How to Remove Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Remover

It is vital to remove the eye makeup properly especially before sleeping else it might lead to formation of crow-feet wrinkles around the eyes. One can remove eye makeup in simple steps all by themselves. It would take few minutes. It is ideal to remove the eye makeup with mix of canola and olive oil.

Eyes are very delicate body organ. The overall personality enhances with good eye makeup. However, for hale and hearty eyes it is crucial to remove the eye makeup as soon as you are back to home. Especially before sleeping eye makeup has got to be removed. The reason being, if one sleeps with eye makeup on then it increases the probability of early formation of eye wrinkles and leads to skin blackening near eyes. Hence, here are few simple steps for removing the eye makeup that could be helpful.

Remove Eye Makeup in Simple Steps
Step 1 – Prepare Oil for Eye Makeup Removal
It is best to remove the eye makeup with the mix of canola oil and extra virgin olive oil. Take 2 tablespoon canola oil and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Blend both well in a bowl. In case either one or both the oils are not available then baby oil can also be used. It too works well for removing the eye makeup.

Step 2 – Apply the Oil Mix to Eyes for Removing Eye Makeup

Take a fresh cotton ball. Dip it in the oil mix prepared in step 1. Close right eye and hold it with one hand. With another hand press the cotton ball on right eye lid and lashes. Leave it as it is for two minutes. Oil is left on the eye so that oil works its way through all the layers of makeup.

Step 3 – Wipe off the Applied Oil to Free the Eye from Makeup
With another cotton ball very gently remove the make by swiping the cotton in downward direction. Do it 2-3 times so that all the makeup is removed from the eyes.

Step 4 – Remove the Leftover Makeup
Now open the right eye. Again swipe the cotton on the eye to ensure all the makeup is off from under the lashes and eyelids. If by any chance some makeup is left on the eye then again apply the oil and remove it in the same way as mentioned in above steps.

Step 5 – Take off eye makeup of Left Eye
Repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4 in same sequence to remove the makeup on left eye as well. Take new cotton balls for left eye. The same cotton should not be used because if right eye has any infection then it would get transferred to left eye as well.

Step 6 – Clean the Face

Once all the makeup is removed from the eyes, clean the face as usual either with cleansing milk or mild face wash. Then after apply the moisturizer and hit the bed.

This recipe for removing eye makeup is the answer to the query ‘how to remove eye makeup’. It is easy to follow. Only point to take care is to be extremely careful while removing the eye makeup as the skin around eyes is very tender. Take good care of eyes and delay the prospects of wrinkle formation as far as possible. Follow these steps one after the other and remove all the eye makeup cosmetics like mascara, eye liner or eye shadow etc. After all eyes too wants to breathe naturally without any makeup!

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