Summer hair care tips

Hairs are the most imperative part of the women’s beauty. Summer brings in lots of energy but it is also accompanied with the scorching sun. The heat emitted from sun in this season leaves hair dry and brittle. If proper care is not taken then split ends are bound to happen in frizzy as well as straight hair. In order to prevent the hair from the summer damage and maintain the healthy hair every individual has to put in some extra efforts. With the appropriate heed the hair damage can be avoided and no measures would be required to repair the summer damages during fall and winter.
Oiling: Oiling hair before hair wash is very crucial. Usually coconut oil is ideal for oiling all twelve months in the year but in the season of hot sun jojoba oil can be preferred for hair oiling as it makes the dried hairs much softer. It is very healthy for curly hair too. This oil gives a protective shield to the hair in the sunny days from sun and also from the chemicals in the shampoo. Make the oil little warm before applying on the scalp. With the help of finger tips put oil every where on the head and then give gentle massage for 5-10 minutes. In the end, take little oil (required according to the length of hairs) between the palms and rub both hands all over the hair together lengthwise. This oil massage should be done at least 4-5 hours ahead of the wash. If possible, do the oiling in night and wash hairs in the morning. For 2-3 months during summer always do oiling with jojoba oil prior to every wash in order to maintain the soft hair. This would also prevent the hair from getting the split ends and scalp from dandruff.
Head Wash: One must only use regular tap water for hair wash. It should not be hot because hot water makes hair roots very weak.Summer hair care tips using kitchen counter top Use mild shampoo for hair wash. After every hair wash always use hair conditioner especially in summers. With the application of hair conditioner the lost moisture of hair during the shampoo wash is retained back along with the much wanted shine. Once or twice in a month henna is also recommended. It is the best natural conditioner. Instead of using shampoo gentle mixture of two teaspoon of amla and one teaspoon of each shikakai and reeta powder can be used. These are natural products that are beneficial in every aspect.
Drying the Hair: Hair dryers must be avoided, as it causes lot of damage to the scalp as well as hair strands. Let the hair dry out naturally in the air. Moreover, in the summer the air is quite hot because of which the hair would dry in just couple of minutes.  Also all the hot hair tools such as electric curlers and hot irons must be strictly stayed away from in summer. These tools would make the hair more dry and brittle.
Do and Don’t in the Summer: Always cover the head either with a cap or scarf before stepping out of the house in daytime. Direct heat from sun is too much destructive for hair. Regular trimming is a must as the split ends in case it occurs are cut then and there. Before going for swimming, always make your hair wet. This would enable less absorption of chlorine in the hairs from the chlorinated water in the swimming pool.
After swimming use mild shampoo to clean the chlorine residues from the scalp and hairs. All sort of coloring is a big no-no this summer as it leaves the hair very dry. Any kind of curls, hair straightening or perming must be evaded in every case.  Some people use alcohol like beer to wash hair, it is good but not at all suitable for summer hence should be ignored.
This little care and precaution of hairs this summer would promise lot of benefits for the rest of the year and also avert the worries like hair fall, split ends and dandruff etc. After all it is a universal fact; act today wisely to avoid tensions tomorrow. “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Homemade organic hair care treatment

Homemade Natural hair care tips

From the discussion of Natural Beauty Tips Often we come across many people who carelessly pull at it with their hair brush, secure it with simple stretchy bands that stick to the hair, wipe their inky hands on it, stick their pens in it, and while shampooing your hair, rub, scrub and pull it and generally whack it around before padding it under the full flare of a hair dryer to dry hair care. They believe that   these will reduce the greasy hair not speed up their baldness (hair loss treatment) and hair loss due to dandruff and gray hair care.

Unfortunately the same people ponder why their hair is not shiny andNatural Homemade Hair Care
swinging fine hair like that of the models in the ads in spite of using
the same hair shampoo! Natural hair care is necessary to present you look beautiful and being bald will make you feel uncomfortable. Please check the basic herbal hair care tips for natural looking healthy hair.

Why does Graying Hair

One gray hair is sufficient to arouse the great amount of tensions in our mind as none of us want the transparent hair on our scalp. The reason is simple gray hair also called as white hair is the sign of aging and you may need to use the gray hair style. This happens with each one of us for both men and women and no one can deny it deep in their hearts. After all who wants to grow old, everyone will be hunting gray hair remedies to stay forever young. Hence, most of us are curious to know the why does hair turn gray? What causes hair to turn gray? Is it genetic or hormonal disorder or stress and tensions or lack of some pigments in the body?

Why Does Hair Turn Gray:
Each hair strand on the scalp of human bodies is made up of two components viz. shaf

Every single hair root is bounded from all sides by a tissue tube or hair follicle. These tissue tubes have cells known melanocytes which when functions well generate melanin, the chemical pigment that is responsible for maintaining the natural colour of hair which can be black, brown or blonde. The color intensity of the hair is solely depended on this pigment. Lack of melanin in the body causes hair to turn gray. You can prevent Gray Hair by using Natural Gray Hair Treatment as mentioned in Natural Hair Care.

Why Melanin Reduces in Body and causes graying hair?
What causes hair to turn gray?The main reason behind melanocytes producing less melanin pigment is due to aging. As an individual grows older the tissue tube looses the strength gradually to hold these cells healthy also the skin wrinkle started appearing. As a result color producing cell melanocytes starts decaying and later departs from the hair follicle. With reduced number of melanocytes in the hair roots the hair shaft.

Premature Gray Hair causes in Young People?
It is very common these days to see young people in their late 20’s also having 5-6 white hair strands. So apart from aging there are few other reasons because of which melanocytes cells stops producing melanin pigment in ample quantity and people get the undesirable gray hair. One of the proverbial grounds for hair turning gray is hereditary. Premature gray hair in kids because of the family health imbalances that are transferred to them through the genes. Many medical conditions are also characterized as the cause for hair to turn gray such as anemia, thyroid imbalance and vitamin AB-12 deficiency. Thyroid imbalance could happen to an individual in nature or it can also be due to hereditary. Smoking cause premature gray hair in younger generation. Smoking hinders the proper functioning for melanin producing cells and also results in early decay of these vital cells from the body. Smoking is four times more liable for gray hair than any other mentioned causes. Gray hair caused by Smoking can not be easily cured even by herbal gray hair treatment.

