Natural homemade remedies Pimples treatment

Herbal home treatment for pimples in skin

Here are some home remedies to reduce pimples. Make a paste of pepper, nutmeg and water ad apply it on pimples. Let it dry and then wash off with water. Another organic pimple cure is to mix ten gram white onion juice with five gram honey and one gram rock salt. Apply on pimples and wash off. If you are looking to cure the acne and pimple faster then try herbal pimple paste

Pimple treatment Calamine Lotion and mint leaves

You should wash face at least three times everyday and apply calamine lotion on affected area. Another natural pimple treatment is to make a paste of ground mint leaves and leave it overnight. This will not only clear out pimples but also reduce blemishes. Never pick on pimples as it might lead to scars.

Reducing pimples using almond and poppy seed

Make a powder of poppy seeds, almonds and rice flour. Mix with curd and leave it on your face for ten minutes followed by washing off. This will not only reduce pimples but also make your face glow.

Preventing pimples in advance

Add curd to gram flour and apply on face. Rub it before it dries completely and continue for two days. Always use medicated soaps recommended by doctor and never pinch pimples. Pinching pimples might lead to permanent scar that will make face look dull.

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