Tips To Maintain Your Feet

Tips For Feet Care

Some Important Tips For Foot Care :

Regular washing of feet can prevent   Athlete’s foot   caused by fungal infection.
It is essential for you to allow them to dry them constantly   and accurately     amid the toes.
The dead skin cells of your feet should be removed frequently once a week.
Anti-per spirant,   revitalizing foot sprays and medicated foot powders should be used.

For proper blood flow and relaxation, massage is obligatory.
You can evade ingrowing nails by trimming your toe nails straight across.
You can put on cotton socks to soak up dampness from your feet.
It is advisable for you to purchase proper shoes.
It is good for you to change your shoes and wear a sandal or rawhide shoes for   allowing your feet to breath.
    You should not forget to keep your equipments fresh, as dirty things are prone to germs causing infections.
First,  you have to massage a combination of Foot Softener warm quarter
cup petroleum jelly and lemon juice and then wear  a  couple of  chunky
cotton socks  throughout the night. The combination should have jelly
like uniformity.
The foot is the most ignored part of your body. Toenails, feet and legs
are to be    treated with pedicure.  The following equipments are
needed   for process of   pedicure.   So we must     pamper regularly
even if very little,   for treating feet thus making them   look
fabulous and sexy.
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