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Advanced Foot Care Recipes For Total Foot Routine :

The pedicure tools are Pumice stone, Cotton wool and buds Moisturizer, Nail cutter, Enamels either  tinted or  frosted,  Orange stick,  Cuticle cutter, Foot scrapper, Nailbrush, 2 basins  having adequate size for  footbath,  Enamel remover,  Base coat, Cuticle pusher, nail file and Topcoat.
The Pedicure staff includes Acetone, fluid soap or   shampoo, Hydrogen Peroxide,   Nail Varnish,   Grease or lotion, Foot powder,    Antibacterial   cream   and tepid water.

Pedicure method :

1. After immersing   your feet in   tepid foamy   water   for a couple of   minutes   you have to pat them dry. You should be cautious   while wrapping   your toenail scrupulously.
2. Any   old enamel can be eradicated   from your toenails   with   enamel remover and cotton fur.
3. While trimming and   filing your nails, nail clippers should be used.   In order to   remove any rough ends   you have to file   your toenails   simply straight across.
4. Your cuticles have to be    rubbed in globular   actions with a tipped   carroty   stick   moistened in some cuticle lotion.    Pumice pebble,   nailbrush   and foot   scrapper can refresh your foot.
5. You are asked to re-immerse   your feet   for a couple of   minutes.
6. Cuticle   remover has to be   applied   to the cuticles   with your tipped         carroty   stick.
7. Cautious   elevation   of   the cuticle is required by   soaking your cuticle blade.
8.  Repeated   re-immersion    and scrupulous   drying are required.
9. While   massaging  your foot   and  ankle  with a  high-quality  moisturizer  for a long time   you have to    powder  between  your toes  unconscientiously  with a foot powder or medicated talc .
10. After applying your base coat, you have to allow it to dry and then choose your nail varnish and paint on.  It is important for you to remember the topcoat for tinted enamels.
11.Finally,   you have to   craft an actual   tidy job   by eradicating  each  and every  remaining trace of  enamel  of  the skin   with  your enamel remover   and  carroty  stick, recommended by Natural Beauty Tips.

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