original position. Therefore, always touch the eyes with a supple hand.

Wear Sun Glasses to Daunt Wrinkle Formation
Whenever stepping out of the home or office in the open environment before 6 pm always wear sun glasses. It gives the protection to the eyes from the aging skin agent sun and casts down the appearance of soft line under the eyes. At the time of buying the sun glasses make sure that it covers the eyes fully. Also apply sun block having SPF more than 15 before going out in sun.

Have Food Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin E and B complex is essential for the healthy eyes. When body is having more than the required quantity of these two nutrients then the under eye wrinkles does not appear for a long time. These two vitamins restore and maintain the collagen level thereby keeping the eyes youthful for longer duration. Walnuts, almonds, sunflower oil, soya bean oil and egg yolk etc are rich in vitamin E while vitamin B complex is found in leafy green vegetables and whole-grain cereals, rice, milk, eggs, liver, meats, fish and fruits.

Take these preventive measures and save yourself from the undesirable under eye wrinkles as long as possible. No matter if you have crossed the number 30 but look less than that always!

Eye Wrinkle Treatment Natural Eye Anti Wrinkle Cream

Eye Wrinkles are referred to the small thin lines that appear near the edges of the eyes or below the eyes. The lines around the eyes are called as crow”s feet eye wrinkle while below the eyes are called as under eye wrinkles can be cured easily by natural anti wrinkle eye creams (Don”t confuse with Under eye dark cirlces and under eye wrinkles).

These lines get prevalent with growing age as the skin starts loosing its elasticity gradually. As an individual matures in terms of age the protein known as Collagen reduces in body causing the reduction in the skin elasticity ensuing eye wrinkles also called AGING (check this natural beauty tips site for anti wrinkle remedies) Apart from this natural reason, eye wrinkles are also formed due to the inappropriate living style and the environment around us and eating habit. Consider anti eye wrinkle diet which enrich the skins under eye to fight against eye wrinkles.

Natural Diet to Cure the Eye under Wrinkle
Anti eye Wrinkle Homemade remedies

First and foremost reason of eye wrinkle formation is sunlight. The harmful ultra violet rays produced by hot sun damages sensitive skin cell around the eyes, darkens the skin, breaks down the collagen level present in the skin and makes the outer layer of skin thinner.

How to Prevention Cure for Eye Wrinkles

Sunlight Causes Eye Wrinkles
Natural Home Remedies for Anti Eye Wrinkle Treatment The natural body system tries to repair these damages but it is too much to cure the dry skin and as a result eye wrinkles are formed along with dry skin. Also, looking at sun with naked eyes gives the similar domino effect. These days with growing pollution and global warming the sun generates more of these detrimental radiations. The skin care section of this natural beauty remedies site discuss the remedies for anti wrinkle remedies and natural anti wrinkle treatment.

Smoking Causes Eye Wrinkles
Smoking is yet another reason for early eye wrinkle formation. Even if an individual does not smoke but is around the people who are habitual of cigarette smoking, it is dangerous. Smoking reduces the blood flow through the capillaries which does not allow sufficient quantity of oxygen and essential nutrients to reach the skin. This results in loss of moisture and collagen that reduces the skin elasticity and forms dry skin on entire body and wrinkles first near the eyes corner. Moreover, the smoke infuriates the eye movement causing the unwanted soft lines either at the corner or under the eyes. Finally, too much constant facial expressions especially that involve rigorous movements of mouth and eyes simultaneously loose the skin elasticity leading the eye wrinkles.

Eye Wrinkle cause of Aging
Eye Wrinkles Impairs the Look: The first sign of aging shown from the face are the eye wrinkles. The undesirable soft lines around the eyes deteriorate the look of the female. She can look older than her age and also tightness of the face is lost. Especially the crow feet’s eye wrinkle appearing on the face, near the eyes corner while laughing quickly draws attention of the other people and leaves not so good impression. Aging is not an issue but the flawless skin always makes the female look younger while the eye wrinkles makes the female look more than her age.
Do you know the old saying
Men aging by heart and women aging by SKIN!!!

