Natural Food diet to prevent the Eye Wrinkle

Curing Eye Wrinkles using Natural DietsProper diet and good living style helps in keeping the eye under skin healthy. Proper sleep of 6-8 hours and 10-12 glasses of plain water helps reducing the under eye wrinkles. Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy skin. Vitamin C can be attained by the body from all citrus fruits and gooseberry juice.
All green vegetables like spinach and fenugreek contain collagen producing agents in it. Red fruits and vegetables like red peppers, blueberries, blackberries beets and fresh or stewed tomatoes increase the collagen production in the body. Avocados, almonds and fish (salmon and tuna) are good sources of omega fatty acids that enhance the collagen levels.
Green and black olives, fresh cucumbers and fresh stalks of celery are
rich in sulfur that is important for increasing the collagen levels.
Raw carrots, fresh cantaloupe and baked sweet potatoes are high in
vitamin A and must be consumed as much as possible.  Don’t forget to
apply natural face mask weekly once.

The wrinkle balanced diet with these mentioned food items would
certainly help in reducing the wrinkles and help you maintain the
flawless skin. The most important investment to be made to fight the
eye wrinkles
is buying good sunglasses. Never ever go in scorching heat
without the sunglasses. These little precautions and care would keep
eye wrinkles far away, making females look like young girls forever!!

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