Eye care tips/ advanced eye care tips

Best tips for Eye care From the Natural beauty tips discussion ,  For your eye care, avoid wearing contact lenses for long periods of time or sleeping in them as this leads to problems. Avoid rubbing the eyes frequently because it may lead to eye infection because hardly anyone bothers to wash his hands before touching the eyes. Avoid splashing water furiously believing that if you do so it will take away tiredness. Always wash gently because splashing may move the smallest dust particles or an allergen and it may minutely damage the cornea.
                 Instead of handkerchiefs, use disposable tissues for wiping eyes, as they are more hygienic. For strong eye muscles, avoid sitting nearer than 5 feet from the TV and try to keep your book at least two feet away. While using eye makeup use cream based makeup because powdery eye shadows may enter eyes and, trouble you. Be very gentle if you need to wear lenses. Don’t use aerosol products like hairspray in case you need to wear lenses. Avoid using mascara which is older than one year.

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