Anti Eye wrinkle Home Remedies

Homemade Natural Anti Eye Wrinkle remediesYou see  people  go crazy to find the best anti eye wrinkle cream and treatments  like chemical peel, Phenol peels , acid skin peel  and laser therapy in the market spend 1000s of dollar every month and end up with more wrinkles on skin . But fortunately nature is has given the best anti eye wrinkle products that many not aware. Here is few effective anti eye wrinkle home remedies that you can trust with assured results.  This natural beauty tips also recommend you to check  anti wrinkle remedies at home advice. 


Raw milk massage to prevent eye wrinkle 

Eye wrinkles can be controlled with use of few natural home remedies.
Before going for sleep, clean the face with raw milk and cotton and
rinse with cold water. Later do a gentle massage with 8-10 drops of
coconut oil for 5-10 min. It should be done regularly.

Castor Oil treatment for Crow Feet Eye Wrinkle

Massage with unscented castor oil helps cure the crow feet’s eye wrinkles. Even doctors suggest it. Take a cotton ball, divide it into two. Spread it by pulling the cotton from the end slowly outwards and press it between the palms.

Rose Water Cucumber Juice Anti eye Wrinkle Remedy

Dip these two cotton pads in rose water and keep it on the closed eyes. Preferably lie down while doing this for 10 minutes. This gives relaxation and with regular use reduces the eye wrinkles. Sometimes, instead of the rose water, cucumber juice can also be used.

Potato Juice Honey Best Anti Eye Wrinkle Remedy to Look Younger

For removing the under eye wrinkle, the best remedy is to apply the mixture of potato juice and honey gently under the eye. It not only lessens the redundant eye wrinkle lines but also minimizes the under eye darkness. This remedy is far better than any Neutrogena anti eye wrinkle cream available in the market.

Home Remedy to Get rid of pimple on the Eye lid

How to cure Swollen eye pimple Pimple like bump on eye
A small boil inside or outside the eyelid is referred as eye pimple. It is also called as stye on eye, sty on eye or hordeolum. The pimple can develop at any age. Unfortunately, it cannot be covered with the makeup. Eyes being very delicate, it is recommended not to use an eye makeup when there is bump on eye that is the eye pimple.

White Pimple on eye
Individual experiencing pain or redness in the eye might develop the pimple around the eyelid. Symptoms such as swelling in the eye, puffed eye or problem while blinking the eyes indicate similar problem. Few other signs that may or may not happen are tears in eyes, frequent watering in eye having the pimple and increased light sensitivity. All these are the symptoms that indicate that a pimple on eye is going to appear within couple of hours or must have already occurred which required proper natural eye care.

Pimple on the eyelids is caused when the gland at the eyelid edge gets
infected by staphylococcal bacteria. This bacterium is present in the
nose which easily gets transferred to eyes when eye are touched with
the same hand with which the nose is rubbed. Although a stye on eyelid
does not affects the vision but it causes too much irritation as the
individual faces difficulty while blinking the eyes. Also eye movements
become quite tough.
More read on how to care the swollen Pimple blemishes

Eye Pimple Treatment using Rose Water
Usually the bump on the eye is healed on its own within the span of 4-5 days. In order to get relief from redness or pain in the eye, warm compresses could be applied for 5-10 minutes several times in day. For giving the warm compress, take a clean cotton cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Squeeze all the water and fold the cloth making it size that covers the eye pimple as well as affected eye. Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes. Whenever using this method always use the clean cloth.  Also, close the eyes and put the cotton padding dipped in pure rose water. This gives immediate soothing (check every day natural care). In case, eye pimples reoccurs in short intervals then visit the eye doctor to get the appropriate antibiotic ointment.

General Eye Pimple Precautions

First and foremost, never touch the eye pimple with unwashed hands. When applying the hot compresses always ensure to wash hands thoroughly with the soap and wipe it off with a clean towel. Secondly clean the eye by splashing normal clean water minimum four times in a day. Don’t use any eye makeup when there is pimple on the eyelids else it might increase the probability of further eye infection to take place. 

Cleaning Eye with natural milk
Keep eyes clean to evade the chances of developing stye on eye. Also, ensure to remove the eye makeup meticulously before going to bed. One can use gentle eye makeup remover for cleaning the eyes. It is tender and won’t harm the subtle eyes. Besides, raw milk acts as an excellent natural cleanser for removing the makeup. Take a cotton ball, moist it in raw milk and apply on the eyes as well as entire face. Then take another clean cotton ball and wipe the applied milk. All the makeup and dirt would come off. Finally rinse with regular tap water. 