Stress involvement in turning Gray Hair
Also Young generation is very much insecure these days because of the growing materialistic demands in the lifestyle. This increases the pressure and stress resulting in mental tensions which ruins the healthy functioning of tissue tube cells. Need help on stress: Check How to get rid of stress?Too much of negative thinking also forces the cells producing melanin pigment to mature much faster. And consequence to all this is gray hairs does not matter what gray hair shampoo you use.<br&gt

How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss Prevention

How to prevent hair loss :

From the description of Natural Beauty Tips, Rinsing your hair with a combination of lime juice and warm water will prevent hair loss. Applying hibiscus oil on scalp is indispensable for prevention of hair loss.
Hair loss and dryness of hair can be prevented by application of egg white before shampooing your hair.
I am a 35-year-old woman with sudden hair loss! How can i stop this?
Your dry hair will be made gentle by heating water and showing your hair to the steam and massaging hair and scalp with half cup of  hot olive oil. Adding 2 lotus petals can act as anti gray hair agent  to prevent the gray hair.
Your hair can be prevented from becoming gray by adding lotus petals to 2 glass of water and bring it to boil. Then after simmering and stirring the mixture a little bit you cool it and then drink it in morning and evening.

 Hair loss is due to a widespread diet problem- iron deficiency and
anemia which   causes   too little iron in the blood. Hair loss can also be induced by dandruff check the Dandruff hair loss home remedies. As recommended by Ayurveda Hair Loss treatment for women It can be
solved   by a diet containing too little meat, eggs, cereals or peas
and beans. Vitamin C found in fresh   fruits and vegetables enable the
body to absorb iron. Iron deficiency causes hair loss natural hair tonic can help.

Tips For Homemade Organic Hair Care

Organic Hair Care TipsOily hair and Greasy Hair
If you have a greasy hair, should be washed every third or fourth day or even more often, depending on your individual comfort. A good, nutritious liquid hair shampoo is often the best answer.  Excessive oiliness, when neglected, which often leads to the downfall of hair and premature baldness, especially in men, after 35. Dealt in time, the loss can be controlled significantly, however, have lost their hair can not be replaced.

Dry Hair
For your dry hair care, Wash your hair with a shampoo based lanolin. Here is another secret beauty-always wash your hair with a gentle acidic solution in order to rid the scalp of alkaline mantle. This can be easily and economically done by using two tsp. Cosmetics vinegar to your final rinse. This helps prevent excessive oiliness the scalp and gives an opportunity to prevent and be exempted from the infection.

Herbal Treatment for Dandruff
Next in clinical treatments, a course of therapy provided for daily use
at home. This creates an awareness of the right way to download daily
care of hair. Herbs such as henna hair conditioner, shikakai. reetha and amla is
antiseptic components supplied by nature and have a wonderful cleansing
action, if not harmful effects of detergents.

Light massage oils often helps to dislodge the dandruff flakes, if
there is one myth about the effectiveness of the head massage. In fact,
when they are hair loss, a vigorous massage can cause more hair to
fall, as the roots are already weak. It can damage the hair shaft.

For dandruff, a light massage with hot oil to help rid the scalp of
flakes. Pure cuconut oil or olive oil can be heated and applied to the
scalp with a gentle massage during the night. It should be left for an
overnight. The next morning the juice of a lemon should be applied an
hour before shampooing. This can be a good treatment for weekly the

Henna is a natural product that also contributes to infection control
dandruff. However, one must be very careful about the quality of henna
used. Henna specially prepared powder mixed with other ingredients, are
effective in controlling dandruff and improving the texture of hair, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

Homemade Shampoo that makes your hair thicker and longer

Prepare organic shampoo at homeHomemade shampoo helps in stopping hair fall and retaining thickness and dark color of hair. The main ingredients used in the shampoo rather in this solution are shikakai, ritha and amla. These three are very effective in removing the dirt from the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and provides necessary nutrition to the hair to grow thick and stronger. Since many years this homemade solution is used for washing hair by women. It is prepared in three simple steps.

Organic shampoo Preparation

Step 1: Soak one handful of shikakai (7-8pieces), 3-4 ritha balls and 4-5 amla pieces in two cups water. Keep it so for 10-12 hours (overnight). It is suggested to soak the ingredients in an iron vessel.

Step 2: Next, boil the water having all three ingredients on low flame till the water reduces to half. Allow the boiled solution to cool at room temperature. 

Step 3:
Try to mash shikakai, ritha and amla which would have become tender after boiling. It can be done by hand. Finally filter the solution to get decoction.
The decoction needs to be used fresh and cannot be stored. It acts as a shampoo plus conditioner. Note that ritha is also called as soapnut.

How to apply Homemade hair thickening Shampoo

Shampoo prepared at home with shikakai, ritha and amla has to be used with utmost care. To have good results it is best to apply on dry hairs. When taking bath, before putting water on head apply the prepared decoction nicely all over the scalp and hair just as applying hair oil. Move the fingers on the scalp as in oil massage for 3-4 minutes. Next take hair wash with lukewarm water. Remember it takes lot of water to rinse the homemade shampoo.

When applying the decoction or while rinsing the hairs ensure the eyes are closed tightly. The solution if comes in touch with eyes might lead to some irritation. It would surely not cause any injury but slight discomfort would be felt. Hence, keep the eyes tightly closed.

The solution prepared is quite strong so it is recommended to apply it on oiled hair. However, a good oil massage on scalp and hair is certainly better done prior to hair wash.

After the hair wash, the hair would be left silky but slight oily feeling on the hair might be felt. Do not worry, try Homemade Organic Herbal Oil Conditioner and  keep up the patience as after few hours the hair will regain the bounce and natural shine. 

Removing Greasy & Dry Hair/ Removing Combination Hair

Remove Dry Greasy Hair

Combination hair :

 As mentioned in Natural Beauty tips,  Greasy at the scalp (greasy hair) and dry and delicate at the ends (like dry hair) i.e., combination hair is caused by overzealous washing with the wrong shampoo when the natural state of the hair tends towards greasiness.

