Dry cracked feet lotion moisturizer

Coddle the dry cracked Feet with natural Feet Lotion - Step 3As the dead skin is removed from cracked feet, now massage the feet with the feet lotion. This would nourish the feet skin and take away all the stress.
This Remedy is the Part 3 of Dry Cracked Feet Treatment How to prepare cracked  Feet Lotion at home
1 tbsp Almond Oil
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Wheat Germ Oil
Few drops of Eucalyptus Essential
1 dark colored bottle
In the dark bottle put all the ingredients and shake well to
blend into a lotion. This can be used when required. Take the lotion on
the finger tip and put it on the nails first. Massage it. Then apply
the lotion to heal and rub it well. Then follow it for the entire feet.
Do it for 10 minutes. And let the feet relax.It is ideal to carry out this feet care before going to bed as while
sleeping the legs would lighten up completely. It is an easy home
remedy but slightly time consuming. Consider this as an investment for
getting the beautiful feet for beautiful you!
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