Eye pimple in spite of being a small dot is quite troublesome. One must take all possible care and precautions to shun away the probability of occurrence of such eye problem. It is the fact that every problem is small first then if left unattended it turns to be relentless later. Hence, it is always wise and prudent to be conscientious earlier than suffering the problems later.

Natural Food diet to prevent the Eye Wrinkle

Curing Eye Wrinkles using Natural DietsProper diet and good living style helps in keeping the eye under skin healthy. Proper sleep of 6-8 hours and 10-12 glasses of plain water helps reducing the under eye wrinkles. Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy skin. Vitamin C can be attained by the body from all citrus fruits and gooseberry juice.
All green vegetables like spinach and fenugreek contain collagen producing agents in it. Red fruits and vegetables like red peppers, blueberries, blackberries beets and fresh or stewed tomatoes increase the collagen production in the body. Avocados, almonds and fish (salmon and tuna) are good sources of omega fatty acids that enhance the collagen levels.
Green and black olives, fresh cucumbers and fresh stalks of celery are
rich in sulfur that is important for increasing the collagen levels.
Raw carrots, fresh cantaloupe and baked sweet potatoes are high in
vitamin A and must be consumed as much as possible.  Don’t forget to
apply natural face mask weekly once.

The wrinkle balanced diet with these mentioned food items would
certainly help in reducing the wrinkles and help you maintain the
flawless skin. The most important investment to be made to fight the
eye wrinkles
is buying good sunglasses. Never ever go in scorching heat
without the sunglasses. These little precautions and care would keep
eye wrinkles far away, making females look like young girls forever!!

Sty Eye| Sty Eye Infections |Chalazion Eye | Sty and Chalazion Eye

Sty and Chalazion are different from one another in terms of cause, symptom, demographics and transmission. However, treatments and precautions for these two eye tribulations remain same.

Sty and Chalazion both are lumps and occur on the eyelid. These can be treated at home using the warm compress and antibiotic ointment. Apart from these common points everything is different between these two eye tribulations.

Sty pops up due to the bacterial infection in the eye. The bacteria grow in the root of eyelash and results to sty development. On the other hand chalazion occurs due the inflammation caused by the oil glands present in the upper and lower eyelids of the eyes. The oil glands are known as Meibomian glands. When the thick secretion called sebum is blocked inside the oil gland, it starts accumulating and leads to the lump formation known as Chalazion.

If on the eyelid a small red bump similar to pimple appears then it is sty while in case the eye looks small due to puffiness of the eyelid then it is chalazion. Amongst the two, sty is very painful where as chalazion would seldom pain. Only in 3 days sty would grow full and gets healed in a week but chalazion grows very slowly. It would take 2-3 weeks to grow fully and might take few days to heal completely. As sty grows and heals faster it does not cause blurriness but chalazion interferes with the vision due to its size. Eyes would ooze off little water when sty occurs whilst it does not happen with chalazion.

Chalazion does not spread like sty. When sty breaks open and drains the pus subsequently at that moment if oozed off pus comes in contact with any other part of the body then there are chances that it would spread.

Children with less resistance are more prone to sty when compared to adults though Chalazion is more common in adults than kids. Amid the adults, men are more prone to this lump on the eyelid than women.

In this approach one would be able to differentiate between sty and chalazion. By taking few precautions these lump occurrence could be evaded such as clean hands thoroughly before wearing or taking out the contact lens; do not share towels with anyone; do no frequently rub eyes; ensure to take off the eye makeup before sleeping and keep changing the eye make up cosmetics every six months. Put into practice these habits and stay away from sty and chalazion furthermore don’t mistake between the two!