Combination hair treatment at home:

Applying a milder shampoo to your hair, having excellent wash-active ingredients is helpful in cleaning tenderly without de-moisturizing the scalp and conditioning the ends   of the hair, and thus resulting in   prevention of aridity on combination hair

Treatments For Dry Frizzy Hair

Curly Hair treatment

Best treatments of dry frizzy hair :

 For your dry hair care, You are advised to wash your dry hair with a shampoo best suited for dry hair, followed by a hair conditioner. It is reasonable to use an anti- dandruff shampoo for your dry and peeling scalp. You have to be careful with the ends of the hair since they are the driest parts and are prone to splits easily. You should prevent yourself from getting attracted towards styling products in order to tame the frizz.  The insufficient flow of   sebum from the roots being blocked by the peeling scalp results in   development of the frizz. Your hair needs a good oil massage for reducing flakes as well as gentle and careful washing.
 Beautiful hair is an advantage for any woman. Naturally beautiful hair is a blessing for some woman; whereas the unfortunate ones try various products to make their hair attractive. However it is required for each and every woman to take care of hair. By maintaining the following guidelines, you will make others jealous of your gorgeous   tresses.

Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Dry Scalp HairHow to Remove Dry Hair at home
  From the description of Natural Beauty Tips,  Applying a gentle shampoo for your hair followed by a conditioner is required for dry hair care. Regular trimming is necessary for reducing split ends which may travel up the length of the shaft, making the hair look rough and, fragile. The state of the scalp and hair can be unlike due to greasy scalp and arid hair. This is because of removal of moisture caused by over washing.

Homemade treatment for Dry hair
          Homemade hair treatment
like hot oil washing are beneficial for dry scalp and dry hai . The oil
momentarily seals the surface of the skin and hair so as to prevent the
escape of moisture. This allows time for the usual moisture to bring
back itself and make your hair fine shiny and swinging. You can apply this homemade technique for greasy hair too.

How to have Hot Oil Treatment
After the olive oil massage,
hair and scalp should be covered with a towel for an hour. Then after
the removal of oil by the application of shampoo, water has to be
poured slowly.

Treatment For Greasy Hair/ Removing Greasy Hair

Treatment For Greasy Hair

Greasy hair homemade treatment advise

From the description of Natural Beauty Tips, An excess of sebum from sebaceous glands lying next to hair follicle is the reason for oily hair. The extension of sebum along the shaft is caused by the matting of hair as well as resistance of one against the other. It is impossible to suppress the disproportionate activity of the sebaceous glands, so the solution is regular washing of greasy hair with dry shampoo in comparison to normal combination hair, unlike dry hair as this kind of hair is more prone to dirt.

 Greasy hair is caused   as result of anxiety, hormonal activity during puberty and childbirth, thyroid tribulations and eating too much fatty foods and chocolates. Although greasy hair demands frequent washing, it is wise for you not to scrub your hair too hard. Instead of cleaning or lessening the oiliness it will worsen the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp. This will lead to injury of the weak follicles.  Don”t Apply dry hair treatment like oil washing for greasy hair. It is adviseable use the basic natural hair care tips mentioned in Although models look great when they pile their hair while shampooing your hair in ads, it is not wise for you to do so since it causes tangling
leading to further splintering.<br&g

Making Fine Hair/ Treatment For Fine And Shiny Hair

Tips For Fine Hair

How to Make Fine Hair :

It is not easy to control fine hair because of it being static which makes it flyaway. Regular hair conditioner is essential for preventing static on this form of hair. Bulkiness can be added by a conditioning wash. You may need separate treatment for gray hair care.

Fine hair Homemade Natural Remedies
Lemon can be applied for a grand shine. If daily application of shampoo is not done it will make your oily hair look awful. This kind of hair is prone to dirt, damaging the hair through breakage and dandruff. The fallouts are skin diseases, for example acne on your chest, back and also acne on your face. 

That is why careful hair washing is mandatory on a daily basis whereas conditioning
is required twice a month.  It is prudent to condition your chemically
treated hair after every wash as chemical strips hair of its natural
oils, as discussed in Natural Beauty Tips.

Best Tips For Hair Conditioning

Recipes For Hair Conditioning,

Hair Care Tips on Hair Conditioning:

Your hair can be given immediate shine by the following procedure. Just before a big night, first you o beat an egg without the yolk then squeeze half a lemon into it. After that you apply it to your hair avoiding the scalp .Next you have to rinse and wash in another half an hour. The last step requires rinsing your hair with some rose water in order to suppress the smell of egg.
 Your hair can be made better by applying henna soaked in water of used tea bags, coffee powder, amla powder and onion peels. This wonderful hair conditioner helps in rejuvenating the hair.
 There is good availability of   dozen of   hair accessories in today’s market. You can make different styles   by coloring your hair or using clips, pins and bands, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips

Home Made Recipes For Hair Conditioner

Recipes For Hair Conditioner

 Home Made Conditioners For Your Hair :

 From the description of Natural Beauty Tips Your hair can be conditioned by a combination of ¼ cup of vinegar and ½ bucket of water which will make your hair Aas fine. You can also apply a mixture of curds and egg yolks and allow it to dry for 1 hour.
 You have to pull your hair into a ponytail and hold it on with a cotton towel. Then after pouring 1 tablespoon olive oil into the palm of your hand you have to rub your hands together. Next, you can coat the ponytail until thoroughly coated. After covering your ponytail with a shower cap and leaving it overnight, you may shampooing your hair and conditioning your hair in the morning for better results.
 The hair which is not in a steady maze of split ends, does not become greasy swiftly, and is fairly well-behaved is called normal hair. Applying a mild shampoo and conditioner twice a week is advisable for maintaining the normalcy. In case of normal, dry or greasy hair you have to dry your hair lightly with a towel,   and then   blow dry from at least 5 inches away, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips

Hair Care tips for Rainy Season

Your Must-Know Guide to  Hair Care to this rainy seasonrainy season is back and so are the heavy downpours. Enjoy the rains but ensure to take good care of hair and skin. Hair care is crucial in this season else it can become difficult to maintain the beauty of hairs.
rainy season is back and so are the heavy downpours. Enjoy the rains but ensure to take good care of hair and skin. Hair care is crucial in this season else it can become difficult to maintain the beauty of hairs.

Clean the Rain Water from Hair

Rainy season is utterly unpredictable. The light sprinkles can turn into heavy showers anytime. Whenever the rain droplets or heavy showers makes the hair wet then wash the hair thoroughly yet gently. After washing hair with shampoo use a conditioner as well. The reason being, rain water carries lot of unseen bacteria and other pollutants which can spoil the hair if not cleaned. It can also cause excessive dandruff.

