Homemade Indian facial Tips

Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle facial skin careThere are four important steps to a facial.

  •    A thorough and deep cleaning of the skin is done. The top layer of the dead skin is exfoliated so that the skin appears healthier.
  •    The skin is rejuvenated by helping it to renew dead cells faster.
  •     A deep moisturizer is applied.
  •    The benefits of the products are accentuated.

Usually people in 20’s think that wrinkle remedies are only for 40 and 50s and don’t bother much, soon 30 approaches and they start worrying and 40’s and 50’s is always too late.
The facial that you have decided to do depends on various factors the produces that are going to be used and the treatment that you are looking for. The facials remove the dead cells which make the outer part of the skin appear dull. The pollutants are also removed from the top layers of the skin called the epidermis. Thus the skin then glows once the younger and the newer layer is revealed. Facial massage helps in blood circulation of the face which has 120 muscles. The regular massage delays the wrinkles and thus you should massage your face regularly as discussed in  natural beauty tips

Depending on the type of your skin, something great here are trying to mask. milk for oily skin, use a few simple Magnesia, which rub and let dry, then rinse with warm water. The surprise absorbed oil.

For normal / combination skin of a mix of eggs and 1 / 2 cup of instant porridge and a teaspoon of oil until smooth. Spread on your face and leave 15 minutes then rinse.

Five reasons for facials from home

Reson for Facials at homeIf your skin suffers from tortures like pollution, sun burn ad heavy make up then you need to provide it with certain nourishments. You will have to do a regular facial therapy. Facials are really good for your  natural skin care. They pamper your skin and increase your blood circulation making your skin glow.

Facials however if done at home helps you to avoid spending money in the facial spa. Facials are very useful as what they do is to rejuvenate and re- hydrate your skin. Usually people think that facials should be performed only at the age of 30 or 40; however, it is a myth. Facials tone up your muscles in the face and can cure you of many skin problems.  As advised in  natural beauty tips 

When in the parlors you will find various types of facial, however the best facial is home facial. This not only saves money but also prevents your skin from harmful chemicals. If you go for a facial in any salon you will firstly have a cleansing facial, this will remove all the accumulated dust from your face. After that there will be a message that rejuvenates your skin followed by a scrub that removes the dead cells from your skin and makes your skin glow. At the end you will be provided with a facial peel. This anti wrinkle peel will depend on the type of skin you have.

Now, you must be thinking how often one should have a facial? The question is very genuine as you should not over do the entire thing in quest of eternal beauty, and neither should you do it very less. Generally facials should be done once a month if you are 20 to 30, but once you are older than that you should do it twice in fifteen days.

However, if you are intending to do a facial then you can always go for homemade facials as they are equally helpful.

Get Rid of Shiny Nose using facial at home remedy

Tips on how to care the shiny red noseIf you have a shiny nose then you don’t need to frown in front of the mirror. All you have to do is follow our tips.

Taking care of your nose is all that you have to do. While doing your make up you have to take care of your nose make up. To prevent a shiny nose you can try out the following:

Conceal your shiny nose
Take some sugar and water and then apply that on your face after that dab it with powder. This will stop your nose from shining like silver.

Apart from that you also have to be careful while you are cleaning your nose. Here are few nose cleaning tips. If you are having a cold then drain off the mucous very carefully using both your nostrils. This will remove all the dust and mucous. As per   natural beauty tips  

                                Natural SkinCare

Steam facial at home Using Towel

How to steam your face for skin careFor steaming face, take a mug of boiling water. Keep this on a low table on a hot plate. Now you can steam your face by sitting in front of this mug and making a tent over your head with a large towel. The edge of the towel should be at least six inches from the front of your forehead.

Now lean over the hot water mug and take care that you don’t get too close. Ten minutes after steaming your face, pat your face dry. From the description of  natural beauty tips 

You can do the  facial steam for sinus too. In the boiling water put a
drop of   Amrutanjan  or Tiger Balm  herbal remedy for headache before
steaming the face.  This will give temporary relief to the headache.