Filling in your Eyebrows/ Filling lines

eyebrow designFilling in your Eyebrows
The trick to fill brows is to come clean, then fill in the blanks.
Choosing a pencil or a powder in correct shade is wanted. Blonde shade should be used by women having fair complexion and tawny or brown by those having olive tones.
You can brush brows downward with dry, mascara – like wand. You have to use a pencil while drawing a line along the upper edge of the brow for defining the arch and can also comb the brows upward and outward.
You can dust eye shadow into the hairs of the brow with a stiff, slanted brush for added fullness. You can use short, gentle strokes with a brush dipped into a tiny amount of powder.
In case of over tweezed brows you can also brush the hairs in the direction of the growth and fill in any visible patches with powder and you must avoid  adding to the top or bottom of the brows.
For setting hairs in their place you have to comb a clear brow gel up through the brows, recommended by Natural beauty tips

Natural Eye care tips

Natural Eye Care adviseFrom the Natural beauty tips discussion,

  • A diet rich in vitamin A sparkles the eyes. Vitamin A Foods are Papaya,fish, milk, eggs, cilantro and etc.
  • Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps.
  • For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy.
  • Massage with unscented castor oil is the best natural anti eye wrinkle remedy, even doctors suggest it.
  • Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.
  • Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial.This will prevent the eye wrinkle forming under the eye.
  • Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.
  • For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax.
  • For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length. If you repeat it 4-5 ti
Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy flawless skin under the eye.

Overnight beauty regimens Eye brightener

Bright eyesOur Natural beauty tips gives some tips for your eye care. Keeping 2 cotton balls moistened in rose water on your eyes for 15 minutes will be cool without causing dark circles under eyes. This daily eye care has to be done before going to bed.
Applying a spoon of castor oil on the eye lids and around the eyes and slight massage in round ward movements makes your eyes beautiful.
Your dark circles can be removed by massaging your eyes with vitamin C oil.
By placing cucumber or potatoes on the eyelid for few minutes you can relax your fined eyes.

Natural home remedies for eye dark circles

eye circlesCuring dark circles requires applying milk around your eyes.
Placing cotton dipped in rose water on your eyes and their removal after
 10 minutes treats dark circles. Applying juice squeezed from grated potato also treats your eyes.
First put ice cubes in tea water and put in the refrigerator for I hour and then apply with cotton and wash after 1 hour.
Gentle massaging of a good whitening cream very gently around the eyes, starting from the corners of your eyes and working outwards cures dark circles.
Before going to bed daily application of cucumber juice below your eyes is important.After applying the mixture of a quarter tomato, turmeric powder, lemon juice and gram flour (besan) on your dark circles rinse off once it dries.

Home remedies for puffy eyes | puffy eyes home remedy

puffy eyes treatment

Puffy eyes treatment home remedy For reducing inflammation, application of a cold compress is advised until the area returns to its original state. If alcohol is the culprit you have to increase your intake of fluids for hydrating the skin.
First you have to apply grated potato with its peels on your closed eyelids. Then you can relax completely or take a nap. After 20 minutes you have to wash your face. You must clear your make-up before sleeping as they may spoil your face.
Non–application of cream is better. You just wash your face before sleeping and if you want you can apply only night cream.

Natural remedies for dark puffy eye circles

Black circles around eyesFrom the description of Natural beauty tips If you have dark circles around
then you have to worry as it is just not the charcoal deposit from your
eyes it is a serious problem. It can be either insomnia or lack of sleep or any
thing else can also be its cause. Removing dark circles under eyes is not that
hectic a task after all. There are several ways by which you can do so.

One of the natural way is consuming Adzuki Bean dark eye circle homemade remedy
Another easy way is hiding the dark eye circles with eye makeup? The answer is very
simple; use foundation around your dark patches a little more than the rest of
your skin.

You can remove dark circle under eye before going to natural sleep every
night.Then you can brighten your eyes. The other probable causes of dark circle can be sinusitis
problem, eye problem, or illness of any kind etc.

Raw Potato to brighten the eye with dark circles
In order to lighten the dark circles under your eyes you have to wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids. After waiting for 15-20 minutes you have to wipe off the residue and apply an eye cream.

Adzuki Bean eye brighteners for dark circles | Dark circle around eye Cure

This strange Japanese bean helps to enervate the appearance of gloomy dark circles under the eyes by refining the body from inside. Adzuki beans are superb for the kidneys and when the kidneys are calm the outcome is gloomy dark circle development under the eyes.