Apply Oil to Hair Moderately

Oiling hair in rainy season should be done less. Too much oiling would give more sticky feeling. Hairs experts recommend oiling the hair 3-4 hours prior to taking hair wash unlike keeping hair oiled overnight as in other seasons round the year.

Say No to Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments in the cloudy weather are an absolute no. Hairs are hydroscopic in nature. This mean it absorbs moisture from the environment and invalidates the effect of chemical products on the hair. In fact the hair get becomes more tangled and messy. Chemical treatments refer to highlighting, hair coloring , straightening and so on.

Keep the Hair tied in Loose Hairstyle

Enlarged hair dos that require hairs to be tied tightly in a bun must not used in rainy season. Hair becomes quite fragile and when tying it tightly it breaks down severely. Also do not keep it open. Best is to put all hair together in loose bun or loose ponytail. In case the hair are too long then put a simple plate not too tight. Always use a wide toothed comb in this weather.

Never Comb or Tie Wet Hair

When hairs are wet, first allow it to dry then only comb the hair and put it in a loose bun. Combing wet hair can make the hair to break easily. And, tying hair when it is damp can lead to fungal infection in scalp or it becomes prone to lice infestation.

Do Not Blow Dry Wet Hairs

Hair dryers must not be used to dry the oily hairs. Instead use a good cotton towel and gently rub it on the scalp and hairs. With blow drying the hair (check the dry skin remedies )in rainy season can leads to more split ends and hair breakage. Once it is done mending this issue again shall take lot of efforts and time.

Wash Hairs Twice or Thrice in a Week

It is best to keep the scalp dirt free to avoid all the hair problems in rainy season. In a week one must wash hair 2-3 times. During this season the water gets contaminated soon hence more chlorine is added to water. Chlorine makes the hair very dry. This is the reason why it is important to take the hair wash with mild herbal shampoo. Also use a good conditioner after every hair wash.

Follow above guidelines to hair care in rainy season and enjoy the peter-patter rain drops whole heartedly after all rains come after waiting for one full year. Enjoy!

Gray Hair styles for men

Gray Hair Styles for MenAn apposite gray hair style is important for men too. The hair styles for men are simple and less complicated as compared with the females. Few common hair styles for men always in trend are

Crew hair cut style Short tousled cut and spikes. These look very hot on men. Crew cut suits any normal facial cut having regular features. It is ideal gray hair style for men in early thirties having gray hair because in this style the hairs are cut very short that hides transparent hair completely within the other natural black or brown or blonde color hair.

Tousle hair cut style is very popular as it gives strong look to handsome men. The gray hair coloring is more dramatic look in this hair cut. If someone is open to experiment new hair techniques then long hair cut is also a good option. If it suits and one can carry it off with the confident attitude then it could be tried for couple of months.

Tips For Healthy Hair Tonics

Tonics For Hair

Healthy Hair Tonics :

 Hair tonics are advantageous for your hair care. First, you boil a mixture of 4 teaspoons of tonic hair oil’s powder   in water. Then after cooling it you apply it to your hair.  This process will progressively   prevent hair loss, at the same time help to revitalize and nurture your tresses.

Hair styles for 50 plus women

Gray hair styles for women 50 plusWhen a woman crosses 50 years of age due to biological reasons the hair tends to grow thin. (Check  healthy hair care remedies) Thin hair does not have the strength like thick hair so must be kept short. Hair styles with short hairs are good option such as layered crop cuts, bob hair cuts and short shags.

Layer Hair Style for Women in 50s

The layers in these hair styles must be flipped up with the help of the round brush in order to enhance the facial features and the jaw line that usually drops after this age.

Hair Style with Color Shades

Also women with gray short hair styles  hold the glance of other person firmly. Light color shades in the hair colors must be selected as it makes the females look much younger than her age.

Right hair style
indubitably makes the tremendous difference in
the way person looks. It also boosts up the confidence as everyone
wants to look attractive and stunning. With the growing modus operandi
for hair styling there are no constraints for gray hairs. There are indefinite hair styles for gray hair
as well. Individuals just need to pick the right one for themselves and
then don’t be astonished to see other people starring at you!!

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Apply Conditioner For Hair Highlights

Highlights Hair

Hair shaft conditioner to hair highlights :

                Hair which is longer than 30 cms has been dead for around three years!
                To bring back a lasting change in the condition of anything dead is just next to impossible. So if we try to revive our hair, our effort is fruitless and transient.  It is worth bearing in mind that given its average growth rate, hair that is more than 30 cms long has been dead for around three years. That does not mean your problem   has no solution. If applied, a conditioner can help in curing your dull hair.
        The following method will help you revive your sick hair.  The scales of keratin lie smoothly on healthy hairs one on top of the other. Due to our ignorance and   inadequate care   the scales become curled   at the edges, rough or even disengaged. We say that   a person’s hair is in good condition if the hair has scales rather like a bird’s wing when the feathers are ruffled.   So a conditioner is very much in demand for restoring hair’s appearance.

Women with gray hair

Women with gray hair In the present era gray hair can creep in any age due to varied reasons. Changed lifestyle and growing demand of materialistic pleasures increases the stress to earn more and more that leads to gray hair at quite an early age for men as well as women. One or two gray hair is commonly seen on the scalp of people in their late teens or early twenties. Men and women these days flaunt it as a sign of maturity although they might be really worried internally. Especially for women gray hairs are like a big no-no. To think more about it further worsens the situation. Thus, it is crucial to change the way things are perceived. It is all about the attitude and how one takes things.

How to prevent Gray Hair:
Gray Hair Tip for women: Be More Positive: It is a universal fact that gray hairs are bound to arise after a certain age irrespective of any reason. Something which has to happen some or the other time in this life span shall surely happen. Hence, it is wise to be prepared for the same. Women with gray hair should accept it and must not think much of it.

Every female desires to be called as beautiful and charismatic. This can be achieved by having quality thoughts and through proper deportment. Women should understand that few gray hairs are not going to make much difference in their looks. Little care and thoughtful hairdo can change it all into a much favorable situation. Being positive facilitates in taking the right decision. Moreover, these days fashion welcomes transparent hairs with open arms.

