Home Remedies for Reducing Underarm Darkness

Home Remedies for Reducing Underarm Darkness

Women having dark underarms often resist wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. The darkness around underarms can be reduced using the natural beauty remedies.

Cure Underarm Darkness with Curd and Gram Flour Paste

To make the paste mix one tablespoon curd, one teaspoon gram flour, one teaspoon milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this paste to the underarms. Allow it to dry on its own. It would take 15-20 minutes. Later clean with cold water and pat dry with cotton napkin. This paste must be used once in a week to get the best results.

Rub Lemon on Underarm to Trim Down the Darkness

As lemon is the natural bleach and acts as an excellent skin lightening agent, it can be used for discoloration of underarm darkness as well. Get into the habit to rub lemon on the dark skin below the shoulders everyday before taking bath. With regular practices the underarm darkness shall be reduced.

Cucumber Juice, Ideal Home Remedy for Reducing Underarm Darkness

More remedies for skin whitening can be found under natural skin whitening beauty tips.

Mix together one tablespoon cucumber juice, one teaspoon lime juice and pinch of turmeric. Apply this juice around the armpits with the help of cotton. Once it is dry in fifteen minutes rinse with cold water. Lime and cucumber juice together surely shall bring down the underarm darkness.
Underarm Darkness Reduces with Application of Alum Powder

Make fine powder of alum (called fitkari in Hindi). Dust this powder around the underarms instead of a deodorant. Not-so-good quality deodorant also leads to dark underarms. Hence, apply this alum powder and lessens underarm darkness along with the bad body odor.

Orange Peel Powder Shrinks the Underarm Darkness

Reduce the darkness about underarms with the orange peel powder. Take equal quantity of this powder and yogurt. Mix well and apply it over the infected area. Let it dry then after wash it with normal water. This dried orange peel powder is wonderful homemade scrub that is very effective in reducing the skin darkness.

Sandalwood to Decrease the Darkness of Underarms

Blend together one tablespoon sandalwood powder and one teaspoon of rose water. Apply the same to the underarms. Once it is dried, wash it off with normal tap water. This mixture not only reduces the underarm darkness but also lessens the body odor.

Strictly Switch to Waxing for Reducing the Underarm Darkness
Do not use hair removal lotion or Shaver on underarm

Many women use hair remover lotions or shaver to clean the unwanted hairs at underarms. This is one of the prime reasons for underarm darkness . Thereby in order to reduce this darkness only use waxing for removing the hair. Say a forever no to any other mode of hair removal no matter how convincing its advertising techniques are put forward.

Waxing removes the dead skin, pulls of the hair from the roots and also takes away all the intractable dirt that accumulates on the skin near the armpits. In hot weather conditions cold wax is appropriate and vice versa. With continuous use of waxing hair growth is reduced and also the darkness under the arms.

Finally it is always better to keep yourself well hydrated using natural skincare remedies and try to wipe off the sweat around underarms frequently. This prevents excessive sweating and controls the darkness. Do try these natural beauty remedies and flaunt any dress you wish too!

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How to lighten dark skin between my legs intimate area?

Dark skin in the intimate area, also known as hyperpigmentation, can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, and friction. While it is normal for the skin to be darker in certain areas, some people may be self-conscious about the appearance of dark skin in this area.

Here are some steps that may help to reduce the appearance of dark skin in the intimate area:

Exfoliate: Gently exfoliating the skin can help to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, which may help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or a loofah to exfoliate the area.

Use a lightening cream: Topical lightening creams containing ingredients such as kojic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone can help to reduce the appearance of dark skin. It’s important to consult a doctor or a dermatologist before using any lightening cream as some of these creams can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and even skin damage.

Avoid irritation: Avoiding irritation in the intimate area can help to prevent the development of dark skin. Wearing breathable cotton underwear, avoiding tight clothing, and avoiding harsh soaps and detergents can all help to reduce irritation.

Use Sunscreen: Sun exposure can worsen hyperpigmentation and make the dark skin more visible. Using sunscreen with at least SPF 30 can help to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Consult a doctor: If the dark skin is caused by a medical condition, such as melasma or eczema, it’s important to consult a doctor or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

It’s important to note that results may vary from person to person and that it’s always best to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before trying any new treatment. Additionally, it’s important to note that most remedies and treatments may not provide an immediate result and may need to be used consistently over time to see an improvement.

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