Homemade natural Adzuki Bean Soup  to cure dark circle under eye
Homemade natural Adzuki Bean Soup to cure dark circle under eye

Adzuki beans are emergent in popularity. They can be found at edifice dietetic materials and a emergent number of epicure dietetic store such as gourmet food markets. For lines under the eye this lookbeauty.com suggest natural anti aging face mask.

Preparing dark circle under eye remedy at home?

Marinate 3 cups of beans in a large pot of cold water for 24 hours or overnight. Drain.
Add 2 quarts of cold water using the beans to the pot and food to a boil.
Step 3:
Drain the beans, then add 2 quarts of tepid cold water again.
Step 4:
Boil for 30 comments, then add 2 Tbsp. of cumin and 1 tsp. colorless shower

Step 5:
In a frying pan, sauté the next ingredients in 1 Tbsp. of jade oil pending tender:
– 2 diced carrots
– 2 Tbsp. of gauzily chopped tepid ginger
– 3 cloves of garlic, minced
– 1 large, gauzily chopped agreeable onion
Step 6:
– Add the ingredients to the soup, then conceal, and boil for 30 comments, or pending beans are cooked through.
Step 7:
– During the last 15 comments solely, add sea brackish to sample. (Adding the brackish any previous will harden the beans.)
Step 8:
– Just before quota, add juice of 1 tepid emerald and 3 Tbsp. of tepid cilantro.

Usage of this home remedy:

Drink this homemade soup at least once in a week, and see eye dark circles eroding away in week.

Natural remedies and Home remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Reduce Dark Circles Under the EyesUnder eye dark circles can be reduced using the home remedies. These include applying almond powder mixed with milk, eye mask with lemon juice, used tea bags, fresh fig juice and mint juice. All the remedies only use natural ingredients hence can be used more than once in a week.

Dark circle under the eyes is one of the common beauty problems. It occurs mainly due to inadequate sleep, excessive stress and insufficient nutrition. In order to overcome the issue of dark circles one needs to eat well, relax and sleep well. Apart from these crucial aspects few home remedies could also be helpful in reducing the dark circles.

Almond Powder Lessens Dark Circles under the Eyes
Mix one teaspoon almond powder with one teaspoon milk. If needed add some more milk but ensure the paste is thick. Clean the skin under the eyes with cleansing milk and pat dry with soft napkin. Then apply the prepared paste gently on both under eye dark circles. Leave it for 15 minutes. Later clean it with water. Use this remedy for alternate days. Soon the dark circles shall be reduced. To make almond powder grind 7-8 almonds in the mixer till it turns into a fine powder. Store this powder in an air tight jar and use as required.

Tea Bags Solves the Dark Circles Problem
Keep the used tea bag in the freezer for 5 minutes. Then after put the cold tea bags on the closed eyes and relax for 10 minutes. Ensure to put the tea bags on the eyes in a way that it covers the under eyes completely. This is an easy remedy that can be used everyday or even twice day. Take care that tea does not goes in the eyes. It shall assist in reducing the dark circles.

Fresh Fig, Cure for Under Eye Dark Circles
Wash the fig thoroughly under the tap water and clean all the dirt. Cut the fig into two parts. Dab one piece of fig on the under eye with slight pressure yet keeping the soft hand so that juice touches the skin. Do it for 2-3 minutes. Once the skin is damp with fig””””s juice, allow the juice to get deep inside the skin. After 5 minutes re-dab the fig under the eyes again. Wait for another 5 minutes then clean the eyes with water. Fresh fig juice nourishes the eyes thereby helps in reducing the undesirable dark circles.

Under Eye Dark Circles Reduced with Mint Juice
Pluck one cup of fresh mint leaves and clean the mud/dirt using lots of water. Grind the washed leaves in the mixer with little water to keep the blades moving. Apply this mint paste under the eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes. Later remove the paste and clean the eyes with plain water. Mint leaves have the nutrients and cooling properties that soothe the eyes and aids in curtailing the dark circles.

Eye Mask That Condenses the Dark Circles
Prepare the eye mask by mixing together 2 teaspoon tomato juice, 2 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon orange masoor dal powder and one pinch turmeric powder. Blend all well to make the paste. Apply this paste on the skin under the eyes that is cleaned with cleansing milk by now. Hold the eye mask for 15 minutes then after clean it. This should be used twice in a week for desired results. To make the masoor dal powder, grind ½ cup masoor dal in the mixer without any water. Collect the powder and keep it in an air tight jar for future use.