Gray Hair Tips for women: Gray Hair Women in Glamour World: No one as such gets old in today’s time. Across the globe gray hair women in glamour world who are ideal for many females show off their gray hairs in hair styles in rich vibrant colors. Black women with gray hair in Hollywood are seen proudly exhibiting their gray hairs in stylish hair cuts complementing their magnificent dress. If all rich and famous women can be swollen with pride of what they possess then why not every female have the same confidence. Gray hair can surely look glamorous if one wants.

Gray Hair Tip for women: Color the Gray Hair: Women facing the tribulation of premature gray hairs in early eage can resolve it through coloring the same with henna, hair color or hair dye. Henna is a natural herb while hair color and hair dye are chemical products. These three are the quick methods to hide the transparent hairs by giving it a different color. This all can be done easily at home. Apart from these coloring methods, balanced diet with essential nutrients Omega 3, vitamin B12 and folic acid also helps in controlling the premature gray hairs. Massage with emu oil or olive oil too assists the hair follicle in producing the required amount of melanin vital for retaining the natural hair color. Finally positive attitude and thinking plays a great role in relieving the stress thereby reduces the probability of occurrence of hair turning gray.

Every female is the woman of substance. Gray color of the hair must be treated as several supplementary colors like black, brown, blonde, burgundy or any other color. It must not be given too much importance or attention. Attempts could be made to conceal it if required but must not be the priority. Ultimately people adore woman with impressive personality which is highlighted by her thoughts not with the color of her hair. Be positive and prolific and the world would remember you forever!!

Natural Gray Hair remedy at home

Natural Gray Hair remedy at homeGray hair, the general problem in the prevailing time can be treated through herbal and chemical treatments. In herbal gray hair treatment and Natural Gray Hair Treatment all natural remedies and ingredients are used to solve the gray hair problem thus it does not have any side effects but the end result is received slowly and gradually. On the other hand chemical treatments are claimed to be safe, without any side effects in future but it is still not too much certain. However the results are seen immediately. These treatments are helpful in stopping the hair turn gray but the hair strands that are already gray cannot get its natural color back in any case. Also, the treatments whether it is herbal or chemical must be continuously put into practice. It is the wrong belief that once the treatment is taken the result shall be forever. It is so because hair keeps growing from the hair root the new hair length from roots was not grown at the time of treatment hence; the new grown hair length needs the treatment to give it essential supplements for preserving its natural black or brown color.
All these treatments have power over gray hair. Any one or two could be selected. With the aim of having natural black/brown hair these treatments must be practiced continuously. Gray hairs are considered to be the sign of wisdom apart from aging. It is quite assured that the young chaps would not desire for either of wisdom or aging through transparent hair strands on their scalp therefore, they would be very much inclined to try these treatments so as stop their natural hair turn gray.

How You Apply Hair Oil/ Oil Treatment For Hair Oil

Treatment For Hair Oil

Hair Oil treatment :

 Oil can be applied to your hair once a week. It is prudent to apply oil twice a week in case of dry hair because this is the right way to moisturize your hair by applying hair oil. From the Natural Hair Care discussion
 Not only your hair is enriched, it is moisturized by the application of herbal oil.

As Per Natural beauty tips
Homemade Organic Hair Care
Healthy Hair Tonics
Shampooing Your Hair

Homemade remedy to prevent Gray hair

Natural Gray Hair Treatment with Brahmi and BringarajaThe commonly found Gooseberry (amla), Brahmi and Bringaraja herbals in India, can be used to prevent the gray hair spreading in sideburns and temple. Brahmi averts the hair turning gray. Indian gooseberry mixed with coconut oil enhances hair pigmentation and enriches.These two Indian herbs are very effective in keeping hold of healthy hair follicles and pigment cells which eventually prevent the gray hairs. These are available in form of powder or liquid. Everyday, after breakfast, these have to be taken with water as medicines. Brahmi is efficient in returning back the scalp’s normal oil production thus averts hair from turning gray while Bringaraja also known as king of hair improves the blood circulation in hair and ensures healthy functioning of melanocytes cells.

Natural Gray Hair Treatment with Indian Gooseberry:
Indian Gooseberry is a round green color fruit citrus in nature. It is also known as ‘amla’. It is very helpful in controlling the gray hair.

Gray Hair treatment oil using Indian remedy
First cut the fruit into 5-6 pieces and keep it to dry. Then boil the dried amal pieces in coconut oil till the oil turns dark. Store the oil in the bottle. Massage the scalp thoroughly with this oil the previous night before the hair wash. Also soak few dried amla pieces in water in night. In morning, mash it up nicely in the same water (it may not mash fully) and sieve it. Apply Hair shampoo then rinse hair with this water. Finally wash hairs with clean water. This process provides hair with natural hair tonic that enhances the hair pigmentation and enriches the hair growth.

How to Make Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner at Home

Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner at HomeHomemade herbal hair oil conditioner strengthens the hair as it provides necessary nourishment, moisturization and protection from the weather pitfalls. Hair conditioning is extremely important for attaining shiny and lustrous hair.

Homemade herbal hair oil conditioner enhances the look and health of the hair. It shall be a good hair conditioning treatment carried out at home to improve the overall well-being of the hair. It can be prepared at home with easily available ingredients in few simple steps.

Ingredients Needed for Making Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner
Castor Oil: 2 Tablespoons
Olive Oil: 2 Tablespoons
Coconut Oil: 2 Tablespoons
Jasmine Oil: 4-5 Drops

Castor Oil, scientifically known as Ricinus Communis contains Omega-9 fatty acids that nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying. Also rubbing castor oil on the scalp regenerates new hair growth.

Olive Oil is known as Olea Europaea scientifically. When applied on the hair it controls the production of DTH hormones on the scalp which assists in reducing the hair loss. Also the antioxidants present in olive oil promote overall scalp health.

Coconut Oil The scientific name for this oil is Cocos Nucifera. It does not allow the moisture to escape there by keeps the hair vitalized.

Jasmine Oil, in scientific terms it called as Jasminum Grandiflorum or Jasmine Sambac. It provides a protective shield to the hair that assists in keeping the scalp cool and nourished.

