Commonly asked Acne Treatment Questions & Answers

Acne - Frequently Asked questions Question 1:
Well amongst the most common questions is Does wearing make up cause acne?

The answer to this is very simple. Wearing makeup is not the issue but you need to clean it properly before going to sleep. If you don’t do that then you might end up having acne problem. As far as make up tools are considered then you have to clean them periodically as they form a harbor to bugs that can cause acne. It is so caused more because of the imbalances in the hormones during puberty. You should keep the tools of makeup like brushes and sponges clean. They are a breeding ground for germs which may lead to spots.

Question 2:

Can I use Facial Cleaner and Toner?

For Acne medication question people are skeptical about using facial cleaner and toner for acne treatment. As far as using them is considered, acne has no relation with them. It is surely good to clean your skin but an excessive use of toner and cleanser is not advised.

Question : 3

People are uncertain whether facial is an acne treatment or not?

The answer is no, as facial is certainly very pampering and relaxing experience but if your beautician is inadequately or isn mot properly trained then she might <a href="/FaceCare/acne-76/AcneNightsolution/BeautyTips?m=32&mm=76&mmm=79#squ

Question : 4

Can we apply same acne treatment for all type of skin?

Every one does not have the same skin. Each person has a different skin type and the treatment varies accordingly. To begin with you must find out your skin type. If your skin feels dry and breaks easily then you have dry skin; you have an acne scar treatments, dry skin care.

Question : 5

What is the right acne treatment for oily skin?

There is also another type of skin something that is common to in the Indians it is the oily skin type. These are mainly prone to acne as the sebaceous gland secretes juices that keep your face oily and thus provide a natural lubricant and this keeps the skin always hydrated. It mixes with the dead skin cells and clogs the pores and thus causes blemishes along with acne. But this skin type must not be confused with a well lubricated skin. If you have different skin on each type then that is combination skin.

Question : 6

How to Treat acne when patient has mixed type skin?

If your cheeks are dry and rest of the face is oily then you have “T” zone, i.e. the chin, the nose and the forehead are oily because there are more oil glands in that area. Thus select the regimen which is suitable for your skin type for maximum benefits.

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