These remedies are very effective in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. Check out yourself!

Natural beauty tips for eyes/ Herbal eye care treatment

Natural eye treatmentAs advised in Natural beauty tips,   Lifting your eyes occasionally from close work and looking into the distance can rest them.You can brighten Your eyes and can also be rested your tired eyes by applying 2 thin slices of cucumber which act as a cool compressor and also relaxes. You can also remove your dark circles under your eyes.
Occasional splashing of cold water can relax your eyes and bring back the sparkle to tired eyes. You should prevent the glare of light for its fatiguing effect on your eyes. Light fixtures in the bedroom should reflect light upwards as well as outwards and not direct on the eyes.
Keeping gauze pads dipped in light tea for 15 minutes is advisable.

Trimming eye brows/ Eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow Make UpThis tells you how to control your brows by trimming instead of tweezing them. After brushing brows straight up you have to check for long hairs. You can trim with scissors. Then after brushing brows downwards, you have to trim again and again. You have to continue this until and unless they acquire the same length.
  Weekly and not daily maintenance of your brows is required .Some mistakes cannot be rectified. Instead of pencil using eye shadow for coloring your brows for a more natural look is essential.    

How to Conceal Eye Wrinkles with Eye Makeup

Eye wrinkles can be well hidden with apt eye makeup. There are few makeup tricks that involve the right use of the cosmetics, right color, slight dull shades and finish. All these shall be largely helpful in upholding the youthful look and shun away the mature facial appearance for sometime.

Eye wrinkles is one of the common signs of aging. It would surely appear on the face when the time comes. Best is to put these undesirable eye wrinkle out of sight with right use of make-up tricks. All the makeup cosmetics used to cover up the undesirable crow-feet wrinkles must be less in quantity. Too much of makeup can settle down on the eye wrinkles and highlight it instead of concealing.

Natural Eye Makeup

All Natural Eye Makeup Start by having your eyebrows neatly shaped. Get it done professionally for the first time. In case you want to do it at home by yourself never in between your eye make-up. The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is after a bath as the pores are open. Apply a little vaseline and smooth into shade. All the hairs that detract from a neat shape should start and end, hold a pencil upright from your nose, resting the pencil against the nostril, the pencil should touch the inner edge of the brow. Move the pencil to form an angle ending at the outer comer of the eye. Above where the pencil ends, the eyebrow should end. Tweeze only the stragglers that detract from the clean outline of your brow, as discussed in Natural beauty tips
 If your face is round or pear-shaped, the outer tips of the brow should point towards the hairline, a long or oval face-the tips should arch down so that the curve will soften the lines of the face.

Painless eyebrow plucking/ Painless hair removal

eyebrow plucking painlessFor painless plucking you can soak your brow region with a warm, wet cloth which will open up your pores and loosen their tight grip. By using tweezers you can   pluck stray hairs with swift, sharp movements in the direction they grow.

Eyebrow coloring & Shading

Natural color for eyebrowsSelection of shade of eyebrow pencil is essential for matching natural color of hair. You have to use eye shadow in a shade close to natural color of hair for a more natural look and its very light application is needed with a fine brush.
Applying some lotion on your wrist is required for great eyebrows.  You   color your brows with a pencil dipped in lotion for making your brows look more defined.
You can use your Brow & Eye Pencils in light, feathery strokes filling gaps. You can start at brow”s inner corner and taper out and extend slightly at the outer corner highlighting the natural arch.
You can spray a tiny bit of hairspray on the tip of your finger and then smooth over your brows for long-term hold.

Close Set Eyes Makeup/ Makeup Styles for Close Set Eyes

Close Set Eyeswiden the space between the brows by plucking, and extending the pencil line towards the end. Wide set eyes: pencil eyebrows a little closer to the nose, and shouldn’t extend them out at the ends.

Makeup Styles for Bulging Eyes

Bulging eyes:
            Tweeze out any hairs that grow down too far over your eyes and raise the brows slightly from below. In case of bulging eyes, you have to   tweeze out any hairs that grow down too far over your eyes and raise the brows slightly from below.