Procedure for Preparing Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner
Take a vessel having a thick bottom and put it on low flame on the gas burner. First pour the coconut oil and stir it till it becomes slightly warm liquid. Next add castor oil and olive oil. Blend all three oils as one. Put off the burner. Add drops of jasmine oil and mix well. Allow the temperature of the oil mix to come down a little then it shall be ready for application. It would take 3-4 minutes only to prepare this herbal conditioner for hairs.

Technique to Apply the Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner
Apply the prepared herbal hair conditioner on the scalp and hair with the help of a cotton ball. Once the oil is applied thoroughly massage the scalp with the finger tips for 6-7 minutes. Tie a loose bun or pony. Let the hair be in this position for 5-6 hours. Let the oil get absorbed in the hair roots and shafts. Later, wrap the hairs in the hot towel covering the forehead till the nape (back of the neck). Leave it for 15 minutes, then after shampoo the hair and pat dry.

Right Usage of Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Conditioner
This herbal hair oil conditioner is suitable for all hair variants. The difference would lie in the usage of the conditioner with respect to the hair type. Once applied it must be kept overnight for dry hair while 2 hours anytime in the day is sufficient for oily hair. The normal hair would seek 5-6 hours in the day. Use it twice in a week, once in a week and once in 15 days for dry, normal and oily hair respectively. With regular use the hair shall be lustrous and shiny.

The homemade herbal hair oil conditioner is very easy to make but it has to be used as mentioned in accordance to the hair type. Try it out and see the change in the quality and quantity of hair. You have to follow this in turn people””””s eyes shall follow you!

Natural gray hair cure using herbal tonic diet

Homemade Remedies for gray hair cure  Curry leaves for natural Gray Hair Treatment:
A Curry leaf is also known as ‘mita neem’. It is widely used in South Indian Cooking. Regular consumption of 4-5 curry leaves in regular diet always help in maintaining the natural hair color. It gives the strength to hair follicle to produce the melanin pigment. It also provides energy and potency to hair roots. It can also be boiled in coconut oil and can be used to massage the hair roots gently on the scalp to fuel the hair pigmentation.

Curd and pepper powder for Gray Hair Treatment
Curd is also very helpful in keeping hair roots strong. It should necessarily be part of daily diet at lunch as a gray hair treatment diet. In addition to diet, it must be applied directly on the scalp.

How to prepare gray hair treatment paste?
For the gray hair treatment, take 100gms of curd in a bowl, add 1 gm black pepper powder and mix well. Apply it evenly on the scalp and leave it for an hour. Later using mild Hair shampoo takes the hair wash. This should be done once in week to have dandruff free hair and controlling of gray hair.

Omega3 in Emuoil for Hair Treatment with Emu Oil:
Hair needs omega 3 along with vitamin B components. Emu oil is the only the rich source of Omega 3. The scalp must be massaged with this oil once in a week in order to provide omega 3 to hair follicle that would help melanocytes cells to produce sufficient quantity of melanin pigment so as to keep the hair black.

Gray hair supplements:
Vitamin B is essential element for healthy hair follicle. 10 mg of pantothenic acid, 100 mg of para-aminobenzoic acid and 2 gm of inositol are important constituents of vitamin B. It is difficult to absorb these vitamins in the daily diet. Therefore, if an individual is open for taking supplements then tablets of calcium pantothenate and para-aminobenzoic acid (paba) can be taken once in a day after food. These tablets fulfill the vitamin B requirement in the body through which hair can be retained in its natural color.

Hair Masks for Summer Hair Care

Hair masks prepared using all natural ingredients are very effective and efficient in defending hair in the hot summers. Due to blazing heat and scratching humidity often turns dry, frizzy hair and becomes more prone to split ends. The summer hair masks helps in fighting against all these hair plights and provides protection from ultraviolet radiations.

The sunny summers demands the necessity to take good care of the skin and hair in the scorching heat. Dry hair, split ends, frizzy and brittle hair are the most common hair problem this season. In order to evade all these hair tribulations use few special hair masks for repairing the sun damaged hair. The summer hair masks also give a protective shield so as to protect the hair from any future smash up due to the ultra violet radiations emitted by sun.

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask
Honey – ¼ cup
Olive Oil – ¼ cup
Procedure –
First heat the honey for few seconds on flame. After turning off the burner add olive oil and stir it well. Then allow the mixture to cool down at room temperature. Finally, apply it on the scalp and hairs gently with the help of fingers. Wrap the hairs and scalp in warm towel. Let it be like this for 30 minutes. Past half an hour, remove the towel and wash the hair with Hair shampoo.
In this mask instead of olive oil coconut oil can also be used. To make the towel warm, dip it in lukewarm water for a min and then squeeze all the excess water. This mask is best to repair the dry hair. The main two ingredients of this mask namely honey and olive oil polishes the hair and nourishes it.
Avocado Hair Mask
Avocado – 1 piece (ripe)
Honey – 2 Tablespoons
Coconut oil – 2 Tablespoons
Jojoba oil or Olive oil – 2 Tablespoons
Shea butter – ¼ cup (melted)
Apple cider vinegar – 1 Tablespoons
Procedure –
This mask is applied on washed hair. So take the shampoo hair wash first then apply the mask. To prepare the mask, take out the pulp of avocado and mash it thoroughly. To this add all other ingredients and mix it well to make thick paste. Apply it on the hair starting from the root till the shaft. Ensure the mask is well applied all over the hairs. Then grab all the hair together and wear a plastic cap over it. Let it stay like this for half an hour. After 30 minutes first rinse the hair with lukewarm water and make it free from the mask. Then after take scrupulous shower only with cold water, no need for shampoo.
Avocado is an excellent source for hair conditioning. Honey and shea butter in the mask moisturizes the summer dried hair very well. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil provide the proteins to the hair and seal the hair strands that help in reducing the split ends. To remove the dead skin cells on the scalp, apple cider vinegar is used in the mask. This hair mask is ideal for summers and is suitable for all hair types.
Egg Yolk Hair Mask
Egg Yolk – 2 in number extracted from two eggs
Honey – 2 tablespoons
Separate the egg yolk from the eggs in a bowl and whip it well. To the whipped egg yolks add honey and stir it well to make the thick liquid. Apply this liquid with a flat brush to the hair roots, then after to the hairs till the end. Massage very gently on the scalp with fingers for 4-5 minutes. Wear a plastic cap and put all the hairs inside the cap. Let the hairs stay in the cap for 30 minutes then after wash using the mild shampoo. Use only cold water for hair wash.
This mask is also called as Mediterranean mask. Egg yolk gives deep conditioning to the hair while honey stimulates the roots. It also appeases the scalp that feels tingled and prickled due to summer heat.
Summer hair mask is the best way to safeguard the hairs from any sort of damage in the blistering heat and itching sweat. Use any one of the mask once in fifteen days for the entire season and be assured about the soft silky and bouncy hair. After all healthy hair is the idiom of good looks!

