Dry cracked feet treatment at home

Dry Cracked feet care treatment using Natural home remedyBeautiful feet speak a lot about one’s personal cleanliness. It influences the overall personality too. While cooking, walking or shopping etc we put entire body weight on our feet. Hence it is obvious that feet too need pampering and care. This can be easily done using simple home remedies.The first step to foot care is to clean it thoroughly everyday. Next is scrub the feet using the pumic stone followed with washing with clean water. Finally the most important step is to make it fully dry. Most of us after the regular bath would pat dry entire body well with a towel but would not give same efforts to feet.
Thus, ensure to wipe off the feet well and apply the moisturizer to it.
This is the routine activity that ought to be practiced related to foot
care. However for shapely soft lotus feet, once in a week more
meticulous care can be taken. It involves immersing the feet in the
water, scrub it and massage with feet lotion.Step 1:  Dry cracked feet Soaking treatment
Step 2:  Scrubbing the Cracked feet
Step 3:  Moisturizing Dry Cracked Feet lotion
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