Eye care tips/ advanced eye care tips

Best tips for Eye care From the Natural beauty tips discussion ,  For your eye care, avoid wearing contact lenses for long periods of time or sleeping in them as this leads to problems. Avoid rubbing the eyes frequently because it may lead to eye infection because hardly anyone bothers to wash his hands before touching the eyes. Avoid splashing water furiously believing that if you do so it will take away tiredness. Always wash gently because splashing may move the smallest dust particles or an allergen and it may minutely damage the cornea.
                 Instead of handkerchiefs, use disposable tissues for wiping eyes, as they are more hygienic. For strong eye muscles, avoid sitting nearer than 5 feet from the TV and try to keep your book at least two feet away. While using eye makeup use cream based makeup because powdery eye shadows may enter eyes and, trouble you. Be very gentle if you need to wear lenses. Don’t use aerosol products like hairspray in case you need to wear lenses. Avoid using mascara which is older than one year.

Tips for perfect eyebrows plucking

Beauty Tips for Eyebrows pluckingFrom homemade Natural beauty tips,   For figuring out where your brow   should begin and end, you have to hold a pencil vertically at the outer part of your nose so that it goes straight up to the inner core of your eye. The line made by that pencil is a good place for your brows to start. You should never go past diagonal line running from the line of the nose to the outside corner of the eye.
You have to pluck   any stray hairs between the pencil and   bridge of your nose. To pin-point where your brows should end you have to hold the pencil at the same place against your nose and angle it to the outer core of your eye. The spot where it matches is a good stopping point.
To get the right arch angle pencil to the outer side of the pupil. The spot where the pencil hits the brow is where the top of the arch should be. Repeat on the other side. Mark both sides with a colored eyeliner to make sure they”re symmetrical before you start plucking away.

Tips for daily eye care/ everyday eye care tips

Everyday eye care tipsEveryday Eye care provides you with an experienced and comprehensive approach to natural eye care in a comfortable and caring environment. A diet rich in vitamin A brighten the eyes. Papaya, fish, milk, eggs, cilantro etc are rich in it. Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps. For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy. Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.
                   Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial. Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.
                    For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax. For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length. If you repeat it 4-5 times daily, it is very relaxing. Soaked Amla water overnight is excellent for washing your eyes for sparkling eyes, as discussed in Natural beauty tips

How to Remove Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Remover

It is vital to remove the eye makeup properly especially before sleeping else it might lead to formation of crow-feet wrinkles around the eyes. One can remove eye makeup in simple steps all by themselves. It would take few minutes. It is ideal to remove the eye makeup with mix of canola and olive oil.

Eyes are very delicate body organ. The overall personality enhances with good eye makeup. However, for hale and hearty eyes it is crucial to remove the eye makeup as soon as you are back to home. Especially before sleeping eye makeup has got to be removed. The reason being, if one sleeps with eye makeup on then it increases the probability of early formation of eye wrinkles and leads to skin blackening near eyes. Hence, here are few simple steps for removing the eye makeup that could be helpful.

Remove Eye Makeup in Simple Steps
Step 1 – Prepare Oil for Eye Makeup Removal
It is best to remove the eye makeup with the mix of canola oil and extra virgin olive oil. Take 2 tablespoon canola oil and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Blend both well in a bowl. In case either one or both the oils are not available then baby oil can also be used. It too works well for removing the eye makeup.

Step 2 – Apply the Oil Mix to Eyes for Removing Eye Makeup

Take a fresh cotton ball. Dip it in the oil mix prepared in step 1. Close right eye and hold it with one hand. With another hand press the cotton ball on right eye lid and lashes. Leave it as it is for two minutes. Oil is left on the eye so that oil works its way through all the layers of makeup.

Step 3 – Wipe off the Applied Oil to Free the Eye from Makeup
With another cotton ball very gently remove the make by swiping the cotton in downward direction. Do it 2-3 times so that all the makeup is removed from the eyes.

Step 4 – Remove the Leftover Makeup
Now open the right eye. Again swipe the cotton on the eye to ensure all the makeup is off from under the lashes and eyelids. If by any chance some makeup is left on the eye then again apply the oil and remove it in the same way as mentioned in above steps.