Natural Hair color to cover the Gray Hair

Natural Hair color to cover the Gray HairCover the gray hair and look young. The professional hair stylists too suggest the same option to shroud the gray hair. How to cover the gray hair is no longer a mystery as in order to hide the transparent hair for longer duration on the scalp there are variety of products available in the market. These could be selected on the basis of one’s hair type and amount of gray hair present. As such none of the product can offer any permanent hair color to cover gray hair. It has to be applied again and again after couple of days. Once the gray hair comes on the scalp it would exist till the last breath, it can only be hidden for few days with the use of any of the hair coloring products.

Henna natural gray hair cover:
It is the paramount technique to give the little reddish or burgundy color to the white hair. It is completely herbal and leaves no side effect. Across India, every second home would have people using henna to cover gray hair. With regular application the hair gets new vibrant color that is unique on its own. Also it has natural conditioning and anti fungal properties that keeps hair free from dandruff and Keeps Hair free from dryness.

Gray Hair color Dye to gray hair cover:
This product is also widely used by females as well males to cover the gray color of hairto black or brown. Many brands of special effects

hair dyes like loreal are available in the market. Depending on the hair and skin type it could be selected.

How to apply hair dye?
The dye must be applied to the gray areas first, it should be allowed to penetrate and later apply on the rest of the hair. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse the hair well with Hair shampoo. In this way it would evenly spread on the entire scalp and after wash shall give the uniform look. Although it is one of the universally used hair coloring product to cover gray hair but unfortunately no matter how good the product is, it is certainly unhealthy. It tends to weaken the eye sight and have negative impact on the kidney too. Hence, it should be used once in a while.

Hair Coloring gray hair cover:
It is yet another hair coloring product. There are many variants available in this category with respect to shades and permanency of the color on gray hair. Shades can be chosen as one likes. However, it is suggested to go in for darker shades as it is more likely to match the natural hair color. Also, to retain the applied hair color for longer period ensure to wash hair less as with every wash the hair color gets lighter and gray hair again starts becoming visible.

Question: What would be the best way to cover the gray hair?
On the foundation of permanency hair coloring can be divided into three type’s temporary gray hair covering, semi-permanent gray hair covering and permanent gray hair covering.

  • Temporary hair colors as the name suggests it goes off after one or two wash with the shampoo. It should be used only when an individual has few gray hairs like less than 20 hairs.
  • Semi-Permanent Gray Hair: Once the number of gray hair crosses 20% of the total hair then semi-permanent hair color is the better choice. It stays for about 2-3 weeks.
  • Permanent Gray Hair: And finally when gray hair is more than 50% of total hair then permanent hair color is the best choice. Permanent color does not mean the gray hair would be turned into any other color forever. It stays longer than the previous two variants so referred as permanent color. After using any of coloring products, one has to use only those shampoo and Hair conditioner that are safe for colored hair.

Advise: Natural way to cover the gray hair
These are the three ways to cover gray hair. It includes chemical as well as herbal ingredients. Hair dye and hair color are chemical products while henna is herbal to cover the gray hair naturally. Even if it gives the best immediate coloring results, some side effects are sure to happen with the use of chemical products. Thus, must be opted less and should be used only for some main occasion. The best gray hair color to cover gray hair is undeniably Henna. No health problem shall ever creep in with this natural coloring agent. To have or not to have gray hair is not in our hands but to cover it with any of these coloring ways is our choice. So if we have the options accessible to cover the gray hair and look young then why not.

Gray Hair Styles for Women

Gray hair Styles for WomenThe best gray hair style for women would be cutting the hair above the collarbone. This reduces the contrast between silver and pigmented hairs. Then layering is also a good hair style option as it assists to disguise several hues. Layers add depth and volume to the hair giving a well defined shape to the hair cut making the overall facial look very attractive and appealing. This shoulder length layered gray hair cut goes very well on many face cuts and different hair types. Ladies in their late twenties or early thirties can make the ends of the layers curled outwards. This would make them look young, dazzling and all gray hairs gets daintily adjusted. One must always opt for a contemporary hair cut. Long gray hair leaves limited options of bun that are less trendy. Therefore, it is always better to have the short length gray hair styles.

Tips For Healthy Hair | 5 Tips to Manage Your Hair

5 Hair Care Tips and AdviceA good hair style adds up a lot to make one”s overall personality attractive. Similarly a bad hairdo takes way the charm. Some days it is impossible to set the hair right. For such days here are 5 hair care tips to manage the fussy and adamant hair.

Hairs at times become very nasty that it is impossible to make a nice hairdo. Overlook the elaborate hair styles, even the routine hair set also sometimes becomes difficult to set. A not-so-good hair setting spoils the entire look as well as brings down the confidence level. Hence, here are few hair tips that could you help manage the tough times with occasionally fussy hairs.

Tip 1: Leave Out the Styling Cream
When hairs become fussy, do not blindly apply any hair styling cream or hair gel. It can further worsen the situation as after applying the gel or cream more oil shall bounce back on the hair. Instead only opt for more routine hair brushing.

Tip 2: Blow Dry Your Hair
Hair experts suggest using blow-dry on tough days. To so the same take large round brush. It has to be done on wet hairs. Lift your hair from the roots and blow dry at the root area. Carry out for the entire head. After finishing the blow dry, start rolling the hair ends inwards or outwards as desired with a small round brush. This would help bring the hair in control and set it well. However, use blow dry on really tough days that means strictly once in while as too much blow drying the hair makes the roots weak and can lead to excessive hair fall.

Tip 3: Tuck Your Hair in Pony
Comb the hair well and tie it all together in a tight ponytail as high as possible. Then pull the tail of the pony towards the sky and start rolling the hair from the hair ends towards the root. Once the entire pony is rolled put a clutch to hold the hair roll. Let it stay as it is. Once you are all set to leave the house, just remove the clutch and comb your hair with brush having large bristles. The hair shall be set with slight curls. This surely would set your hair on its own.

