Facial home made sauna

Facial home made sauna

Giving your face a natural sauna treatment is a good way to deep cleanse it. It is a great way to clean a normal type skin . For such natural skin treatment, just take a bowl of water which is nearly boiling and then add around 4 drops of each of the essential drops as required by your skin type .

Facial Natural Sauna Oil

Applying sauna Oil and Facial treatment

As advised in Natural beauty tips,   For normal skin you should use Lavender and Mandarin oil. For oily skin you should go for oily face skin oils like Eucalyptus and lemon oil. While for dry skin type, Chamomile and Rose oil is recommended.

Facial Treatment after Sauna

After this, keep a towel over your head and then hold it at a distance of around thirty cm over the bowl for about a couple of minutes. This process helps in opening of skin pores and thus makes it ready for a face mask. This is the way to do homemade sauna .

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