Step 5 – Take off eye makeup of Left Eye
Repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4 in same sequence to remove the makeup on left eye as well. Take new cotton balls for left eye. The same cotton should not be used because if right eye has any infection then it would get transferred to left eye as well.

Step 6 – Clean the Face

Once all the makeup is removed from the eyes, clean the face as usual either with cleansing milk or mild face wash. Then after apply the moisturizer and hit the bed.

This recipe for removing eye makeup is the answer to the query ‘how to remove eye makeup’. It is easy to follow. Only point to take care is to be extremely careful while removing the eye makeup as the skin around eyes is very tender. Take good care of eyes and delay the prospects of wrinkle formation as far as possible. Follow these steps one after the other and remove all the eye makeup cosmetics like mascara, eye liner or eye shadow etc. After all eyes too wants to breathe naturally without any makeup!

Natural Homemade Eye Cream Recipes

All Natural Solutions for Eye CreamNatural solutions using the ingredients from the kitchen shelf are the alternative to the chemically produced expensive eye creams. No need for eye creams when the eye masks are used. The eye masks are effectual for reducing the eye wrinkles, dark circles and eye puffiness.

Eye masks are the natural solution for eye creams. These masks play a vital role in making eyes healthy and well nourished. It assists in reducing dark circles, under eye soft lines, crow feet wrinkles and puffy eyes etc. These can be used twice or thrice in a week for giving deep rest to the eyes.

Almond Oil for Eyes and Wrinkles
Using the index finger tip of both hands apply almond oil to both eyes simultaneously. Under the eyes and edges of the corners must be given more attention as these are the areas most prone to wrinkles. Move the finger tip in anti-clockwise direction. Keep the hand very gentle and soft. Do it for 5 minutes. Later lie down and relax for another 10 minutes. Then after clean the eye with normal tap water and pat dry the eyes with soft cotton napkin. Ensure not to rub the eyes. This remedy fulfills the nutritive requirements of eyes as well as helps in reducing wrinkles by restoring the skin””””s elasticity

Rose Water Soothes the Tired Eyes
Dip the thin cotton pad in rose water and put it on the closed eyelids. Stretch out and relax. Rose water calms down the eyes and pulls out all the stress. It can be used anytime for example after applying any facial mask, while taking the nap or resting for couple of minutes. It is safe to use everyday as well. Whenever the eyes feel tired or burning sensation just use this remedy.

Chilled Spoons Treats Age Lines around Eyes
Keep two stainless steel teaspoons in freezer for 10 minutes. Then after take one spoon and rotate it on the eye corners and under the eyes. Keep doing it till the spoon is chilled. Later use other spoon for second eye in same way as for the first eye. The chilled spoons can be used unlimited times. It relaxes the tired eyes and helps in reducing the eye soft lines present at the corners and under the eyes.

Honey and Potato Mask Home Remedy for Crow””””s Feet and Dark Circles
Grate one potato and mix one teaspoon olive oil in it. Divide the mixture into two portions and keep it aside. To use this remedy for reducing the crow feet wrinkles and black circles first dab honey very well on the eyes including the corners and under eyes. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then after put one portion of grated potato on one eye and other on the second eye. Lie down and relax for next 15 minutes. Subsequently, remove the potato mask and clean the honey from the eyes. Use it on alternate days for best results.

Relax Eyes with Cucumber
Slice the cucumber as thin as possible. Then place the slice on the eye next to one another giving the shape of a flower. Spray little roe water on it and relax for 15 minutes in this position. Later remove the cucumber slice and wipe the eyes with cotton ball dipped in normal water. Cucumber juice helps the eyes to lighten up.

All these are general eye masks that shall suit for one and all. Use it and let the eyes unwind to feel fresh. This beauty tips really works. Make it part of your daily beauty regimen today!

Styles for Deep-set Eyes/ Makeup for Deep Set Eyes

Deep-Set Eye ShapeIf your eyes are deep set then you should use a pencil which is 2 shades lighter than that of your hair. But the top line and the bottom line should be a matching shade. The space between the eyes may be enlarged by raising the brows slightly and penciling the area above the bone.
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