Tip 4: Set the Hair Together with a Clutch
Comb the hair as usual and tie it together in a low ponytail. Then twist the tail of the pony and turn it towards the heads. Then to hold this hair position put a clutch little below the hair ends. The hair ends shall be swinging out of the clutch. This gives a very neat sporty look. Also this hair setting can be finished in a jiffy.

Tip 5: Use a Scarf or Cap
At times in hurry-burry hairs too would become adamant to set in a neat hairdo. To sustain such situation composedly, use a scarf or cap on the head. Occasionally use of such hair accessories defines your style quotient and also manages the fussy hair.

These tips would assist in managing the hair on those tough days. It is effortless, less time consuming and do not cause any tribulations to healthy hair. With little patience anything can be managed, so why not the hairs!

Home Remedies for Keeping Scalp Lice Free

Home Remedies for Head LiceHead lice can occur anytime in monsoon after rain droplets/downpour wets the hair and the scalp. It should be treated without delay because it spreads very fast. Home remedies are more effectual in treating head lice as it does not cause any side effects and makes the scalp free of lice completely.

Head Lice infestation is one of the major hair problems that occur in rainy season period. It is also called as pediculosis. It can happen at anytime in the life span.

It is suggested to clean the scalp as soon as possible from the lice. The reason being once it occurs it multiplies at a very rapid speed which becomes uncontrollable. Hence, always make sure to get rid of lice immediately. There are many anti–lice hair shampoos and medicines available in the market to make the head lice free. These all are chemically produced lice removing products that surely leave back some side effects. Moreover, it only kills the lice and sometimes the lymph but never the nits. So when nits are not killed, the scalp can never become free from lice because nit shall hatch into lymph and finally to lice only. Therefore, it is best to use home remedies to clear the scalp from lice, lymph and nits.

Use Vinegar to Keep Lice Away from Scalp
Apply white vinegar on the hair roots gently using fingers. Wait for 20-30 minutes. Later take a head wash with herbal shampoo. This remedy shall kill all three forms of lice and make the scalp clean. It might take 2-3 attempts to divest lice completely from the head. In case too much itching occu

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Rub Listerine Mouthwash to Dispose of the Lice
Ahead of to taking hair wash, rub Listerine mouthwash on the hair roots with a gentle hand. Ensure the mouth wash is applied on the entire scalp. Once it is done, allow the applied liquid to do the needful. Then after take the hair wash with shampoo. This too shall assist in making the head free from nits, lymph and lice. It also needs more than 2 attempts to clear the lice totally from the scalp. Listerine mouthwash is absolutely harmless hence it is safe to use for young girls too.

Massage Savlon on Scalp to Throw Out Lice from Hairs
Savlon is the liquid medicine same as detol used for controlling the bleeding on the wounds. It too is chemically produced like anti-lice shampoo but is very effective in killing the lice eggs (nits), lymph and lice. It has to be applied same as Listerine mouthwash on the hair roots covering the whole scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and later take the hair wash with any good shampoo. This shall remove the lice from the scalp within 3-4 application. It can be used twice in a week. It is safe for everyone to use.

These remedies are not much time consuming. The ingredients used are easily available. The best part is it kills all three forms of lice and make the scalp clean. When suffering with lice infestation, do give it a try!

4 Formulas to Solve Regular Fall Season Hair Problems

Hair Care for the Fall SeasonHair care in Fall Season requires attending the hair issues that are hair fall, dull hair, oily scalp and dandruff. These four common hair problems can be treated with home remedies. It must be carried out for the complete season of Fall Season.

Rains bring restorative energy to lift up the mind and soul. Fall Season is the favorite time of the year for many of us. It is time to relax but also calls for extreme care for hair. As this season exhibit the regular problems of hair mainly hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp and dull hair. These hair issues are commonly experienced in rainy season. It should be attended for sure. Hence, find here 4 formulas to solve these Fall Season hair problems.

Formula 1: Control Hair fall with Coconut Milk
Everyday each one of us can notice 50-60 hair strands falling out while combing. This hair fall quantity goes up to 200 strands in Fall Season.

It is normal and one should not worry too much for it. If it is more then treat it with coconut milk. Take one cup concentrated coconut milk.
Apply it on the roots very gently with finger. Massage entire head in the same manner. Once done, tie the hair loosely and leave it for 45 minutes. Then after take the hair wash with mild hair shampoo. Carry out this home remedy for hair fall in Fall Season twice in week for the whole month,You can also check the hair care for rainy season

Formula 2: Take Away the Hair Dullness with Egg Yolk Hair Mask
It is common to observe the lifeless hair during Fall Season. The reason being the air holds dust and moisture that settles on the hair and scalp making the hair rough and dull. In order to bring back the lost luster of hair apply the hair mask made from honey and egg yolk. To prepare the hair mask, take one egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey. Whip it well together to get the creamy texture. Apply it on the roots with finger tips. Leave it for 30 minutes. Later wash it off with any mild herbal or baby shampoo.

Formula 3: Free Scalp from Oil with Lemon
In Fall Season scalp tends to become oily because of the moisture in the atmosphere. An oily scalp makes the hair oily as well which spoils the look. There by to free the scalp from oil rub lemon. Cut lemon into half and rub it on the scalp gently. Let the juice settle on the scalp for 15 minutes. Later take the head wash with herbal liquid. To prepare this herbal liquid, mix 100 grams each of amla (goose berry), reetha and shikakai powders. Put this mix into 2 liters of boiling water. Stir it well. Let the liquid boil till it becomes half. Once it is reduced, allow it to cool down. Later use it for hair wash.

Formula 4: Apply Apple-Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is caused due to too less oil or too much oil. In rainy season as the scalp becomes oil frequently, it leads to dandruff. To get rid of dandruff in this season apply apple-cider vinegar to the scalp thoroughly. Hold it on the scalp for 20 minutes. Later take the hair wash with the herbal liquid as mentioned above. Use only this liquid for the entire season.

Treat all these four common hair problems in Fall Season with these formulas. The hair tribulations shall be overcome and Fall Season would be more fun. Enjoy the natural showers without any worry!